Maclean’s On The Hill: A special Maclean’s debate podcast

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Every week, Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down with Cormac MacSweeney to discuss the headlines of the week. This week, a very special edition of Maclean’s On The Hill: After a spirited Maclean’s National Leaders Debate with Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May, we bring you a debate edition, featuring analysis from Aaron Wherry and John Geddes, and audio clips from the debate itself.

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Maclean’s On The Hill: A special Maclean’s debate podcast

  1. I was disappointed when Paul Wells failed to hide his bias during this debate. I can only suppose that in Mr. Well’s opinion he needed to ‘help’ his favorite candidate.

    • As I predicted, left-statism media spin doctored the questions. US GOP was far far better. It took raw, popular middle class questions to the candidates in a way our Canadian politicians are too cowardice and corrupt to take.

      Canada is about selling Orwellian Statism corruption, feed the greed, buy votes with our own money, treating us like tax slaves of state.

      Media assists them all in avoiding the real questions the people who make the county work want answered. Its spin doctor social brainwashing.

  2. Harper’s ISIS claims may have been convincing but they are dishonest. ISIS hasn’t shown any ability to attack anywhere. They have shown the ability to inspire domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism is driven by our involvement (and polarizing language) and not prevented by it. May’s argument that C-51 makes us less safe is probably sound. I think that the argument is that this just chases these communications to other means that aren’t being monitored (i.e., avoid electronic communication through unencrypted communications.

  3. Next debate can we do it like US GOP did? They took raw questions form the public, voted on by the public, directed and group questions, and some were stark from commoner working people.

    It was not a cooked social engineered by spin doctors like Canda is in these debates.

    Why not as Trudeau, Mulcair how taxing us more, so we have less to spend on each others jobs (or having kids) helps employment? Thats a question that they will not want to answer.

    Or ask Harper: When measured in stable world currencies like USD and Yuan, Canada was devalued money, GDP, incomes, pensions, savings and even higher hidden CBSA taxes, how can we afford kids or spending on each others jobs as food prices are already at highs?

    Or ask them all if they take lobby money from beef and dairy to hyper tariff tax beef up to 234% and dairy up to 284% to inflate our cost of living and lose jobs as we need uncompetitive wages for “Canadian” pricing.

    When I hear these kind of questions asked, I know then media is not spin doctoring for Orwellian Statism corruption.

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