Maclean’s on the Hill: Trudeau tax plan and Tory emission targets

Also: The Information Commissioner thinks the RCMP broke the law



Each week, the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau sits down with Cormac MacSweeney to discuss the headlines of the week. This week, information commissioner Suzanne Legault explains why she has serious concerns about the government’s latest omnibus budget bill, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau defends his proposed tax reforms, we take a closer look at how the Canadian Armed Forces are responding to harassment allegations, and we get the latest on the debate about election debates.

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Maclean’s on the Hill: Trudeau tax plan and Tory emission targets

  1. Rich is defined by anyone having more than you do. Envy, greed driven. Its political manipulation feeding on sinful emotions of envy, greed, other peoples money entitlement ….

    Sign of a lazy inept politician is the only solution they know is tax greed. Tax my rich doctor or dentist more you know I am going to get the bill. Tax us more, we spend less on someone else’s job. But hey, media loves being easy on politicians with lobby money.

    Here is an example as taxation as tax greed inflation:

    You have to life earn $1,400,000 to pay $700,000 in taxes, $300,000 in fair interest, to buy a $400,000 home that is $200,000 in labour taxes, fees, tariffs and other taxes to build the $200,000 tax-debt out home. Govmint gets $900,000 and you get $200,000 ax-debt out home. Makes you a economic slave of government.

    Canada taxes minimum wage people without dependents, has $45 billion in CBSA tariffs/taxes greed no American, Mexican, Chinese pays. So tax greedy we need inflated wages and jobs leave, yet media never tackles tax greed, just prints the media propaganda of Orwellian Statism. CBC Marketplace (usually a good program) did a segment on “High Canadian Prices” and not once mentioned CBSA “hidden” taxes.

    Not one option on the lobby bought ballot for efficient, effective and economically managed government. Just tax greed. And why I say, democracy is a ruse, we have become economic slave state of corrupt governments. More government, less for the people who make the country productive is the only outcome of voting.

    So was former MP Louis Reil a traitor or freedom fighter to be hung? For politics, its about selling government as your slave master.

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