You go, girl -

You go, girl

Tiger’s wife may be ready to pull the ‘chute on marriage


Tiger Woods’s decision to take a leave from golf was widely received this weekend as a sign he had negotiated a truce with Elin Nordegren, and the two might use his break to patch things up. Today, those hopes dimmed. Nordegren was photographed over the weekend without her wedding ring, while tabloids on both sides of the Atlantic are reporting she has hired a divorce lawyer and plans a trial separation in the New Year. She reportedly wants to keep the semblance of a family together over the holiday season, for the sake of the children.


New York Post

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You go, girl

  1. Hmmmm……..Tiger is not the first man to ever cheat on his wife and low and behold he will not be the last……and the media has not played a part in all this "over coverage" in fact the cover of this magazine that I use to enjoy reading states "Tigers fall from grace" what did he cheat at the game of golf or did he cause controversy on the course. I dont think so I think he still is the best golfer in the world and his personal life just like everyone elses is just that personal…..when I got married my dad said, "some things are better left behind closed doors, the whole world doesnt need to know about everything the two of you do", so when we have troubles, my mom doesnt even know. Because, for better or for worse in good times and in bad. Forgiveness, the whole world is quick to judge and slow to forgive.