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A Jehovah’s Witness and her deadly devotion

Did a Jehovah’s Witness die after refusing a blood transfusion, and should the state have let it happen?

Eloise Dupuis. (Caroline Langlois)

Eloise Dupuis. (Caroline Langlois)

Éloïse Dupuis had a foot in two very different worlds. She liked makeup, smartphones and, as a teenager, had a crush on a boy. She went to the cinema—the Twilight movie series was her favourite—and babysat the triplets who lived down the dirt road from her house in the town of Ste-Julienne, a village about 70 km northeast of Montreal. She shopped: Sport Experts for Pumas, the pharmacy for cosmetics, Joshua Perets for most everything else.

The other part of her life was often in contradiction to the first. The only child of practising Jehovah’s Witnesses, she wasn’t allowed to go to the movies. (Twilight, with its focus on vampires and blood, was particularly verboten.) The boy in question from her youth “caused a problem” because he wasn’t a Witness, says her friend Cassandra Zélézen. They were forbidden from seeing one another.

On Oct. 6, Dupuis, then 27, entered a birthing centre in the Quebec City suburb of Lévis. Six days later she died in hospital shortly after delivering a baby boy. Attention has focused on whether Dupuis, who practised the rituals and attended the services of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, ultimately invoked one of the Church’s chief tenets: refusing a blood transfusion, even if it might have saved her life.

Eloise Dupuis. (Facebook)

Eloise Dupuis. (Facebook)

And in a province often struggling with how to legislate what (mostly Muslim) women can wear in public in the name of religion, the case of Éloïse Dupuis is more vexing. Many Quebecers now wonder if the state should be able prevent consenting, otherwise healthy adults from adhering to a potentially deadly (and very Christian) belief in the sanctity of one’s own blood.

While the church wouldn’t say whether Dupuis refused a blood transfusion, Quebec’s health minister confirmed as much when he said in the National Assembly that Dupuis “had given informed consent . . . free of external pressure” several times throughout her ordeal.

Her non-Jehovah’s Witnesses family members and friends believe otherwise, saying Dupuis had an emergency hysterectomy (a result of complications during childbirth) and was subjected to an induced coma that, by its very nature, prevents consent of any kind. “For six days they watched her die,” says Manon Boyer, Dupuis’s aunt. Zélézen, one of the triplets Dupuis babysat, says she learned about Dupuis’s imminent death by reading messages of condolence from Jehovah’s Witnesses on Facebook. She and her sisters rushed from Montreal to the hospital in Lévis, where nurses told her that Dupuis had minutes left to live.

“When we got there, three men from the Church, one who was all in black, blocked us from going into the room,” Zélézen says. “Five minutes later she was dead. Everyone who came out of the room was a Jehovah’s Witness.”

This included Éloïse’s father, Alain Dupuis, who is an elder in the church, as well as her second husband, Paul-André Roy. According to Zélézen, Roy told her that Dupuis had drifted in and out of consciousness, and had at one point said that she “was lacking air.” Roy, according to Zélézen, also said that shortly after her hysterectomy, Dupuis wrote him a note that said, “Don’t worry, we can always adopt.” (Roy didn’t respond to an interview request.)

Whether or not Éloïse was able to provide consent, this much is clear: the moral and practical dangers of accepting blood transfusions had been taught to her at a young age. The Jehovah’s Witnesses cite various Bible tracts in forbidding its members from accepting blood transfusions. “It is more important to obey Jehovah than to try to extend our life by disobeying him,” reads a section on the group’s website. According to former Witness Marilou Lagacé, who spent 25 years in the Church, receiving a blood transfusion can often lead to excommunication.

All Church members typically sign an “Advance Decision to Refuse Specified Medical Treatment,” outlining their wish to refuse blood transfusions. As well, the Church carefully follows expectant mothers in its flock to ensure its prohibition of blood transfusions is enforced. According to one document obtained by Maclean’s, on Sept. 3 the Church reminded its “brothers” that the Church’s “Care Plan for Women in Labour Refusing Blood Transfusion” was to be given to expectant mothers.

“After your discussion with the sister and her husband, they will no doubt be better prepared to obtain good medical care and also uphold Jehovah’s law during this happy time of their lives,” the letter reads. It was sent to the Church elders as well as “circuit overseers” and “all hospital liaison committees” (HLC). An HLC was present at Dupuis’s hospital room, at the family’s request, according to Church spokesperson Simon Picard.

“If a doctor informs a Witness patient that transfusion is the only therapy he or she is familiar with in a given clinical situation, the patient can ask for consultation with a member of the HLC. They can then provide medical information from leading medical journals regarding the medical and surgical management of patients without blood transfusion,” says Picard.

Another Jehovah’s Witnesses document urges expectant mothers to inform their doctors that they are a “higher-risk patient” because of the refusal to accept blood transfusions. “If she senses that the doctor will not be co-operative to her stand on blood, the sister should inform the elders right away. In such a situation, the elders should contact the HLC to report the situation and to locate a co-operative doctor,” the document reads. (Picard wouldn’t comment on the document, obtained by Maclean’s.)

Under Quebec’s Civil Code, patients who are of the age of majority have every right to refuse medical care. “The three components of informed consent are full information, competence and lack of coercion. If any one of these is absent, then there is no informed consent,” says Daniel Weinstock, director of the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy. (He spoke on general legalities, not on the specific case of Éloïse Dupuis.) “The fact that a religious conviction is at the basis of refusal is not considered as a basis to invalidate a refusal of treatment, unless there is evidence of coercion or brainwashing.”

Despite Dupuis’s death, there has been no government push to limit a patient’s ability to reject a blood transfusion. Such a thing would arguably impinge on freedom of religion—and would almost certainly be challenged by the Church. (In Quebec, freedom of religion is hardly sacred, though. The previous Parti Québécois government attempted to prohibit the wearing of “conspicuous” religious attire by provincial public servants. Quebec’s National Assembly is currently debating a less stringent version of a bill that would nonetheless compel anyone giving or receiving a government service to do so with their face uncovered.)

Instead, Quebec’s opposition parties say hospitals should be given tools to reduce the chances of coercion within their walls. “Hospitals need to have the right to control who has access to hospital rooms,” says Simon Jolin-Barrette of Coalition Avenir Québec, the province’s second opposition party. “It’s a question of public order. No one other than the hospital should have the right to block people from entering hospital rooms.”

The province’s coroner has launched an inquiry, which will look into the cause of Dupuis’s death and the circumstances surrounding it. Though motherless, Dupuis’s baby is healthy. His name is Liam, so named after his mother.


A Jehovah’s Witness and her deadly devotion

  1. Religion has killed more people than anything else on earth.

    • Atheism and anti-religion has actually killed far more. If these despots were genuine Christians, they would not have slaughtered millions (Hitler, etc.).

      • Kindly don’t try the ‘real’ christian argument on here again

        Atheism is the LACK OF BELIEF in any deity. Do not confuse that with bad christians

        Hitler was one of yours, not one of mine

        • There in fact are genuine and counterfeit of many things. The atheistic argument that Hitler was a Christians is idiotic and historically refutable. He was demonized, an enemy of Judeo-Christianity, etc.

          • Religion is hogwash….as is your Outhouse Philosophy about recorded history.

            Now bugger off.

  2. When people give their lives for their country or in the line of duty fighting fires or defending a community as a police officer, this is considered noble and self-sacrificing, but when they are willing to give their life for their deepest held beliefs, it is considered insanity. If you are willing to give your life for your children, for the people you love, and for others you don’t even know, shouldn’t it be your absolute right and privilege to give it for a God you love?

    • If your love of God is achieved without pressure, indoctrination and mind-control, then yes. But if, like this woman, you were unfortunately born into a family of “witnesses” and subjected to a lifetime of brain-washing, then no.

      Those who willingly give their lives to save others do so of their own free will. Children indoctrinated by religious zealots have never known free will.

      • If she was a 12 or 13 year old, I think we could make a case for a certain amount of intervention. More so if she was 5 or 6 and less if she was closer to 18. It’s a very tricky slope, because we still have to uphold religious liberty. There is a grey area (I think) where religious liberty and protection of the life of a minor can collide, and we have to tread lightly there. I generally default to a position where every case has to be treated individually and on its own merits.
        In this particular case, Eloise Dupuis was “free, white, and 21.” There is literally no case that can be made for state intervention.

        • Courts routinely take into account childhood background when passing sentence on adults. Although this is most commonly related to physical abuse, there is no reason why the mental abuse of religious indoctrination should not also be considered.

          This young woman didn’t make a decision on her own. She made the decision that she was “programmed” to make by zealots who should never have been allowed to raise children at all.

          • You my friend are well uninformed. I grew up as a Jehovahs Witness and left when old enough to leave home.
            I sure do not suffer from mental abuse of religious indoctrination. If your therey was correct, all my decisions would be based on Jehovahs Witness brainwashing and training and you are far from the truth.
            He decision was made as an adult. She had many years to think about her decision. She made her choice. Ssy she made a choice to haveca blood transfusion and still died due to complications from a blood transfusion. Many do. Then what would you say. Then what would Jehovahs Witnesses say. The exact roles would be reversed and we would still be left with,,,, She made her own decision and it didnt work out well. At least she was able to jake a choice. You are forcing your opinions on others. ou are no bettervthen the HLC.

      • To be fair, someone who is 27, even if born into a very religious family, should be assumed to have the freedom to make their own choices.
        I think it’s one of the more foolish tenets of any religion, but I’m not about to impose my views on an adult who is capable of deciding on her own.

        • Unless she’s signed the docs, the hospital can and should, be sued.

          • Yes, religion kills. Growth is the invisible god.

            Haven’t you noticed the leader says “growth”, “markets know best”, “consume”.

          • Crisis Management….if you want to go back to the cave……feel free.

            Growth is good.

      • in order for you do deny this logic, you had to deem Millions of people as “brainwashed”. then say they had no choice but to commit some kind of suicide. well, here is the problem with your logic. the army members go through a very very rough training so as to kill. Not just give up their own lives, but ALSO take the lives of others. as many as they can.
        is that natural? or is that brainwashing? if you walk away in the middle of it, are you simply disfellowshipped from the army? or are you placed in jail? In fact, if you leave during a conflict, can another member actually shoot you on the spot? you know the answers to that.

        there was no logical way you could have gotten from that logic, without the typical bigoted assumptions and ramblings.

        here is the other problem. the idea that people are raised jw from 8 or 9. and how bad that is. This same planet will take a little boy for their word at 8 or 9, and change their sex to a little girl! And of course thats going under the knife.

        Lastly, you same trolls of all that is JW on the internet, have stated how Jws are notoriously bad at keeping their “offspring” in the faith, and most leave. isnt that what you people claim? so well then, that percent is mighty low that a kid gorws up “brainwashed” AND stays in the truth, AND somehow falls into a need for a transfusion, AND cant take substitutes, AND dies….
        And here you are making it into a HUGE DEAL…your own trolling views wont hold water.

    • Would you give up your life for Zeus?

      How about Thor?

      • that’s just silly Em. Everyone knows Zeus and Thor are just made up. They’re not the real god.

        • LOL it’s so hard to tell these invisible people apart.

          • Yes, religion kills. Growth is the invisible god.

            Haven’t you noticed the leader says “growth”, “markets know best”, “consume”.

            I don’t know how this got on the other thread

          • Crisis Management…ahh Macleans has this flipabout every now and then….multiple posts or in the wrong place……

    • Your comment reveals you are most likely an active JW, and you are repeating (almost verbatim) a line of logic that Watchtower has gone to great lengths to burn into your brain. I understand that because they did the same thing to me. Raised a JW, baptized at nine, regular pioneering at age fifteen, a ministerial servant at age twenty-one, and an elder at age twenty-eight. Here is a simple question that might help you see the need to re-evaluate matters. Where in the Bible does it explain what parts of blood are wrong to use, and what parts of blood are ok to use? This is an important question, because Watchtower blood policy allows JWs to use 100% of blood in fractionated form. Think about it. http://ajwrb.org/watchtower-approved-blood-transfusions

    • “…When people give their lives for their country or in the line of duty fighting fires or defending a community as a police officer, this is considered noble and self-sacrificing, but when they are willing to give their life for their deepest held beliefs, it is considered insanity…”

      Slight bit of a difference: fire-fighters and police officers risk their lives to SAVE other lives and would certainly do everything in their power to save their own lives too. JWs are being forced to commit suicide by their own leaders. It’s not “honorable”, it’s insane.

    • Dying for the real Jesus while sharing the gospel is noble. Dying for a false religion and their unbiblical, unscientific blood doctrine is insanity.

    • A Muslim dying for their false religion and killing other people as well is deception, not something to be celebrated.

      • ALL religions are crazy.

        • Some vs all religions are crazy, Ms. Dawkins/Hitchens. Much good has been done in the name of religion and some bad. Scientology is not a credible religion.

          • Religion has killed millions…..any religion

            Scientology isn’t even a religion

      • ALL religions are crazy.

  3. I was a JW for nearly four decades, the last as an elder. I have worked closely on the blood issue for the past two decades. Anyone who understands the dynamics at work here, along with all of the history and subtleties of the Watchtower blood policy is aware that informed consent is seldom, if ever, present in these cases. The reasons are primary two fold. 1. JW’s do not have full information. They are only given access to the Watchtower’s hand selected and approved “medical facts”, and forbidden from doing any independent research under threat of punishment. 2. They are almost always being coerced, particularly if they have been raised as a JW, and have all of their family and friends as JW’s. If they don’t follow the policy, they will almost certainly be disfellowshipped, and made subject to extreme shunning (complete isolation), and live with the belief that they are worthy of execution by Jehovah God at Armageddon. Those interested can find comprehensive analysis and resources at ajwrb.org

    • Witnesses are told , and the bible tells you to never just accept any inspired saying but to look into the matter. This is the age of the internet. Anyone can look anything up. As an elder, how many closets did you sit in watching that everyone did exactly as they are told. Come on, people can make up their own minds as I did to leave when I grew up. Get real. At least I dont feel the need to bash everyone i dont agree with like most of you, I dontveven know what term is best for you people who just cant get over it, but it would have a lot of funny characters like %$*@#. Stop being so disgruntled just vecause you no longer could play in the playground, Jeez.

      • Innocent lives are at risk. We need to make informed decisions, especially when children are at risk.

  4. In this case, the adult refused treatment due to religious beliefs. Not long ago in Alberta, we had parents choose alternative therapy over convential medicine and their child died of meningitis. It isn’t just religious crackpots who are anti-vaccination although they are part of the number, it is hippies as well who have all sorts of strange ideas about how he body’s immune system works and spread lies about what is in vaccines. One group…the religious believe God will save them and the other group, hippies…believe nature will save them. They are all brainwashing their children and sadly conventional medicine can’t treat a teen of 16 against their wishes unless they are mentally incompetent.

    • This family was Mormon, another new, false religion like JWs.

  5. “…Quebec’s health minister confirmed as much when he said in the National Assembly that Dupuis “had given informed consent . . . free of external pressure…”

    This simply isn’t true. For those who have never been raised or joined a cult, you have no idea at to the subtle (and not so subtle) mind control they infiltrate your brain with.

    JWs are taught that if they take a blood transfusion, Jehovah will murder them at Armageddon and they’ll never get a resurrection. But that’s not nearly enough punishment for this group. While you wait for eternal destruction, you will be disfellowshipped (ex-communicated) and your entire JW family and friends are not allowed to have ANYTHING to do with you. They will look through you as though you do not exist and cannot even say ‘hi’ to you, lest they get disfellowshipped themselves. Since you are not supposed to form relationships of any kind outside of the religion, you are left totally and completely ALONE in the world for months or even years on end and more than just a few have ended up committing suicide.

    With this kind of mental, emotional and spiritual form of terrorism hanging over your head, many Witnesses feel that death is preferable as apparently this poor girl did. Don’t let any of the kid you: JWs are totally & completely coerced into refusing a blood transfusion. It’s totally sickening.

    • Ok then. What you say must be true,,,,,, right.
      I grew up a JW. I left at 16. Dont think im brainwashed. Maybe if you say it enough, you can brsinwash everyone so they actually beleive your nonsense. Your so funny,,,,lol,,,,hehehe. I LOVE IT, This is comedy you are writing, right? If not, as someone who grew up JW and left, I must say, you are wrong!!!

      • how many people that are still JW talk to you? JW is a large cult that you obviously saw through and left. Congratulations.

    • Or maybe they are well informed and you are the one brainwashed.

  6. To those who have escaped this brainwashing…..congratulations on your freedom!

    This is why I want all publicly funded institutions in Canada to be based solely on reality, reason and science.

    Practtice your voodoo on the weekends at your own expense.

    • Once again I must agree 100% with you Emily. It is too bad we can’t eliminate ALL of the faith-based religious BS; JW is just one of the worst.

    • science…like the crap you never ONCE questioned? do you know what your precious “science” claims as the origin of the moon? No, iots not a “sky daddy in the sky” as you guys like to call god.

      It is something even MORE questionable. In fact, its impossible. According to your latest gods, the scientists…the moon got here from hurling into the earth. getting stuck in its side, then breaking off, and drifting into its current location.
      hows THAT for logic?

      oh oh wait..water…how did it get here? your Daddy scientists say it came from droplets in rocks Pummeling the earth, till it was filled with 70% water, at depths of miles…See? simple. for the simpleminded.

      • If you’re talking to me…..yes, of course science must be provable, not accepted on faith like religion is.

        Your theories on the moon or water are…..interesting….but not accurate.

        Goodness, why so bitter?

    • Faith and reason are not divorced. The JW nonsense is irrational, not biblical. This does not mean all faith based things are presumption vs evidence-based.

      • Faith and reason are definitely divorced

        • This is simply not true most of the time. Some of the world’s top philosophers/scholars cogently refute you at book length.

  7. I think what is interesting in this article are the 3 conditions for informed consent

    full information
    lack of coercion

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do NOT have full information. For as long as they are connected to the Witnesses they have been spoon-fed one side of the picture and only one side – the one that supports their belief. That is not “full information”. It is biased and Witnesses have no idea just how biased that information is.

    The issue of competence – well they have to be aware enough to make a decision one way or another but you could argue that they are not competent because they have limited information

    Lack of coercion. What many people fail to understand is the life-long teachings of the Watchtower Society bends their thinking to one way and one only. They are taught that taking blood is a sacred sin worthy of eternal death. This is in their minds long before any question of the medical use of blood comes up.

    Then when a situation arises they are often scared of being pressured to take blood which they have been taught is akin to a medical rape.So they call for help. The Elders. Family. Friends. The HLCs. Anyone who will support them against the pressure of the medical team that might be put on them. They are more than scared. They are terrified that even if blood is forced on them and they live, God will never forgive them. They have been tainted forever.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not have informed consent. They may or may not be competence to make the decision and they are most definitely coerced even if not one JW shows up at the hospital

    • You are spot on Mary. Watchtower goes to great lengths to limit JW’s access to full information, and coercion is certainly present in my experience. They are basically holding a gun to the head of these young people raised in the religion. Obey us, or lose all of your JW friends, your JW family members, oh and your life as well when God kills you for not listening to us. The notion that informed consent exists is simply preposterous.

  8. canada must be on some kind of anti Jw campaign at some legal level or something. Magically out of the blue, there is story after story from this one country. Before it was russia. I think there are special interests that start planting stories, and duplicating them all over the webpages they can, all for some up coming attempt at a suit. so then they can run to courts and say “see? look how many stories there are about them! Its an EPIDEMIC”
    but peel back the person making the story, and you will find either a fake ghost writer, a person with fake accounts, a story uploaded by a troll who uses the net to bash jws all over social media every single day. such as aiza tate. Steven unthank , or trey bundy.

  9. “The three components of informed consent are full information, competence and lack of coercion.”

    Two of the components around informed consent were lacking, while Eloise may have been competent, it cannot be said that 1) she was ever given full and medically-accurate information. JWs are told that taking a blood transfusion is riskier than refusing blood and this is reinforced with reminders of supposed risks, such as that of contracting AIDS and other diseases. JWs are also told that transfusions cause bleeding, so if they have already lost a lot of blood, by taking a transfusion, they would lose more. They are told that non-blood alternatives are safer. So they believe, based on what they have been told, that the decision they are making is the safest one. I know this because I was inside for 24 years and I heard and read the information, as it was given to members.

    2) She definitely was under coercion, and not just at the hospital. Imagine being raised knowing that if you took blood, your good reputation in the congregation would be ruined, that a Special Needs talk would be given around your actions, that a public announcement would be made from the platform that you were no longer a JW and had been disfellowshipped. Imagine knowing that you would be an instant outcase, you would lose your friends and family sill in the religion, that the shunning would continue indefinitely and that it would be a complete cutting off, that you would be viewed as one dead by those who mattered the most to you. Add in that JWs are taught that taking a transfusion is being disloyal to God and marks you as spiritually weak, that by doing so, you are losing out on everlasting life. So long before she got to the hospital, Eloise’s decision was made for her. Members are forced to accept Governing Body teachings and those who don’t are punished by being shunned. The punitive nature of shunning violates religious freedom. Eloise was NOT free to make different choices. JWs will publicly state that this is their choice, but choices that are imposed and enforced cannot be said to be freely made, rather they are made under duress by victims of undue influence. And all from a group that claims to champion religious freedom and then punishes so severely any who exercise it.

  10. To the author of the article, Martin Patriquin, there is no such animal as “a Jehovah’s Witness.”
    A correct title for the article would have been “One of Jehovah’s Witnesses and her deadly devotion.”

  11. I support adult JWs right to refusal of medical care as misguided and grievous as it is when based on bad science and Bible interpretation. The JW blood fiasco has changed numerous times over the years and is relatively later in their relatively short history as a new religion, a pseudo-Christian cult that denies biblical, historical, orthodox Christianity. I concur that this high control religion should not allow non-family JW ‘elders’ to have undue influence. There are stories of illegal activity in the past to prevent the JW from getting blood. In the past, all blood was forbidden and hemophiliacs died in their loyalty to a false organization that would now be alive under their ‘new light’. The unbiblical, unscientific views of the Watchtower make it a bigger killer cult than Jim Jones, Guyana. They even celebrated the sacrifice of some children to their blood doctrine on the cover of their magazine in the past (loyal to Watchtower is wrongly seen as loyal to Jehovah).


    • May 22, 1994 Awake! (Youth who put God first)….

  12. I find it interesting that practicing Christians like Jehovah’s Witnesses would completely ignore Jesus’ words in regards to saving one’s life even if it meant breaking a sacred law from God. Jesus said in Matthew 9:13 that he “desired mercy, not sacrifice”. Moreover, he complimented this saying with the illustration he gave in Matthew 12:10-13 about breaking the Law of the Sabbath to rescue a lost sheep and contrasted this with the saving of a human life. Simply speaking, he was warning those that put a human life in danger just to preserve a law even if that law comes from God. And this is precisely what Jehovah’s Witnesses are making their members do when they “voluntarily refuse blood” on the grounds that God will destroy them for breaking the law against consuming or taking in blood. How misguided and evil are the Jehovah’s Witness leaders. Can they not read?

    • JWs are not biblical Christians and are considered a high control pseudo-Christian ‘cult’ by virtually all Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical Christians. The sanctity of life does trump legalistic, Pharisaical rules.

  13. Jehovah’s Witness is a cult not a religion. Unfortunately in the name of God they indoctrinate and manipulate.

    • JWs are a false religion. It is not correct to say they are not a religion. It is correct to say they are a cult in light of cult expert Steve Hassan (former Moonie) BITE model/combatting cult mind control and deviation doctrinally from biblical Christianity on the essentials.

      • False religion or cult? Either way there are many lost and confused souls who have been manipulated into this psuedo-religion.

        • There are about 8 million now, relatively small compared to other religions or even Christian denominations. They are a revolving door with people coming in and many leaving (there are less joining where there is internet access and facts about it). They are victims of a high control group, yet without excuse for following a group of men in N.Y. rather than God/Bible alone. They are forbidden to objectively examine their religion from outside sources (pejorative ‘apostate’ stuff), but expect everyone else to look at their material that bashes other religions with misinformation.

  14. After the flood, Jehovah told Noah that he could eat of all, but not the blood as it was sacred representing the life of the creature. We feel that is true today. The Bible says to abstain from blood. That is true for anything of blood. A medical professionist (not a JW) said that in fifty years we will think of blood transfusion as we today of blood letting. We have encouraged the medical field to develop ways to save blood avoidng the problems of having someone else’s blood coursing thought our arteries.,It is much better and cheaper. Those without a transfusion heal faster and have fewer relapses

    My own story: I had anal bleeding and lost about a pint of blood. My albumin was down to 8. I praised the doctors that they were smart and knew how to bring up the blood level. They put me an iron pill and in a month I had an albumin level of 13.5. I feel better having my own body make the blood. Everything turned out just fine.

    • You mean hemoglobin rather than albumin.

    • The digestive and circulatory system are different. Transfusions are a modern thing, so it is anachronistic to think the Bible talks about them. The sanctity of life trumps legalisms. JW blood teaching is relatively new in the organization and has changed and evolved/devolved over the years. There is no biblical or scientific basic for the illogical WT view that kills people contrary to God’s will and Word.

  15. Assuming Ms. Dupuis was of sound mind, and was informed of the likely fatal consequences of refusing blood transfusion, she had every legal right to refuse transfusion for any reason, religious or not. This can be considered similar to a case of suicide which is a legal in Canada.
    Everyone in Canada is free to live their life according to their own principles, morals, and beliefs as long as those concepts do not harm others.
    In Ms. Dupuis’ case, she did not need to satisfy society by accepting blood. Her decision was personal; arrived at between her and her personal God.

    • Children have died at the hands of misinformed parents. I also support her right to choose as an adult, but we need to speak up with an informed view to stop the insanity and needless loss of lives to a killer cult.

  16. There is a major disconnect underlying the conflict between theists and atheists on the subject of death.
    Theists have faith that this life is not the final one; and is followed by a world to come, a world that is the result of either Divine reward or punishment.
    Atheists have faith that this life is the one and only life, and death is followed by…nothing. They may even deny there is a human soul.
    The fundamental disagreement about what occurs to the human soul (if it exists) following death cannot be resolved in this life; it is a matter of personal belief and faith.
    Make your choice and pray you are correct. But to whom do you pray?

    • It is contrary to logic and the Word of God to hold to the changing Watchtower position. I agree about theist vs atheist, but a theist should know better when it comes to the sanctity of life and abortion, euthanasia, medical treatment. Christian Scientists, JWs, etc. are in the realm of deadly ignorance here. Orthodox Jews and biblical Christians have not had a problem with blood transfusion based on biblical truth. The origin of JW blood teaching (the ignorant individual who brought it in), the bizarre history, and the numerous changes need to be exposed to make an informed vs mind controlled decision.