What comes next, after this historic election?

Watch Laura Payton and Evan Solomon explain how we got here, and what happens next


It was the longest election in Canada’s modern era—and one of its most remarkable, too. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals stormed to victory by winning a majority government that few saw coming. Stephen Harper is out as the leader of the Conservative Party, which has become the official Opposition. And, after an Orange Crush in 2011, Tom Mulcair’s NDP has plunged back to third-party status. Evan Solomon and Laura Payton explain how we got here, and what comes next.



What comes next, after this historic election?

  1. I , for one, will be most interested to see how the Liberals go from here. For the past 40 years election promises have been like last week’s flowers when a party gains power, especially a majority. Will Trudeau emulate his father’s early socially radical policies, will he revert to the traditional role of the Liberals as the party of Big Business & Continentalism (Brian Mulroney was a liberal in the wrong party!), or will he somehow surprise us?

  2. I am pleased that the Liberals are in power. We needed a change of government.
    I’m glad to see videos of Evan Solomon. I have missed him on Power and Politics.
    Congratulations on your job with MacLeans.

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