Are you as excited as we are about the royal baby? -

Are you as excited as we are about the royal baby?


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Are you as excited as we are about the royal baby?

  1. Well so far the ‘media excitement’ has managed to kill a nurse.

  2. This not the first question like this, are you expecting a different answer. The royals are a corporation and they are in it for the $$$$$$$$. They will not get my money, not by choice anyhow.

  3. I don’t think anyone in Canada is as interested in the royal baby as CBC and Maclean’s. Seriously, who cares about two obnoxious, spoiled foreigners who have never done a lick of good for anyone except themselves. Time for Canada to ditch these fools.

  4. We are not amused.
    Or interested.

  5. if i never heard about this woman and her growing brat it’ll be too soon.

  6. Just one more privileged parasite sucking off the taxpayers.

    • Actually, if they were “sucking off the taxpayers”, they’d at least be performing a temporarily beneficial function for once.

      I think you meant “leeching off the taxpayers.” d;o)

  7. WGAF

  8. Why is this even being reported on? The “monarchy” is a farce and serves no purpose…DITCH IT!

  9. come on press people, learn to mind your own business. there will be a new heir, now stop hounding them

  10. The Royals are an anachronism. They should all be permanently retired and never heard from again.

  11. First off, it’s none of our damned business.

    Secondly, what are you trying to hide by this obviously useless DISTRACTION attempt?

    Maybe you think if we give a damn about some FOREIGN ZYGOTE, we won’t care that Emperor Harperius is selling out the entire country to China without ANY of our consent?

    Yeah…that’s not news…but Royals gettin’ they freak on? Oh yeah! That’s something the whole WORLD should care about!


  12. When will the media ever get the message. This is the type of crap that makes me change channels. By the way the way the royals should pick up their own tab when they visit Canada. Harper is blowing enough of our money as it is.

  13. I can just imagine the flak that poor nurse took from hospital admininistration after a call from Buckingham Palace.

  14. They had to get her prego ASAP so that if anything happend Willy there would be an heir with Royal Blood and since Harry does not have any Royal Blood he cannot be a King Burger .

  15. Puerile arguments from a bunch of churlish naysayers!

    • There are some crazy responses on here, but overall, the monarchy is a medieval institution that is no longer needed.

      In fact it’s turned into a celebrity gossip show. And gawd knows, we don’t need more trivia in our lives.

  16. I really do not care there must not be anything worthwhile to report anymore for the media to spend all this time about a baby that has not yet been born and really who cares. This will not turn the economy around, save other childrens’ lives, feed the hungry, stop all the fighting that is going on, help hurricane and flood victims return to their families and homes, etc I can go on. Get real everyone focus on reality not on fantasy!

  17. Get rid of the royal brits and in a made in Canada option. King Harper the Reformist and trade the queen’s picture with Harpo’s nude…LOL

  18. Who? what? what baby? what royals?

  19. It was good news and nice to know THE FIRST DAY. But I don’t need to know EVERY detail. The occasional update every month or so would be sufficient