Your iPhone is logging your location -

Your iPhone is logging your location

And there’s a map for that


Software hackers have discovered that Apple’s iOS 4 software has a file that stores locations and time stamps of an owner’s every move. The file, labeled “consolidated.db,” can be accessed using an open source program called “iPhone Tracker.” iPhone and 3G iPad owners can use the program to output their location file onto an interactive map, with pins in all of the locations they have been to since owning the gadget. The iPhone Tracker comes courtesy of hackers Peter Warden and Alasdair Allen, who discovered the mystery file. “Ever since iOS 4 arrived, your device has been storing a long list of locations and time stamps,” Warden and Allen wrote. “We’re not sure why Apple is gathering this data, but it’s clearly intentional, as the database is being restored across backups, and even device migrations.”


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Your iPhone is logging your location

  1. Isn’t all this new technology Grande?

    The ‘Man’ now knows everything you’ve ever Said, Sent and Been.

  2. Naive fools, did you think Microsoft are the only ones
    making it easier for Big Brother to track your every move?

    Let's keep in mind that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are from the same
    school of thought: exploit the consumer just like Sony did in
    the 80s with the Walkman and its infinite model upgrades.

  3. The sheeple won't understand the dangers of big business and even bigger government luntil it is too late. Talk about sheep to the slaughter. This should be illegal.

  4. Canada's own tablet maker, RIM's phones and tablets do this too. It's in their Terms of Service that it's there for law enforcement. Why do you think they haven't given the Playbook email capabilities yet? Do you think it's because RIM can't figure out how to get an email network working. No that's what claim, but it's impossible, they know email the best. They say their be able to roll it out in 4-6 weeks. As it happens, by then they'll know what kind of government Canada has, and whether they'll be able to offer the rock-solid safe email that they've been so successful with, if it's a Liberal government. Or whether they'll have to roll out the email that India and the Saudi's have forced them to use, where the government can read everything you write. That's also the one the US wants Canada to use, and the Corservatives' Harper is on record saying "give the Americans whatever they want." This kind of surveillance is in his Bill C-32 and his Bill C-52 which he has vowed to push through in the first 100 days, and yes it will mean the difference between whether RIM is as successful with the Playbook as it has been with the Blackberry. So if you love Canada, if you love your freedom, vote Liberal.

    • Can you let off politics and campaigning for a moment and give us a breather. It's sickening to attached politics into everything.

    • If you are going to include a "quote" in your comment, please provide a link to the proof that it is an actual quote. It gives your position a lot more credibility.

    • I love privacy as much as the nest person but there is not a thing,anywhere in this World that would make me vote liberal.I’d rather die first.

  5. All the companies keep a record somewhere for the use of law enforcement. Only Apple keeps a record (secretly until now) on the telephone itself – copied onto your computer when they synchronize – for the use of anyone who gets hold of it.

    Of course, in other news today Apple was also found by Greenpeace to be the highest energy-wasting of all tech companies…and of course they are the phone maker that won't let you run whatever you want on "their" telephone.

  6. Although this application could be used for good like tracing someone who has gone missing, there should be legal limits for its use. Aside from those mentioned above by many commenters, employers may use this as a way to trace employees activities while in sick leave. Other organizations that may secretly use this are insurance companies tracing claimants activities and claim authentecity. I wonder whether those organizations which are into social engineering will be interested into this too. Privacy and personal security may become just a collateral damage for our thirst of advancement and high technology.

  7. if you are using an iphone you should probably turn "location services" off until you need it

  8. Your debit card has kind of done this since forever. Anyone that is able to (Banks,law people), can tell every last dime you spend,where it was spent and when.Solution? Use cash and don’t buy and iPhone or tablet.
    Regain your privacy.Don’t give them another reason to know anything about you.