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Did Obama’s latest debate performance seal the election for him?

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Did Obama’s latest debate performance seal the election for him?

  1. I answered with the first because I like to believe the
    American public is smart enough to vote in their own best interests. It embarrasses
    me, as a small c conservative, that that liar Romney and his pack of elitists
    and fundamentalist nut bars claim to hold conservative attitudes. Canada could
    clean up a few wing nuts too. That abortion vote was sickening, particularly
    with a majority of so called Conservatives voting in favor. Maintain the
    Forces, build the roads, keep the safety nets going and keep your nose out of
    our business.

      • Do you mean to say that people who honestly believe that an invisible omnipotent fairy in the sky created the entire universe as “dead, empty space for us to look at” in only 6 days are still allowed to vote?! d=^o

        No wonder this world is in the kind of shape it’s in…

        • guy even wastes space just to say nonsense…

  2. All bad options-where do I file my “He’s already won the race” vote?

  3. It’s Romney who already has it in the bag.

    • what kinda obomba dya need stuck in yer hed?

  4. I don’t know who scares me worse…Stephen Harper or Mitt Romney. All I know is that my stomach ulcer flares up every time they appear on TV. When I see what is happening at the present time in politics, I get the feeling that I have lived way too long.

    • My gag reflex gets active whenever I see or hear either Mitt or Steve. How are the masses taken in by these power-trippers?

      • Yay! Steve and Mitt are dunces! Your gag reflex has nothing weird about it.

        Please, everybody, go to liberal.ca and see what great things you can get for a gag reflex triggered by an anti–ndp-democrat-liberal politician like or is Steve or Mitt!

        • Google “Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus” and you’ll get what I think about that topic. d;o)

          • Call him “Emperor” all you wish. But more than half of Canadians, including me hate him.

          • Yes, I am him.

  5. Definitely a Macleans poll

    • Either they really need to discontinue their employees bulk heroin discounts, or they need to start doing things that aren’t so incredibly obviously meant to manipulate people’s thoughts so that the questions they DON’T SEE aren’t thought about at all.

      Unfortunately, people still have this idiotic notion that if a question wasn’t asked in the media, then it’s not a valid question. If the question was framed in a very specific way, it “couldn’t possibly be designed that way for a reason.”

  6. Obama had the lead before the debate, it will grow a bit after. While the media is all agog at the latest Gallop poll showing a 5 point Romney lead nationally, Obama leads in the East, the North and the Western US. He is 22 points down in the South (I wonder why?), there’s your 5 point lead. While the fat lady hasn’t sung yet; my, and Vegas money is on Obama.

    • Nobody loses money in Vegas of course.

  7. This is the stupidest poll I’ve yet seen on this site.

    People are going to vote for who the media has TOLD THEM THEY LIKE, regardless of
    issues, or “stupid little things” like “facts.”

    Anyone in the states who is foolish enough to vote because of what the media has told
    them, rather than what the media DELIBERATELY HIDES FROM THEM, deserves what they get.

    They had the chance to get Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, or one of the other lesser-known (or completely unknown) people who actually give a damn about something more than war and corporate profits and collecting taxes for the banking cartels…and now, there’s
    only a few weeks more for them to wake up.

    It’s a crapshoot, because the media is a fraud on all counts these days…and they always
    lead the wilfully ignorant to do what they want, just as they lead little children to SCREAM to go to McDonald’s for that wonderfully tasty toxin-in-a-bun they are TOLD they want.

    Of course, manipulating polls so only serve pre-established thinking pattern goals doesn’t happen in the Canadian media…right?

    Oh! Wait a minute…


    • Yes. And the facts say that Obama’s had it in the bag the whole time except the first week Paul Ryan was in the race.

      • Doing the math, you see that Romney/Ryan = McCain/Palin = PRE-THROWN ELECTION. Again.

        They DO have a chance to elect a “human being” into office…the question is, are they going to use those neck-mounted jello molds for more than simple fat storage this time around, or are they just going to do what the media tells them they want to do?

        Put another way…the common theory over there is that if you vote for any “third party candidate”, you’re “wasting your vote.” SO what would happen if everyone “wasted their vote” and voted for Gary Johnson this time around? HE WOULD WIN.

        BUT…people need to pay attention to what the media tells them they want…after all, isn’t what some corporation tells you that you think a lot closer to what you think than what you really think?

        Think on that a second…well…if you’ve gotten proper permission to do so, of course…

        • Yes, and the human being is Obama.

  8. Clearly a biased poll. where is the “it doesn’t matter, people hate Romeny” option. seems unfair to not include that side. you make it seem as if everyone is either dumb and thinks the debate is what will make obama win, or obama will lose regardless. step it up, Macleans.

    • “it doesn’t matter, people hate Romeny” Bad spelling, bad attitude. Be a good sportsman and like Obama. He is not an o-bomb-a

  9. After exporting American jobs out of the country, now Romney is trying to get elected so that he can now export Amerika into the third world. To paraphrase a famous folk song “when the wind changes, how quick we forget” what George Bush did to the country now repeated by the Harper government in Canada. Fran Lebowitz may have been right when she said “In the Soviet Union, Capitalism triumphed over Communism, in our country (Amerika and Canada) Capitalism has triumphed over Democracy.”



  10. It’s funny seeing people on both sides claiming the election is over and done and won by their own side, when in reality it looks like we’re headed for a repeat of Bush vs Gore, which was not over for a long time.

  11. Who writes these, Parisella?

    • Too funny!

  12. Obama was left (as are all in politics) with someone else’s screwed up messes. This never changes. George Bush was a disgrace to U.S. history. Obama needs more time to bring his strong values along but only with American support and patience. Romney is another puppet breathing…but not fooling anybody with that wooden brain complete with Pinocchio nose.

  13. But then we are talking about the American Population, Aren’t we?