You paid how much? -

You paid how much?

The Dallas Stars get creative with their ticket pricing


The Dallas Stars will be the first NHL team to try a dynamic pricing system for ticket sales. That means tickets for games against better teams on better nights of the week (like Saturdays) will be priced higher than mid-week games against lower ranked teams. Other factors, like how well the Stars are playing and the timing of the game (are the Dallas Cowboys playing on the same day?) may also factor in, so that prices will constantly be in a state of flux. Buying tickets to hockey games will be a lot like buying airline tickets. The idea hasn’t been warmly welcomed by fans (or scalpers), who argue they lose out when it comes to buying tickets to the best games and don’t really benefit when it comes to less desirable ones. But it is already catching on in other professional sports, like baseball, and could become standard in the NHL.

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You paid how much?

  1. I'm not sure how exactly this qualifies as a "new" system. Most of the Canadian teams have been doing this for years. Here in Ottawa, you can buy a Sens vs Tampa ticket for $20. If it's Sens vs Leafs, tickets will run you $80 minimum.

  2. Buffalo already does this too. It isn't new.

  3. Most teams DO have a tiered system depending on the opponent. I think the new thing for the Stars is that they'll be adjusting prices during the season depending on how the team is doing.

  4. I think what is also new is that while some cities have been doing something similar, none of the cities have the catchment population of Dallas (6-7 million, similar to Toronto's, 5-6 times Ottawa's).

  5. where are they getting the idea to have wild fluctuating prices…air canada?