York University’s soccer scandal


It’s a rare occasion in this country when a university sports story garners any media attention. I mean let’s being honest, you can’t name one player on any team unless that person is your brother who plays on the McGill varsity ultimate-Frisbee team. But this story is quite tasty. York University was ranked No. 1 in the country as of this morning in men’s soccer–undefeated in their first eight games and really enjoying life–until a giant bomb fell from the sky and ruined their season. It appears you can’t use former pro soccer players and get away with it. The fact that they managed to play four games with this illegal player (former Toronto FC forward Andrea Lombardo) is just mind blowing. The fact that they didn’t know it was illegal is somewhat hilarious.


York University’s soccer scandal

  1. Charlie, guard the new guy!

  2. its interesting that everyone in the league knew and then after the S##T hit the fan they self selected to come clean.

    They still have Nana Attakora-Gyan (born March 27, 1989 in North York, Ontario) is a Canadian soccer player of Ghanaian heritage who currently plays for Toronto FC in Major League Soccer. And thats from his own Wikipedia page.

  3. Really, they didn't know it was illegal. Right, and I have a bridge to sell.

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