Your semi-daily Orange Revolution update -

Your semi-daily Orange Revolution update


I have one foot on the NDP bandwagon, which is about the cheapest thing anyone of my sort can do, but there you go. I’ve watched with amazement at the Dipper Juggernaut roll through my backyard, and at some disdain at the reaction of the suddenly-outraged Bloc and its entourage. (Here’s a side question for you: what would happen if, in 1995, some Anglo type had made fun of Lucien Bouchard’s cane—as proto-separatist Gerald Larose did of Layton—or made fun of the old man’s manner of speaking his second language—as Sebastien Ricard did of the same? Stay classy, folks. It doesn’t make you look in the least bit desperate…)

Anyway, the reason I’m not a full-patch, kissy-faced member of Quebec’s Orange Bandwagon is this: I still think the Dippers are going to have a tough time harvesting the good will generated towards Jack Layton—not to mention his crop of largely untested candidates, most of whom were considered but placeholders not two weeks ago. That’s a made-in-Quebec particularity : many voters remember what happens when you send a well-spoken, experienced leader into a position of power with a pack of untested pols. It happened here, in 2007, and we got the ADQ as official opposition, which was an unmitigated disaster.

Also, the Bloc has a historical knack, thanks to the peculiarities of our first-past-the-post system, of getting the most seats with the least number of votes. I don’t think that tendency will change much this time around, though the party will certainly bleed out a fair bit.

That said, my other foot, the one glued to the bandwagon, is telling me that a full-on blowout is in the cards, at the very least. So, I’d probably split the difference. No projections yet—there’s a freaking “royal” wedding to get through first—but the crystal ball is getting less hazy by the minute.

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Your semi-daily Orange Revolution update

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • I'm sorry, I want my bleating sheep back. Don't you stand for ANYTHING?

    • I’m not SURE you USED enough CAPITALIZED WORDS in that POST.


      • Sometimes, This comment has been deleted by the administrator are my very favorite words.

  2. Martin
    Spoonfeed me here: Can the NDP actually take some west montreal libs out? Can they really take Cannon out with the ex-communist candidate?

  3. "No projections yet—there's a freaking “royal” wedding to get through first … "

    I don't understand why Harper didn't go to London for 36 hours with Laureen and children. Photos of Harper/wedding'/hobnobbing with rich and famous – would these images not help? Maybe not in Quebec, I don't know, but elsewhere they would be gold, surely.

    • I dunno, isn't monarchy fever more Old Tory than New Conservative?

      • Besides, given the power the GG has over Harper's political fortunes past and future(?), and his seeming disdain for our parliamentary structure, he's probably not that big a monarchist…

    • Harper watched the wedding in Kingston which is probably the last place in the country the monarchy has much popular support.

  4. If by any chance T. Jack became PM, and the Dippers had ministers in charge of say some of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Public Safety, can you imagine the reductions in, and cut off of in some cases of, defence–and esp. intelligence–exchanges by our closest allies? Not to mention the security problems for Canadian organizations. Who would trust the Dippers to keep real secrets? There are some.

    These considerations would also obtain if the NDP occupied some such offices under a coalition with a Liberal PM.


    • You realize Jack Layton is already a sworn member of the Queen's Privy Council?

      Keep drinking that anything-but-orange kool aid.

      • Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure only cabinet members are privy council members…and Jack's never been in cabinet as far as I know.

    • Who would trust the Dippers to keep real secrets? There are some.

      The Conservatives once had a Minister of Foreign Affairs who left sensitive documents at his girlfriend's place. It can only go up from here, methinks.

    • Oh please

  5. This comment was deleted.

    • She is not a "9/11 Truther". This is a lie. Please retract.

  6. They already get such materials.

    • They do not.


      • Plenty of NDP members serving on Parliamentary committees dealing with defence and national security. Where are those leaks then?

        • Those committees get no classified material. Thank goodness.


  7. It does not mean that he, and his colleagues, could in fact be trusted to deal with large amounts of very sensitive material.

    Are you saying that the NDP are traitors who are likely to be tried for treason? Really truly?

    • That's what I think he says. Why is Harper intent on spending billions to build prisons when the crime rate is going down?

      • Because he's planning to host the G20 again.

  8. What about the Sherbrooke Declaration?

    … Also, the NDP would recognize a majority decision (50% + 1) of the Quebec people in the event of a referendum on the political status of Quebec. The NDP recognizes as well that the right to self-determination implies that Assemble nationale is able to write a referendum question and that the citizens of Quebec are able to answer it freely.

    This, in effect, would gut the Clarity Act of 2000, one of the few accomplishments of former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien (and later defeated Liberal prime ministerial candidate Stephane Dion) that all Canadians can celebrate. The Clarity Act made clear that the federal government would only recognize a vote for sovereignty if the ballot question was clear, if a clear majority (not just a simple majority) had accepted independence, and mandated that all other Canadian provinces would also have a say in negotiating the exit of a Quebec state.

    • I agree there.

  9. An NDP national government would be a disaster, just as it has been in the provinces where it "governed."

  10. Th e panic shows – The ND's dont eat children – scuttle armies or destrroy widows fortunes…Th epeopl will speak -pols are just polls- Clearly fo rany thinkin gperson th eND's and its leader are offering clear choices with aclearly costed budget for bad airplanes, excluding$35 billion or double that ( Mr Harper will not say) $1 billion G8 security 800 000 Olympic security -the lowest corporate taxes in the eworld and more cut s offered- Get real folks!
    See S that Harper did .com (includes frightening old folks)