You’ve got mail: Olympic tickets have arrived!


ticketsBe careful what you wish for, the saying goes. Remember all those Olympic tickets you ordered way back when the country was still prosperous, the future was as bright as a new toonie and you had a job? Gosh, that seems like it was just yesterday. In fact, it was just five weeks ago.

And now, the bill comes due! That email that just arrived today from the Vancouver Organizing Committee is to notify you of ALL the tickets you have been allowed to purchase. All you have to do is log onto your ticket account here  and,  Gulp!, you will discover you’re on the hook for thousands. Or maybe hundreds. Or maybe just the biathlon. But, hey, the biathlon is cool—or hot, judging by their very tasteful nude calendar. (This plug was not sponsored by the NRA.)

AND AS AN ADDED BONUS, if you  have any money left you fortunate few, you get a “priority access period” to buy even more tickets, starting Friday, Dec. 12 at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time).  As for the rest of us, those who didn’t pre-order tickets won’t get a chance to buy the leftovers until mid-2009. 

And what’s left? Well, more than you might think:

“While demand for the majority of sports meant that many sessions were allocated by lottery, there are still tickets remaining, including tickets to preliminary sessions for high-demand sports such as ice hockey and curling,” says VANOC.

Granted, these won’t be for the gold medal games, but for the dedicated fan any Olympic game is a thrill a minute. Yes, I mean you, you crazy, crazy curling nuts! Rock on.

OK, here’s your chance to vent. Tell me how you fared. Did you get all the tickets you wished for? Half the tickets. Did you strike out? Are you happy with the lottery results? Let us know.


You’ve got mail: Olympic tickets have arrived!

  1. Well, I got some rounds of hockey, semi-finals and one preliminary so 8 tickets out of the 75 I intially ordered. My son ordered a lot less than I did but received more, his were all hockey, including the bronze medal round and tickets to the Opening ceremonies. The interesting thing is he received 50% of his order, and I only received 10%. We are from BC so we expect to come out on the short end (the lotteries always seem to fair better back east than the west). I did not recieve any tickets I ordered to Ladies, Pairs or Ice dance, or any of the speed skatig events athe Richmond Oval. So, since we are big hockey fans I am glad to get what we got, but disappointed to not receive tickets to those other events as well.

  2. It was to be a big , and dear family event for my boys and us in 2010. Wave the flag, etc.
    It took days to figure out the schedule, what events , two locations. We couldn’t even get accomodation but we decided to wing it anyway.
    I sent in our ticket request on time with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.
    We requested about 8 or 9 events – 39 tickets in all for a family of four, hoping we’d get better than half.
    We got – as of last night. A whopping 4. For luge.
    And then I hear, as the Olympic Committee promised wouldn’t happen..prize tickets being sold at scalped prices on EBAY.

    I’m angry, and disappointed.

    Not to mention, a month ago, we tried to get rooms booked; went through the tourism bc link on the Olympic page. A very frustrated and caustic operator told us – there are no rooms yet. Because the Olympic committee hadn’t said yet how many they’d need and therefore ZERO were available. She was frustrated so were we.

    This was supposed to be FOR CANADIANS. My boys, 8 and 10 were excited to participate. Looks like it’s only for insiders really. The good news, I saved a lot of money and likely won’t be coming to Vancouver.

    • Hi there,

      My name is Michelle Cho and I’m an associate producer at CBC Radio. I’m doing research on a story about those who had difficulty getting tickets for the Vancouver 2010 through the regular channels, i.e. the vancouver2010.com website — lottery

      Did you enter the lottery for tickets…and if so, were you disappointed with the results?

      Did you spend hours in the virtual waiting room only to get kicked out, or your order didn’t process?

      If this scenario describes you, we’d like to talk to you for a radio news piece.

      Please call me at 416.205.6209.

      Thanks in advance,

      Michelle Cho
      Associate Producer
      CBC National Radio News

    • This is exactly my scenario… My family and I have Hotel rooms and flights booked for over four months and now I am being held ransom to get tickets. It saddens me that when my family and I went to the olympics in Athens, this was so NOT the case. Now i see persons with an abundance of tickets for sale,.. but, i want to attend the Olympics with both my children, and do not wish to have to sell either of them to watch an event. I live in Canada and may have to watch the Olympics on a tv in a hotel in Vancouver??? SAD!
      sincerely, Peter

  3. I got a lot of what I ordered. In fact, too much, so that I may actually sell it back to somebody when the VANOC gets its exchange & resale web site up and running. 6 Figure Skating events, ticket pairs of 2. Most were tickets in the A section. PRIME SEATING. Closing ceremonies – A section too.

    And I may not even go at all. May decide to go on a vacation to a Sunny Destination.

    Oh well.

    It’s funny how the luck of the draw often favors the people who are least interested or don’t need them at all.

  4. I put in requests for 5 events, with alternatives, and received tickets for one. Pairs Figure Skating short program, which was my “if I don’t get anything, at least I might get this” choice. I read that 30% of the tickets are available for Joe Public, so who gets the other 70%? If we see lots of empty corporate seats, I will be choked.

  5. I didn’t get them.
    I’ve been sitting in the waiting room for the past three hours.
    About half an hour ago, it let me in.
    Then it timed me out while it processed my credit card.
    I tried again.
    It send me back to the waiting room.
    I called the Vancouver office.
    She told me to call the hotline.
    I called the hotline.
    It’s busy.
    I called her back.
    Her line is busy too.
    I called the hotline back and they are still busy.
    Meanwhile, I’m still sitting in the virtual waiting room of doom so I can get in, get my hopes up and dashed before lunch (or dinner… or next week by the way this is going)

  6. I too was bitterly disappointed with the results. We live in Vancouver and will likely have people surfing couches, bed, the floor etc from the US and Australia. The joke is, they will likely get tickets for events that we were shut out of. Right from the start I have been a big supporter of the games, and I’ve always said “we’ll be at the opening with our kids” – shaming all those non supporters. After labouring over the order and submitting for 18 tickets, I got 2 – for curling that I plan to take my 84 year old Mom to. The kids, me and my husband were shut out on everything we requested.

    However, I bounced back this morning after being in a hell of a mood over it all, calling VANOC and giving them a piece of my mind. I got two browsers fired up and sat in the waiting room on both while I went about my other business. As luck would have it (why is this all so lottery driven anyway – aren’t the locals the ones who have been enduring construction and expected to house those long lost friends who call up for a place to stay?) the system let me in after 30 minutes and away I went with the clock ticking on when I would be booted out of the ticketing room. I processed for nordic combined (should be hoot) and snowboard slalom (we live close to Cypress) and picked up a Victory Ceremony (since that’s as close as my kids are going to be getting to the Olympic flame after being shut out of the opening ceremony) and away I went. It processed an error a couple times before accepting payment, so let’s hope there’s only only one bill on my credit card. In the end I saved money not going to the opening ceremony. We’ll watch it on TV and look out over the balcony from the north shore in case there are fireworks. I’m still a supporter, just feeling a little less glowing about it all since finding out how so many Canadians, who should be the vocal brand advocates, have been treated.

  7. Just checked the priority ticketing site. I sat in the virtual waiting room part of the day, but then had to actually do some work. When I checked back later today – Dec 12, they have a posting that due to overwhelming response, the priority ticket period is now closed. The next available time to get tickets will be mid 2009. So if you were one of many Canadians who put in a huge order, didn’t get anything, and then failed to win the lottery this morning to actually “win the opportunity for 5 minutes in the purchasing part of the website”, you are now SOL. Join the line with everyone else for the left overs after international buyers have had their pick.
    How could they have miss judged so poorly the demand from Canadians? The priority period was supposed to go until Dec 22 for those of us who were organized and keen enough to care to put in an advanced order. Now we’re out in the cold. Time to rent the house.

  8. Im not sure what is going on with this ticket stuff. We get allocated tickets, yet cant pay for them? Ive been trying to get on and pay for my tickets all morning now this message posts up about the ticketing period being closed. How is it that they grant us tickets, then stop the purchasing period not even half way through!? Those idiots at VANOC need to give their heads a shake

  9. I’m a very disappointed Canadian. My husband and I have been planning this trip since the Olympics were granted to Vancouver. We had put in an order for tickets for well over $7,000.00. In the wisdom of this lottery system that they have for ticketing we were granted less than a $1,000 for tickets. Three preliminary rounds in the hockey and one figure skating event. We had put in for luge, skeleton, curling, opening and closing ceremonies, various figure skaing events, all of which were for not. We thought we had all our ducks in a row. We placed our order for tickets in the timeline that was specified, we followed the instructions on how to go about this process of the lottery – waited to hear from the Ticketing people – did the waiting room thing, and got nothing – all to fall very short of what we wanted. We are not residents of B.C. therefore it took a great deal of planning in order to get us there and to have someplace where we could lay our heads at night, after hopefully a very fulfilling day…..wrong again.

    I feel disappointed that I’m not going to be a part of the Olympics first hand …..to be a part of the Olympics in Canada has been a long time dream of ours – and now it has all come crashing down. Attending four events over a two week period is not worth the cost of transportation and lodging for us to attend just four events.

    • About 9 college friends of mine from the US decided to go to the winter olympics together. It took a lot of research and planning to figure out the system. Finally, we got 5 people to each submit for about 40 tickets each. The first two to hear back only got 4 tickets each, for events like curling. We didn’t even get tickets for the outdoor events such as downhill skiing. The other three pulled out because they had put the tickets on their AmEx and they said after the fact that they couldn’t accept Amex.
      People have purchased whole companies with less research than we put into this olympic plan, but it didn’t make sense to miss 10 days of work, pay outrageous housing prices, to only go to one event each. Luckily we hadn’t put down the deposit yet on the housing, which by the way required a 3 week minimum stay even though the olympics only lasted 2 weeks.
      We are annoyed, bummed, sad, and ticked off. Are olympic dreams are crushed. Is it only us or is something smelly going on in Vancouver?

    • If you still want tickets to opening or closing ceremony"s I have some availible…….Thansk Patrick

  10. I kinda figured it’d be tough to get tickets, so I put in 17 applications in the names of my family. We did pretty well…I just got WAY too many quarter final tickets for hockey. I bought in sets of 3 because my Dad and I are going with my uncle. We got 3 sets of 3 for the noon game, 5 sets of 3 for the 4:30, and 3 sets of 3 for the 9 PM. So I’ve got some liquidating to do…but in the end, I’m pretty happy with how everything went. I feel that it was fair and what I did submitting so many applications was within the rules. If I would’ve got everything, I’d have paid the price. I took a chance, and it actually turned out alright. I got one set of 3 gold medal hockey tix, a set of semi’s, some prelims, 1500 m womens speed skating, mens ariels finals, and and some figure skating for my mom and wife. In all 17 apps, I had requests for the semi’s and gold medal games…and I only got one semi and one gold medal…so that gives you some perspective on how tough they really were to get!

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