Parliamentary fighting is a global tradition

Canada didn’t do it first. Check out our gallery of melees in Taiwan, Turkey, Somalia and elsewhere around the Globe


This week, Canadians got a taste of what it’s like to see their elected officials abandon their words and disagree physically. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s confrontation with the opposition in the House of Commons ranked far below parliamentary outbursts from around the world. Our photo gallery gives a glimpse of momentary chaos in Taiwan, Turkey, Somalia, South Africa, South Korea, Kosovo, Ukraine and Hong Kong. As far as our House of Commons measures up, well, at least they spared each other from eggs and tear gas.

Need a refresher on Trudeau’s confrontation in the House? We’ll catch you up:


Parliamentary fighting is a global tradition

  1. Yes indeed. Not always a sedate place.

  2. Aw c’mon … did you forget the time that Sir John stepped into the aisle and challenged a member opposite to engage in a contest of fisticuffs? More recently, recall another Conservative Peter Van Loan being pulled off of Mulcair? Before that we had Reformer Darrel Stinson allegedly challenging Lib Steve Mahoney to a fight. Let’s face it, these egos don’t snap, they just occasionally expose themselves.

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