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25,000th Syrian refugee lands in Canada

The milestone was hit when a recent plane load of refugees touched down in Montreal

Newly-arrived Syrian refugee Anjilik Jaghlassian, centre, and her family receive winter clothes and other items at Pearson International airport, in Toronto, on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015. (Nathan Denette/CP)

Newly-arrived Syrian refugee Anjilik Jaghlassian, centre, and her family receive winter clothes and other items at Pearson International airport, in Toronto, on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015. (Nathan Denette/CP)

MONTREAL – The 25,000th Syrian refugee landed in Canada Saturday night marking the end of the first phase of the Liberals’ massive resettlement program.

They were part of a plane load of refugees who touched down in Montreal.

In the coming days, the group will spread to eight different provinces joining those who’ve arrived in Canada since the Liberals’ launched their Syrian refugee plan in November.

The Liberals had first made a commitment to resettle that many Syrian refugees in Canada almost a year ago while in opposition.

During the election campaign, they pledged to bring that many people to Canada by the end the year, but that target was pushed back to the end of this month once they took office.

Of the 25,000 who have now arrived, more than half will have their costs covered by the government in their first year with the rest supported by private groups or a mix of the two.

The Liberals have promised to resettle 25,000 government assisted refugees in total and say they will meet that goal by the end of 2016.


25,000th Syrian refugee lands in Canada

  1. So nice of our government to bring 25,000 strangers into our country and provide them will all of the health care they’ll need for free. We have many Canadian born citizens that CANNOT get the same health care benefits these refugees will receive. Very shameful indeed. What ever happened to ‘Charity begins at home?’

    • > What ever happened to ‘Charity begins at home?’

      Nothing is stopping Canadians from getting together to support other Canadians in need, just like Canadians have gotten together to help Syrian refugees in need. Indeed, a great many Canadians do just that. Do you?

      Our government does things that are good for Canada. Bringing in 25000 refugees, in exactly the way the government did it, is very good for Canada. We bring in refugees all the time; it’s no big deal. The only real difference with the Syrians was making it a publicity stunt. It was a very, very good publicity stunt that worked out amazingly well. When this began, the international media was full of articles that asked “why aren’t we compassionate like the Canadians are?” THAT is soft power. THAT is how Canada spreads influence around the world. And, THAT will very likely translate into increased tourism, easier negotiations of international agreements, and a lot of other things that will likely make YOUR life a little bit better. This is your government working for you.

      Stop buying the stupid and petty partisan political lies, look at the numbers, and maybe look at what’s going on around the world. Canada is part of the world and how people in other countries perceive Canada, and Canadians, does make a difference. Personally, I’d rather watch exhausted Syrian refugees arrive than watch dead Canadian soldiers be repatriated. Yes, there are times when soldiers with guns are the only thing that works. Other times, soft power is easier, cheaper, and more effective.

      There are a lot more people in this world that know Canada is bringing in 25000 Syrian refugees than know how many Canadian soldiers died in Iraq. Do you know how many Canadian soldiers have died in Iraq? Yes, our soldiers in Iraq are doing well and making a difference. So is the Syrian refugee program.

      • What international press had articles “why aren’t we compassionate like the Canadians are?”? Many European countries have been taking in more (some, far more) refugees than Canada on a per capita basis, so it’s not likely to be them. Many countries just don’t take refugees and that’s how their populations want it, so it’s unlikely to be those countries. The US is taking in a *very* small number of refugees, on a per capita basis, so it could be the US press. But other than the US press, it’s not obvious, at least to me, whose press would be putting out these articles.

        • Yeah… that’s what I though… including links sends the page to moderation land. Here’s the post without the links:

          Well, from memory, the US, Australia, Great Britain, and others.

          Most people get that vetted refugees arriving by plane are a different than hordes of economic migrants trying to mingle with desperate people that have little choice but to crash borders.

          But, if you want some specifics, Google is your friend: (don’t know if the links will make it through the comment system)

          nytimes: “The Canadian public’s widespread embrace of a plan to accept thousands of Syrians stands in stark contrast to the controversy over the issue in the United States, where many politicians have called for restrictions or outright bans on the refugees.”

          WSJ: “Relatives of child whose body on beach drew attention to refugees’ plight are greeted in Vancouver ”

          Vice “Canada has been showered with accolades over how it’s welcoming in Syrians, but the government revealed today that it might not hit its already reduced target of 10,000 refugees from the ravaged country by the end of the year.”

          Upworthy: “It’s hard not to be inspired by Canada’s support and frustrated by the lack of it here at home.”

          Counterpunch: “Compassion: some have it, some don’t.”

          Being older news, quick searches are a little hit and miss with Canadian results burying the rest. But, the above should be enough to prove the point.

  2. This is great news! And we made it before the end of the month too. Kudos to all the Canadians on the ground in the Middle East who made this happen.

  3. The majority of Canadians do not support this. Why do the libs hate Canada so much?