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Zhou Fang sentenced to life in prison


Zhou Fang, an Ottawa man convicted of killing his abusive father with a crossbow at a Toronto library has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for a decade.

Fang was given an automatic life sentence for the murder plea, but the 10-year eligibility for parole is the minimum he could have been given.

Justice John McMahon said Fang had suffered terrible abuse from his father and has PTSD when he traveled from Ottawa before killing his 52-year-old father, Si William Cheng.

Still, it was a brutal murder. Cheng was shot in the back with a bolt from a crossbow in the winter of  2010. His skull was then smashed with a hammer at a Toronto library on Main Street, south of Gerrard Street East. The place was crowded with parents and children.

Fang pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

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Zhou Fang sentenced to life in prison

  1. interesting. I guess you can’t go around killing people, but if the son killed the father right after an abuse sessions, he probably would have been found not-guilty. But because he killed his father after the fact, in other words not on the heels of being abused, he’s guilty.

    I shudder to think about what will happen to Cheng the father as he is judged for his actions. I have a son and two daughters and I am going to go home and love them and cuddle with them and read a story. Hearing stories like this really bum me out and sometimes life seems so hopeless. But there is something I can do, which is be the best father I can be to my own children. I pray that Fang somehow gets peace.

  2. A devastating situation. As a child of abuse, I imagined killing my father but always feared the repercussions. So many abuse cases are not taken seriously until they reach a crisis. Please let us take these situations into consideration when we vote; ask candidates about their stance on family violence and services. Mr. Fang’s familiar situation affects us all.