America's right wing takes note of Canada's Khadr payout -

America’s right wing takes note of Canada’s Khadr payout

Fox News and others have begun focusing on the Canadian government’s $10.5 million compensation payment to Omar Khadr

The Omar Khadr payout makes news in America. Image via screenshot.

The Omar Khadr payout makes news in America. Image via screenshot.

WASHINGTON – The federal payout to Omar Khadr was a big story in some conservative U.S. media outlets Monday, after nearly two weeks in which it had garnered barely a whisper south of the border.

It was the subject of a condemnatory national newspaper column, the top story on the Fox News website, fodder for cable-news chatter on Fox and a huge surge in interest by Americans online.

“This story is repulsive,” said a Fox News host. To which former pizza entrepreneur and presidential candidate Herman Cain replied: “It is a pathetic interpretation of the law. Canada basically rewarded a murderer.”

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The burst of attention started with a Wall Street Journal piece by a Canadian opposition MP.

Conservative Peter Kent published a scorching op-ed titled, “A Terrorist’s Big Payday, Courtesy of Trudeau,” that helped the story gain traction elsewhere.

The item began with a description of Khadr killing an American army medic, Christopher Speer, when he was 15 years old and fighting alongside al-Qaida in Afghanistan. It explained how Khadr won a court fight in Canada over how he was treated by Canadian intelligence officials while detained at Guantanamo Bay, was repatriated to Canada, released on bail and sued the Canadian government for $20 million for violating his rights.

The Ontario MP criticized the Trudeau government for settling with Khadr, while the victim’s family got nothing.

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By Monday afternoon, the issue was the No. 1 story on the Fox News website.

The Fox News item quotes Kent’s op-ed under the headline: “Gitmo Lottery: Canada makes millionaire out of terrorist who killed U.S. soldier.”

Google searches for Khadr’s name were up more than 700 per cent Monday in the United States from the previous day, according to Google Trends.

The Fox News panel featuring Herman Cain didn’t delve too deeply into the fine points of the legal case. But one panellist raised the possibility that there was more to the story: “This is obviously a disgusting story,” she said. “But what do you do? Is there any other option under the law?”

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Khadr issue had not come up in any meetings with U.S. state governors during a conference in Rhode Island.

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But this issue appears to have penetrated the recent bipartisan detente in Canada when it comes to relations with the U.S. The parties have been less critical of each other, even maintaining a united front entering Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade talks. Lawmakers from different parties, for example, joined Trudeau in Rhode Island.

But after Kent’s newspaper critique, Trudeau aide Gerald Butts tweeted: “A long (Conservative Party of Canada) tradition of airing Canadian disputes in the Wall Street Journal. It’s where Stephen Harper advocated for joining the Iraq War.”

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America’s right wing takes note of Canada’s Khadr payout

  1. Another attempted diversion from the Russia disaster.

    • months of 24/7 mainstream media anti Trump propaganda and still no wrongdoing found.

      Not for lack of trying and plenty of wisjful thinking.

      With the audacity to blame Trump for the distraction and its effect.

      A visceral testimony to the application and effect of propaganda.

      • An example of Trump supporter stupidity.

        • That’s for sure. Trump has made the bigoted moron fashionable.

    • However, this time it is not “fake news”. It is completely verifiable.

  2. What outrageous is that if the Canadian government (or the US authorities at Guantanamo) at the time had done its job and played things straight, we wouldn’t be having a problem. When we make up new rules as we go, we have to change preexisting laws, or pay the consequences. What happened, and is still happening, at Guantanamo is unconstitutional – that’s why it happens in Cuba and not in the USA.

  3. I hope all soldiers realize that had they killed him then and there, as they were justified to do, it would have saved us not only 10 million, but his room and board as well.

    That 10 million will go far to support others like him over there.

    We have no business over there. We have destroyed earths cradle of civilization. The birthplace of arithmetic.

  4. So? We don’t take orders from the American far right. Period.

    We have our own constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They can ruin lives in the USA, but keep their nasty politics out of Canada.

  5. Soldiers volunteer to go to war risking death. Such is the case of Christopher Speer. Many innocent women and children also die as a result. Should we research the records of Speer for evidence that he had been involved in the death of others.

    Why should Canada be responsible to the families of dead US soldiers?

    Just saying.

    • Exactly.
      Don’t remember the US media getting quite so worked up about the Tarnak Farm incident in Afghanistan … nor was there a payout from the US government to the families of the Canadian soldiers killed there by trigger-happy US pilots.

      • America’s “Right Wing?” I don’t think that the author of the article, B. Causeiknow or Mellor can truly grasp the breadth and depth of disdain felt in the US from this incident.
        But I’ll repeat this statement I made in another forum … an American Soldier, a Delta Force medic is dead, killed by this Taliban terrorist. Several other Soldiers are wounded, one blinded, also by his actions. For truth in lending, I’m a former US Soldier who lived in Alaska twice and served with Canadian forces in Germany, the Middle East and Africa. I won’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say I’ve spoken at funerals, buried friends, consoled spouses, and there is/was a base in the Middle East named after a friend and colleague.
        I don’t know you, but wonder if you would like to define your general frame of reference; how old are you, where are you from (in Canada?), what is your education, where have you travelled, and do you have any experience at all about this topic? Do you really? Finally, for a specific frame of reference; have you ever seen a woman beaten in the street in front of you, seen children you cannot help, or have you ever seen someone you know killed, or anyone killed for that matter? I suspect you are speaking from a position of sublime, spoiled ignorance. Probably to the point that I shouldn’t waste my time responding to you. But I will do so for the others reading this article.
        I will say this as a matter of context and for you to measure the effect of this travesty on most of the people I know in Connecticut. Despite my friendship throughout my life with Canadians, and regardless of your laws that allowed this, I will not visit Canada while your current Prime Minister is in power. Despite my Love for Quebec (I ran the marathon there), I will ensure that I don’t cross the border and that I don’t contribute one dime to Canada. Nothing. I think that this episode is appalling, a humiliating embarrassment, and sets a very dangerous precedent for Canada.

        • I hope that you feel better now.

          World War II surviver.

        • Not a problem LQC … since you voted in the orange embarrassment, I have no intention of spending a dime in the US either. I note you did not address the issue of your trigger-happy pilots who murdered Canadian forces in Afghanistan … or does that not fit your scenario? For reference, I am widely traveled in the world, highly educated, and live close to one of the largest armed forces bases in Canada. I have stood on the bridges of the 401 highway of heroes countless times to honour the soldiers who returned home dead (unlike the cowardly US who repatriated their soldiers in the dark and away from public eyes)… one of whom was my husband’s nephew. We don’t need the likes of you to lecture us on our morals or ethics….

        • 250 americans killed by guns between Jan 1 to Jan 5!! America is a collapsing, violent, racist society. You stay there and i will happily stay out of your very dangerous environment of fear and loathing.

  6. 71% of Canadians do not support the settlement. So this goes way beyond partisan politics.

  7. LQC: Please believe there are many, many Canadians who feel this is a travesty of justice, and I fully understand your decision to “boycott” all things Canadian. I would have personally respected this government much more had they fought tooth and nail against this decision, even in the event they lost. It is not as though our “silver spooned” Prime Minister and his party minds spending tax dollars.

  8. and Canadians wonder why the US is telling Canada to defend itself and stop being NATO deadbeats.

  9. Canada’s right and left wing took note also. 71% of Canadians thought the settlement was yet another Trudeau blunder.

  10. America’s right wing should mind their own business and look after the widow and her children. They aren’t apparently even doing that.

  11. Take off your blinders. It’s far more than just “America’s Right Wing” that’s taken notice of this travesty.
    Why would you bother quoting Gerald Butts, the master advisor of McGuinty & successor Wynne’s destruction of Ontario’s economy, manufacturing sector & electrical system, who’s now advising JT’s Liberals down a similar destructive path for the rest of Canada.