Interactive: CFL Dream Teams

  1. Nicely done. And it’s the only place that Winnipeg Bluebombers and Grey Cup are going to be mentioned on the same blog these days.

  2. I’m a bit surprised not to see OT Clyde Brock and OG/PK Ted Urness left off this era – and DT Ed McQuarters…all Green Riders.

  3. All due respect but how can you leave off Dave Fennell from the 59-89 team?

  4. Is Sam Etcheverry the guy that took the cane shot from Angelo Mosca?

  5. Lloyd Fairbanks. All the way baby, played on Calgary’s offensive line for a lot of years and hardly gave up any sacks.

  6. Jackie Parker. Perhaps the greatest player ever in the CFL, left off this list.

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