The politics of the TPP: Who wins and loses on the campaign trail

EKOS President Frank Graves explains how a 12-country trade deal might influence voting


The Trans-Pacific Partnership—the 12-country trade deal struck on Monday—is about to have big impact on the election.

And it affects each leader in different ways. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper argues that the pact is proof he is the true champion of the economy. NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has declared his opposition to the deal, a pivot from the “enthusiastic support” that he expressed in August. And the TPP offers Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau a chance to own the pragmatic middle, ground once thought to be shrinking.

EKOS President Frank Graves, who has done extensive research on attitudes about trade issues, weighs in on how the TPP deal will influence the campaign. Watch that video below.

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The politics of the TPP: Who wins and loses on the campaign trail

  1. I think this is Harpers Bring home the Bacon moment. If Right leaning Liberals see this as proof of maturity and capability, and Justin is just indifferent really to the deal, when it is the biggest Trade deal ever in the world, It might just confirm that Justin is not helpful for the country and Liberals and Harper is the guy even for Right leaning Liberals. If they see Justin as a rookie here and Harper as the guy, the bring home the bacon guy, it might swing those votes.

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