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“You’re a punk”

New Brunswick Liberal MLA suspended 3 days


Abel Leblanc, the New Brunswick MLA who blew a gasket in the legislative assembly and flipped off a fellow member (see our video of the day), has been handed a three-day suspension. “I’m gonna tell you, Dale [Graham, Tory MLA for Carleton], I’ll walk outside with any one of yas here,” LeBlanc shouted toward the Progressive Conservative side. “Don’t ever laugh at me. Yes, I gave you that [middle-finger salute]. And I’ll give you that again. And I’ll give you this if you want to go outside. You’re a punk!” Leblanc was immediate removed from the legislature on Thursday for refusing to apologize for his tirade and politicians moved a motion on Friday morning that LeBlanc would be suspended for a period determined by Speaker Roy Boudreau. The MLA for Saint John Lancaster will lose his pay for the duration of the suspension.

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“You’re a punk”

  1. Caption Challenge material

  2. The rationalist in me says that this kind of behaviour can't be tolerated in our parliaments.

    But the voyeur in me thinks that this is absolutely fantastic and would have been great to see.

  3. So wrong……. and yet so good!

    More lion-pit! More lion-pit!!! ;)

  4. "Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it” ~ Seneca

    With the nature of Pavlovian partisan politics these days, the legislature is fortunate that he is not the party whip.

  5. The antics of our legislature (and most Canadians legislatures, including Parliament) are always embarrassnig, but these last few weeks have been horrendous. First TJ Burke doing "Pants on the Ground", now this. The Liberals are imploding faster than I thought possible.

  6. He showed the opposition MLA the middle finger, good that he did not drop his pants and showed her the real thing