Maclean's on the Hill: Senate audit, marijuana, veterans affairs

Maclean’s on the Hill: Senate audit, marijuana, veterans affairs

Also: What might Gilles Duceppe’s return mean for federal politics?



Each week, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down with Cormac MacSweeney to discuss the headlines of the week. This week, the bureau talks about veterans affairs, proportional representation, Syrian refugees and the Liberal Party’s investigation of misconduct allegations. Rebecca Jesseman with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse talks the politics of pot in wake of a Supreme Court ruling on Marijuana. Senators Grant Mitchell and Bob Runciman discuss both the Auditor General Michael Ferguson’s report into Senate expenses and broader Senate reform. And the Maclean’s panel discusses the Senate, the need to audit MP expenses and the return of BQ Leader Gilles Duceppe.

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Maclean’s on the Hill: Senate audit, marijuana, veterans affairs

  1. It’s funny how two parties share the same type ideologies, only thing is, one is left wing, and the other is right wing. The NDP and the Cons are so much alike when it comes to the both parties, the cons have a hard right wing faction or coalition in their party known as the reform party, extreme right, and PCs, the progressives. The PCs are the ones in which the grits are trying to poach in Quebec now, and the dippers have a left wing and separatist part of the coalition in their party, previously known as the Bloc Quebecois(maybe 1/3 of the party), and that sir should be exploited more, and the separatist part of the party is where Gilles will try to poach and chip away at Mulcair. Should make for interesting times in Quebec in the next number of months. How is Tom going to appease the separatists wing of his party in Quebec and the rest of the country at the same time in Oct? What Canadians need to know is that the NDP wants to run this country with a separatist party wing(BQ) amongst its caucus, that sir can be very dangerous, especially with Tom wanting to cleave the constitution in pieces. I also ask, why would the Grits ever want to get themselves involved with a bunch of separatists in the NDP party as a coalition anyway, dear I say 2011, Jack, Gilles, and Dion, just what the cons would like to hear, pure red meat. Now I know what Trudeau meant when he said, the grits and NDP share totally different values, I get it.

  2. If you support the NDP, you also support the separation of Quebec in this country. With all the separatists in the dippers caucus, Canada could end up being taken over by a coup, from the separatists augmenting its way into the NDP party in the next election. Anne Lessard is a separatist, and an example of who the NDP are allowing to augment into their party in order to represent this country. The dippers are not a federalist party, they are a party that represents the interests of Quebec before it’s country.

  3. Funny, Sharon Carstairs was an NDP senator appointed by a liberal PM who did crucial work on palliative care in the senate, and Tom says not one senator did any good for this country, talk about a hypocrite. Romeo Leblanc, advocate for child soldiers, brought the worlds eyes on Rwanda, and Tom says he done nothing any good for the country. Come on MSM, drop this jaded attitude and tell the truth about how this chamber worked for the people of this country.

  4. Wow Macleans have officially confirmed Tom Mulcair will be PM in 2015, that’s bold.