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Yoko Ono’s memoirs due by 2015

John Lennon’s widow finally set to to give her side of the Beatles’ break-up


The 76-year-old artist has announced her autobiography would be available within five years, and reports claim the book will focus “on the duo’s intense relationship, the myths surrounding her role in the Beatles’ break-up, the bed-in for peace, Lennon’s infamous ‘Lost Weekend’ and more.” So far, the 76-year-old artist has avoided commenting on the Beatles’ final days. “There are things that I can’t write because it may hurt someone,” Ono told Reuters in 2007. “I think about how it might hurt [their] children, and I don’t want to do that.” Though perhaps there’s some secret Ringo-related scoop, most assume the “someone” is Cynthia Lennon, who John divorced in 1968. Cynthia has already written two memoirs, 1978’s A Twist of Lennon and 2005’s John. Then again, Ono’s idea of Lennon details may not be the same sort Beatles devotees yearn for. Asked by one fan about Lennon’s “quirks,” Ono spent almost 150 words talking about the way he took his tea—bag first, followed by water, until he abruptly reversed course in 1980, the last year of his life: “Just shows you how meticulous he was about everything.”

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Yoko Ono’s memoirs due by 2015

  1. Yaaaawwn.

  2. You think I'm going to believe the woman who BROKE UP THE BEATLES?
    or, alternatively,
    Phew, and she got it in just under the deadline for still mattering.

  3. This woman is a first rate myth maker and a fourth rate "artist".

    Sixties style drug use and soul destroying fame broke up the Beatles; Yoko just nudged it along and made it a whole lot dumber

    This is a rude thing to say, but I for one, would have been far less saddened if Chapman had aimed a little to the right

  4. other than ray manzarek, she is the best at hyping and living off of something that happened 40 or so years ago .. i don't agree with people who say she is not an artist though…. she i so much of an artist that the overwhelming majority of the public will not get or like her art…. the beatles on the other hand , although some of it may be slightly strange, is really pop music with a lot of talent and hard work