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Zingers fly in competitive Alberta debate, with Smith roughing up Redford at times


The leaders of Alberta’s four main political parties faced off Thursday in the lone debate in what has already been dubbed that province’s most important election in a generation. Wildrose leader Danielle Smith continues to lead most polls and looks likely, if not certain, to topple the 40-year-old Progressive Conservative dynasty. On Thursday, Smith acted the front runner she is, teaming up at times with the New Democrats Brian Mason and Liberal Raj Sherman to rough up Tory premier Alison Redford.

The Edmonton Journal‘s David Staples called the debate a wash, saying both Redford and Smith came off well. A tie, however, goes to the leader, according to the Globe and Mail, which argued that Redford’s “serviceable, if unspectacular” performance was unlikely to sway many undecideds. A snap poll by local broadcasters, meanwhile, showed Redford as the big loser. The Calgary Herald’s Don Braid just seems to have enjoyed the show, one he says was “loaded with zingers, personal attacks and unconscious expression of deep grudges.”

Albertans go to polls April 23.

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Zingers fly in competitive Alberta debate, with Smith roughing up Redford at times

  1. I for one can’t wait to see the last of Redford and her gang of Red Tories.
    If you want to govern like a Liberal, at least have the courage to run under their banner.

  2. Why is it suddenly a problem to be a moderate conservative?
    We don’t need more bible thumping, petrodollar promoters.
    Smith is just a spokesperson for the (foreign funded) Fraser Institue.

    • It really is not so much about “moderate conservatives”, it is about a party that has ruled for 41 years and has become so entitled that they no longer are accountable to anyone.  They now have a track record of taking money for work they never did…earning thousands of dollars for committees that never met, intimidating front-line healthcare workers, including doctors because those people advocating for good care for their patients and most shocking of all, throwing their own junior health minister to the dogs (Raj Sherman) by questioning his sanity when he had the audacity to reveal that in his own work as an ER physician, things were not going well in emergency rooms across the province. This government actually telephoned the college of physicians and surgeons and instigated an investigation into whether or not Mr. Sherman was mentally fit to continue to practice medicine. 
      If you are from BC as your name suggests, perhaps you have no idea of hubris of this government.  While they cut healthcare…because according to one brilliant health minister (with a grade nine education), “we don’t need that many educated people in the hospital”, they gave themselves a 30% wage increase.

      • You forgot the 70 and counting investigations into “kickback” payments by municipalities, universities, etc. to PC fundraisers.

        • Oh yes…and election contributions from….Alberta Health Services through the single (monopoly) laboratory service set up the PC’s….good of them to arrange it so they could not only have tight control over healthcare from a superboard in Edmonton but it appears also get some election funding at the same time.

  3. Smith looks like a small government true conservative unlike Harper that looks more like a red Tori

    • They all claim to be for small government in order to get elected, it’s their performance in  government that is where they fall down. 

  4. What’s wrong with Red Tories? How are they differnet than Liberals? By the way , how com I never see any real Blue Liberals?  You know like a guy that is Liberal but also pro-business, pro-life and pro-gun owners rights? Red Toryism is just a slower version of Liberal Party rule. Liberal Party rule is about accomplishing the 5 year objectives of the NDp in 10 years. Finally, we are starting to see some real small government and right to bear arms conservative types. If only they would support holding public referendums on the death penalty. The eventual triumph of the Reform Party has come! 

  5. my opinion, the Wildrose of Alberta was set up by the PCs of  Alberta so ordinary Albertans would actually think they were getting a new gov. with new ideas.    Why else would a former PC premier of Alberta say he supports the new Wildrose political party of Alberta.   I  cannot believe how many Albertans cannot see through all the deceit. I think I will support the Alberta Party with them having a good platform.