Are you in favour of proposed EI reforms? -

Are you in favour of proposed EI reforms?


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Are you in favour of proposed EI reforms?

  1. Oh boy, lose your job and get a new one manning the deep fryer in Fort McMurray.

    • Thats Mr Harper’s job creation strategy, brilliant isn’t it?

  2. Employment Insurance, is something that you have to contribute to. Therefore you are entitled to benefits at the rate based on what you were contributing too. Now they want to take your rights away, and force you to take a job at seriously lower rates of pay then what you require or need. You have to take a job or lose the benefits.

    Abuse of the EI benefits program is not entirely on the workers claiming them. More often than not, it is Service Canada staff themselves. Who constantly think they are big brother and just waiting to catch people to take those benefits away. They need to keep it a money making proposition.

    Even when entitled to benefits, you may be required to pay back a certain portion back. What a load of crap.

    • Abuse of the EI benefits program is not entirely on the workers claiming them. More often than not, it is Service Canada staff themselves.”

      You really must be kidding! If I collect EI and abuse the system in doing so, why would/should I blame the system? Try to get a grip on the purpose of EI. A temporary measure to assist in a transition to some other form of employment, not a paid-for vacation that so many use it for because they chose to work in a job that might last 3, 4, or 5 months of the year. If that is the true nature of the work, then one must be responsible to be prepared to find another line of work to supplement the “seasonal” job.

    • You are no more “entitled to benefits” from EI than you are entitled to burn your house down every few years to collect on your fire insurance (thereby “renovating” your house). Likewise car insurance; you are not entitled to smash your car up every few years to get a new one. EI is insurance, not a job opportunity.

  3. What are you crazy people pay it to it and what nothing in return it is not the little peoples proplem the goverment should handle there spending better

    • a little example of illiteracy here or just another socialist educational blunder who was graduated so as not to hurt their feelings

  4. School bus drivers, school secretaries, cafeteria workers all get “laid off” at March Break, Xmas and for the Summer. They have a job to go back to but how does this affect them?

  5. Its just changing it from and insurance plan to a work tax. Now the local governmants will have to pick up the slack while the feds get to keep collecting the premiums. Like the HST/GST reform more Trickle down taxation…

  6. This is what happens when you have a majority gov’t, too much power and no one to stop it. We the people of this country better wake up and realize that we need a better system. We need to create jobs, thats whats wrong. In a country that has massive amounts of resource we should be leading the world in growth not squawbling about EI issues !!.

    • Gee…better tell this to the leader of the NDP. His answer is to get rid of thousands of jobs in the Alberta oil industry.

      • Canada did fine for 200 years without the Alberta Oil Industry

  7. EI should be there to help support unemployed workers as they participate in a job search. But that job search should be a good faith effort on the part of the recipient. It makes no sense to subsidize seasonal workers during their off seasons – indeed, this stagnates local economies by promoting industries which produce less output.
    And I’m not really sure EI should be there to help hold out for the best possible job. Sometimes the reason people are unemployed is because their industry is on the decline or their skills are obsolete, or (as is the case today) unemployment will be high for the forseable future. Unfortunately, people in that boat probably will have to take a pay cut. I’m sorry, but just there aren’t any jobs for betamax salesmen out there. If people want to take that route, they can use their own money.
    The idea that EI is a sacred entitlement that should never be reformed is unrealistic. Workers only pay in 1.83% of their wages, and there are plenty of eligible people who, in their lifetime, have paid in a great deal less than they could potentially receive. As a result, we need to manage EI in a sensible fashion that ensures benefits go to people who need them, and also that EI doesn’t break the budget.

    • While I agree in general, I’ll point out that if their industry is on the decline or their skills are obsolete, well.. EI *does* run out. And if they can hold out for the best possible job within the time span of EI, isn’t that a success of the system?

      Now, if you want to argue that the time span is too long, perhaps that’s an argument that can be made — but it’s not the one that’s being made.

  8. Those who collect EI are entitled to the benefits b/c they have contributed to it. How about sending and making the WELFARE take those dead end jobs. Seems fit – dead end jobs for dead end people.

    • Hopefully Harper will bring in similar reforms to the Welfare system. As a landlord for the past 35 years, I have witnessed endless abuse of welfare by parents, with their techniques passed on to their offspring.

  9. Perhaps if workers need to take a job which pays less than they were making EI could pay the difference for the balance of the time alloted to collect. This would allow them to keep their bills paid and hopefully find another job paying more. Does that make sense? People would work and the burden would not be as heavy for EI.

    • That makes sense, but this is the new Canadian Government we are talking about here. If Mr. Harper had it his way he would scrap EI or reduce peoples lives until they have nothing else to live for.

      • Where in the world did you get that nonsense from?

      • Majority Government, my eye, only 39% of the voters, actually voted for him!
        it’s the way the system works: “seats” , its all b.s. to me, and if it’s true with elections canada scandal, the votes are less than 39% then!

  10. To Bela123: R U kidding? If you paid for auto insurance and didn’t have an accident, should you get your premiums back? It’s insurance for god’s sake just like EI. I paid into the scheme for just over 50 years and never collected a dime. Maybe I was lucky – but I don’t think I’m entitled to get something when it was over. Maybe that’s the difference between your thinking and mine – the word “entitlement”.

  11. How will this be fair, no independant tribunal (Board of referees), another level of government to deal with. This is the Republic of Bananas with Harper as the dictator.

  12. Get rid of Harper. He will throw this country so far out on so many levels it is yet to be seen by the blind who seem to just automatically vote conservative, just because they always have. Tough on crime….you bet…smart moves not at all. Harper introduced a bill to get tough on crime….understandable for repeat offenders etc…but for those who made one simple mistake in their life it is destroying lives. They talk about rehabilitation, by making it impossible for those who made that one mistake in life to ever find decent work again and come back as a decdent contributing memeber of society; Harper is filling prisons and destroying lives, especially for those who made a mistake one time in their life, now having to wait more to get a pardon…makes it impossible for those people to find work and be good contributing members of society, they paid their price and sentence for their mistake…we are not talking of repeat offenders here…now they are getting punished again with the worst punishment, never being able to find work again, yep sounds like a good rehab plan for sure and likely results in more crime then there was before.
    There are many things Harper has done hoping in future his domination of Canada will end. What about Harper quashing unions right to free speech and the right to negotiate which is a freedom and he has also made it impossible for unions to organise. He wants to destroy all unions, see hundreds of thousands laid off, yep that will make the economy great. Someone is thinking with their head up their you know what!
    EI premiums yep punish those who become unemployed as a result of Harpers Government which forces companies to lay people off because our economy sucks. Typical Harper startegy, but hey if your a CEO that makes a nine figure salary you will fit right in with no penalties, hit the small guy that is struggling in life and dont allow him ei premiums when he is down and out because Harper destroys our economy and country. Brilliant minds really. Harper reminds me of an evil leader in medieval times.

    • You could make a 9-figure salary too if you created or ran a company that gave jobs to tens of thousands of people. Work on it and let me know how you make out. It’s really quite easy (or so you think).

      Harper is slowly cleaning up the ‘entitlement’ mess left behind by too many past Liberal majorities. It has to be done as the present systems (including welfare) are not sustainable and provide no incentive to find (or get qualified for) a decent job.

  13. There is an easy solution to the demands for entitlements by Quebecers who expect the lowest college tuition fees, day-care costs, etc. in North America. Simply eliminate the approximately 8 billion dollars in equalization payments that they receive from the wealthier provinces. When Quebec taxes, presently among the highest in North America, are raised even further to pay for these entitlement, I think that the people of Quebec will demand an end to the free ride that some of its citizens expect.

  14. Just get rid of ei, and government assistants and people will have no choice but to work, instead of making excuses, for them self, if you chose a line of work where your laid off 3-4 months a year tough, find a back up or a new line of work, ive paid into all these government programs and collect nothing from them, it makes me sick seeing people on ei head to the beer store while im busting my back side for them to do it. Get off your back side and work at what evers availiable, and work your way up like the rest of us.

  15. I guess to all you left-wing socialists – dollars for all these government programs comes from the “MONEY TREES”??
    Go live in Greece if you don’t like it here. That’s what your unions will do for you!!

  16. read the article on bank bailout and the transfer of 69 billion$ out of CMHC FUND – AND REMEMBER THE TRANSFER OF 56 BILLION OUT OF THE E.I. FUND A COUPLE YEARS BACK by the Harper Gov. AND YOU MAY START TO GET THE PICTURE OF ‘DOES E.I. HELP A PERSON WHO WAS LAID OFF? Even the initial 6 week waiting period without income to qualify is scarey……as it is mostly low paying jobs that cause unemployment…and the poor person who works them lives payday to pay. It boils down to the fact these poor souls don’t have the money to travel and expense looking for jobs in all but the basic ways…after food and shelter and utilitity compulsories. Computer generated power resumes don’t help but hinder……..they all use the same power words. Disability e.i.
    was another ‘sick’ help as well with it’s restrictions.
    At age 70 I totally disagree with the proposed system despite paying maximum into the fund as mandatory for years even as a contract worker. Insurance is supposed to help you – not hinder you and this EI insurance new mandatory law does not. What will Harper do with the huge billions he saves by enforcing it and collecting it at a higher rate of premiums…….transfer it to ballance his budget again?
    give me a break – espcially with Lisa R making sure that no union is allowed to negotiate for cost of living and inflation wages by ordering everyone to work for whatever!! we are back to the dark ages.

      this ABUSE – TO THE EXTREME!!!. Start right THERE, it’s not the 20% of the E.I. recipients, that abuse, it’s the gov. itself, for crying out loud!

      • and… in that 20% of e.i. recipients, how many of them hold a seasonal job?
        does that count as abuse?