Are the circumstances surrounding Moammar Gadhafi's death worth investigating? -

Are the circumstances surrounding Moammar Gadhafi’s death worth investigating?


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Are the circumstances surrounding Moammar Gadhafi’s death worth investigating?

  1. It is not encouraging that the rule of law was ignored. Will they ever learn?

    • Shot trying to escape while the country was in a state of war.  Hmmm, I have no problem with this.

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    • How do you rationalise that the USA was responsible. This was a popular uprising of the people of Libya. I guess you blame the USA for the Euro problems in Greece and Eire etc.

      • Looking at it through a historical perspective, the “US Dollar” was responsible for a great deal of recent global economic devastation…and a great deal more to come.  This was not the fault of the US Government, per se, but the fault of the Federal Reserve, and the consortium which owns it, with their “inflation” frauds.

        Now that the USA has taken over Libya and kept Africa from achieving a Gold Dinar, they’ve fraudulently prolonged the life of the US dollar…but it WILL end, and it will take down the EU with it when it falls.

        Look at the bankers, and the investment scams…THEY control governments these days…THEY are the true impetus of negative change we see in the world today…and they aren’t anywhere NEAR done taking profits…

        If you did a tiny bit of research, you’d also already know that the Canadian dollar is based on the same “high grade AIR” that the US dollar is based on…your little slips of paper, and your digital zeroes and ones in your bank account aren’t “real money” either…so if you think that the impending US dollar crash is not going to affect Canada, you’d better get to learnin’ fast, son!

    • p.s. The link in your pseudonym gives us a clue!!

    • I agree with you. From 31 Mar to 20 Oct NATO conducted 26049 sorties during which they destroyed 9529 ‘targets’. NATO stats conveniently ignore the collateral damage – one has to be truly naive to think that no one died during these unilateral raids. No we have to sit & wait for the $200b bill that is to be submitted to the Libyan nation.
      Any way you slice it – this is murder most imperial. The re-colonization of Africa has begun!
      Only this time, the results will be quite different. 

    • My goodness you do appear to have a problem. Given any thought to professional help?

  3. How did you feel and how did you actually vote in the tripartite poll on Gadhafi’s death/killing/murder?
    Be honest !

  4. They had no problem with going in and shooting Osama in the face. What happened to Gadhafi was, to me, totally expected and a predictable outcome. It’s over…time to move on.

  5. Given that Canada was one of the countries that bombed his home and is therefore partly, if not fully responsible for killing his grandchild, given our high command posting  – I don’t expect justice will be found anywhere in this sorry episode of history.

  6. Lets put things in perspective.  We are talking about a country that was ruled by a vicious dictator for over forty years.  How would anyone with an ounce of common sense, expect RULE OF LAW, when most Libyans never heard of such a thing.  It’s going to take at least a generation to instill rule of law in Libya.  Lets get off the “political correct band wagon” and offer some advise and encouragement to the people of Lybia.  They stood up to this vicious killer and made things right in their minds, and in doing so, spilled a lot of their blood. I say lets forget what happened to that murdering thug and show Libyans that there is a better way than using a weapon to achieve positive results.

    • Looks like the US really has you truly propandized.  Libya was a beautiful country and Gaddafi wasn’t as bad as your propaganda made out.  The whole episode ringed on the fact that he wanted the country’s oil to work for the people and AMERICA et couldn’t stand it. They wanted their oil….even if it meant destroying the country. One hopes you people are well satisfied now. ….just like you did to Iraq and will do to any country that has OIL.

  7. Yes. The rule of law should be upheld. The question should be Justice demands that Justice be served. Take your rule by law and stick it were the sun don’t shine. Dang you New American Century Neo Cons.

  8. What is really scaring me is that the same people who killed Gadhafi will probably end up running the country.

    • The people who really killed Gadhafi are already running other countries.

  9. Whose law should be obeyed? Shariah? British? Tribal? The winners hold trials; then execute. What is different here? ” Law of the jungle” is a fact of life and war.

  10. “Investigated” by whom?

  11. I recall the terror  bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940.  Afterward, the rule of law disappeared and barberism took its place until the Canadian army marched in early  May 1945.
    You may not like certain laws but you can’t have civilization without them!

  12. he was caught as a wild animal in a hole, kill the thing and get on with your life. what he did to his countrymen was reprehensible, No wounder the outcome was as it was.

  13. as far as the question of income goes each and every CANADIAN should see them selves blessed as we have the greatest country in the world If alone allready if I think about our USA neighbours who have no insurance when they get sick it cost them a fortune to get healthy and stay healthy We should not be asking for more and more lower taxes as NO ONE CAN RUN A GREAT COUNTRY AS CANADA WITHOUT MONEY AND WE ALL MUST PAY OUR SHARE  FOR OUR DESTINY We are retired ,live a great life on a megrer $37000.- a year with a wonderfull apartment in what we classify as a resort type building ,we swim every day and in the summer we travel for 5 month up to Midland to our trailer and marina to go fishing on beatifull GEORGION BAY A AND ENJOY OUR LIFE  tHANKS  TO BEING AND LIVING IN CANADA  Quit complaning and instead of protesting start WORKING AND BUILDING AN  EVEN BETTER LIFE FOR ALL CANADIANS !!!!! 

  14. Most of the comments display ignorance of a world that exists outside of suburban Canada with its precious inhabitants reared on Toronto Star/MacLeansmagazine porridge. 

    • Porridge is good for you!

  15. Whose law indeed.  Ask yourselves, would he have acted any differently?  He’s being treated by his law.  Works for me.

  16. MacLean’s Mag. even your pols are warped and twisted to the extent that one cannot give a straight answer to any of your questions. Scram, the lot of you!

  17. Ahh, and no one seems to deem it significant that this is the third man in as many years, who by virtue of ruling and being a citizen of another country is not truly accountable to the laws of some country across the world, whom have been murdered when it was explicitely stated by a president that they would be tried in court?
    Saddam Hussein of Iraq was supposed to be judged, yet had a jury composed of his enemies and was hung short as he went to utter his last words until dead. 
    Osama bin Laden, the Saudi Prince turned Afghanistan guerrila leader, was hunted with the very direct order of “Dead or Alive” as G.W. Bush gave it, and since he was slain in bed in the same room as his wife and children on live video direct to the white house, it’s pretty clear Barrack Obama prefered dead. 
    And recently Muammar Qaddafi whose last words before being shot in the skull were “Stop, you’re committing sin.” which is certainly an odd thing to say, especially considering that what started as “protecting boats and enforcing a quarantine” became “assisting the rebels”, to “bring Qaddafi to justice in front of a jury.” and then finally “bomb the palace, murder his offspring, and him as well.”.

    §3062 of Title 10 US Code defines the purpose of the army as:
    preserving the peace and security, and providing for the defense, of the United States, the Commonwealths and possessions, and any areas occupied by the United Statessupporting the national policiesimplementing the national objectivesovercoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the United States 

    It seems though that either U.S. soldiers acted without the authority of law, or else that government lied hideously about their intentions with Qaddafi. Which is it? An out of control military or an out of control government..?Ultimately the complaints against these men was that they behaved as tyrants over men and that they’re lawless murderers. It is counterintuitive to think that by murdering them without the right of law and enforcing laws on extranational leaders that one solves the problems of tyranny, lawlessness, and murder which is precisely what the issue is. After all, if Qaddafi was a middle-income florist from Wisconsin with a love for daisies and no criminal record, few would have a problem with the man. It’s not who they are but what they have done, and yet, the U.S.A. has committed those same deeds against these men. As so it is the action not the person which is evil. It is hypocritical to do the same thing that one has a problem with.

    No one thus far has commented about the overall common denominator, that the U.S.A. has gone and killed 3 people in different contries without any legal ground and no repurcussions. They have loudly proclaimed “I can do what I want and you can’t say boo” to the world and we let them.

    What’s the right question?

  18. Although the Rule of Law should prevail, when hatred is do ingrained after 40 years of domination and force, it would take a different type of people to Rule by Law.