Zero U.S. jobs added in August

Obama to address nation next week


According to key non-farm payroll figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, no new net jobs were added by the U.S. economy in August. This marks the first time since 1945 that the US has experienced a zero payrolls figure. The August number was much lower than anticipated (the predicated figure was approximately 70,000 new jobs) and the unemployment rate has remained stagnant since July, at 9.1 per cent. President Obama will deliver a speech next Thursday outlining a new agenda for increasing growth and creating jobs.

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Zero U.S. jobs added in August

  1. And yet we still tolerate illegal immigration while allowing insane amounts of legal immigration?  Politicians and union leaders in both Canada and the U.S.  know perfecty well that immigration is killing prospects for N. American workers in all job categories and yet keep mass immigration policies in place.  I wonder how many of them are on the take from the immigration lobby and/or foreign gov’ts to keep these idiotic immigration policies in place? 
    That reminds me. Happy labour day, union thugs!  Instead of joining their parade this weekend, look at some speciailized sites like vdare.com, immigrationwatchcanada.org or fairus.org to learn more and tell your friends and family.

    • You are very open about your white supremacy….you post this kind of nonsense everywhere I notice.

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