Interactive Commons

  1. Nicely done Aaron Wherry and Amanda Shendruk, I love this!

    • Indeed, it is mesmerizing. Now for the links to written records of the questions/answers when you click a dot.

      Note: The % French tally is “interesting”, and I understand the point being made but as far as usefulness goes I think the results are somewhat predictable and seeing it graphically isn’t making the point any better (just seems to be inflammatory as all parties show a lack of use). I wonder sometimes whether we shouldn’t just pick a third language for all gov’t communications so that it stopped being an issue altogether. How about we make it a First Nations language so that they can get in on the action…Cree perhaps?

      • Inuktitut is more spoken, and arguably becoming a de facto third official language.

  2. The sad thing about this is that it is limited to what is arguably the least useful an productive moment in parliament. QP is not where work is done. Neither is it where key debates take place. This is thus bound to be a poor representation of an MPs work…

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