You smoke, I might as well

Exposure to second-hand smoke is rampant on campus


Researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine have found high rates of second-hand smoke among American college students. Of 4,223 undergrads, 83 per cent had been exposed to SHS at least once in the preceding seven days, usually at a restaurant or bar, at home or in a car. Binge-drinkers were even more likely to report SHS exposure. “We were really kind of floored to see how many, and how frequently, students are exposed to it,” said one of the study’s authors. The study appears online in the July 23 issue of Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Science Daily

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You smoke, I might as well

  1. Oh, tobacco smoke. Never mind.

  2. This is an American story. Smoking is banned pretty much everywhere in Canada.

    • It is banned in most of the US too, either at the state or municipal level.

  3. SHS, you know something is serious and relevant when it gets is own acronym. The Social Re-engineering crowd sure know how to keep themselves employed.