Are you satisfied with the judge's ruling on the IKEA monkey? -

Are you satisfied with the judge’s ruling on the IKEA monkey?


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Are you satisfied with the judge’s ruling on the IKEA monkey?

  1. I am always amazed at what is promoted as “worth talking about” in a world with THREE out-of-control nuclear reactor meltdowns in progress for almost three years running, chemicals being spewed EVERYWHERE to kill off any form of natural plant or animal “for the profit of a few”, the wholesale destruction of the environment and the biosphere as a whole, the destruction of the food supply with GMO contamination, the lack of a single country on the planet with a sound, viable, backed currency…the upcoming GLOBAL financial collapse “that nobody wants to talk about”…but yes, let’s piss away time talking about a damned monkey.

    Priorities. Right?


    • First of all you need to find out the reality of the situation instead of letting your fears run away with you.

      Secondly, the world is in better shape than it’s ever been….with people living longer healthier lives than ever before in history. It’s not perfect by any means but far far better than it’s ever been.

      GMO is not ‘contamination’….it’s simply plant-breeding ….in a better more controlled way than the methods we’ve been using since our first days on the planet. You’ve eaten GMO food since the day you were born.

      Fiat currency is what we’ve always had.

      The world is in the process of globalizing, so there will be chaos for awhile…along with worker displacement during the changeover.

      50 years from now these problems will all be solved….but people will have found other completely different things to worry about.

      Life is full of problems….panic is not the answer. Find a solution.

      • The reality of the situation is that I live in an area with LOADS of farms, and for the last 30 years or so, less and less “naturally bred food crops” have been grown in this area, and farmers are just starting to wake up to the realization that lower yields and toxic fields are NOT what’s best for the food supply, even if they do get government subsidies for crop insurance to offset their ANNUAL crop yield losses. (They’re still taking the money, however, and not changing their farming practices…yet…)

        People are living longer, except for the fact that the rates of ALL diseases, most notably cancers, have been on the rise for quite some time now. The more chemicals we allow into the food supply, for some completely inexplicable reason, we seem to spend more on “health care.” Eventually, people will figure it out.

        Fiat currency is NOT what we’ve always had. Until 1967, Canadian coins contained silver. That was when we stopped using “money” in Canada. In 1971 was when the Bank of Canada stopped issuing our currency (fiat or otherwise) and instead began borrowing “principal but not interest” from foreign banks which would never be able to be repaid, as if they didn’t give us the interest they didn’t create, the debt could never be repaid by design. (Kinda makes sense why we have 700 billion in debt with nothing to show for it, huh?)

        Your wonderful view of globalization is mistaken, as what it is leading to is nothing more than the centralization of power into ever fewer hands, and ever lesser individual freedom. You’ll come to see it eventually…once it lands on your own doorstep. Not before.

        Even though I’m not panicking by any stretch of the imagination, despite your suggestion, I’d much rather see people panicking and at least making some attempt at changing things for the better, than continuing to sit on their couch-flattened asses watching TV and doing nothing…or trying to get the wilfully ignorant to continue doing nothing, and wondering why things keep getting worse.

        Watch the stock markets on Wednesday…there is a LOT of fear on Wall Street…even the people who “know they’re going to profit no matter what” are afraid of what they’ve done to the world, and that it’s going to snap back on them in the near future.

        PS: “The world” is not globalizing. Corporations and governments are centralizing. Until you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you will remain complacent. The solution is smaller government, FULL ACCOUNTABILITY, sound money, and a return to individual rights and freedom while we still have some small vestige of the concept left in our minds. Once it’s gone, it’s GONE.

        • The reason why your farmers are in such a situation is why we now have GMO….old farming methods are no longer valuable.

          People are living longer…..and now get other diseases because of the extra age. That’s why we are cracking down on them.

          Mummies in Egypt had cancer…it’s not new, and is nothing to do with chemicals.

          Gold and silver are just metals….they do nothing for money, which is and always has been just paper. We can set the rate at one ounce of gold to a one dollar bill……or 1/1000 of an ounce of gold to a one dollar bill. It still all comes down to our belief in it…neither the cash nor the metal is in itself valuable….it’s just a decision….by us.

          Our public debt has been with us since day one….and we have an advanced western nation to show for it. [where do you think the pension, transportation system, military, healthcare, etc all came from?] The debt goes up and down. Martin paid a lot down on it, Harper has raised it again.

          A global govt deals with global problems….while countries deal with national problems and provinces deal with provincial ones and so on. These days most problems are global….and can only be dealt with globally. Terrorism, climate change, drugs, human trafficking….etc

          The world is in better shape now than it’s ever been….and yes I’d say you’re panicking. It’s called ‘future shock’. However the changes are occurring anyway, so you might as well get used to them.

          The planet is on it’s way to 8 billion people… cannot run it as a town hall operation. We aren’t ‘losing’ freedoms….we have more now than we did when I was growing up……!

          • You’re right. Just because I’ve spent my entire life in farm country surely means that I haven’t a clue that GMO yield lowering doesn’t happen “in the media-driven world”…I haven’t a clue that the original LIE about GMOs were that they’d NEVER need pesticides and they’d NEVER need herbicides, and that they’d grow HIGHER yields instead of LOWER yields.

            You OBVIOUSLY know absolutely nothing about money or currency, so I’ll skip trying to explain that. History is lost to you.

            You don’t have the slightest clue what terrorism REALLY IS, or who is REALLY behind it, so that’s another wasted discussion.

            You think that all this globalism is such a wonderful idea, but you don’t care the slightest bit that it is REPLACING EVERYTHING…you don’t even see it happening, even in your own life, because your media-blinders are set on 100% black and you simply don’t have sense enough to take them off and look around.

            You’re probably perfectly fine with all of the “amalgamation of services” that keeps happening because as you refuse to think about the REAL consequences, you are going to continue to “believe” what the media and politicians tell you…it’s NOT a good thing…you WILL suffer…but like most people, you’re absolutely oblivious, and the more that hits you, the more you’ll beg to be hit by more of the same.

            Google “Hegelian dialectic”.


            PS: I read Alvin Toffler’s book about 30 years ago too…

          • You’re right. You don’t know anything….although I doubt it has anything to do with farming….unless you’re inhaling fertilizer.

            GMO’s are perfectly healthy.

            Sorry, got top marks in economics and history. Make a good living with it in fact.

            People went to church today because of a book 2000 years old

            George Carlin is hilarious….but then he was a comedian

            Yes, globalism is REPLACING EVERYTHING. Thank gawd!

          • Yeah, GMOs are perfectly healthy. Except for the organ damage from the introduced pesticides. Except for the increased need for chemicals in the food supply. Except for the GMO pesticide-proof weeds that have been created as a direct result of both GMOs and the chemicals used on them. Except for “all that pesky science.”

            People went to church today because they honestly believe that some invisible omnipotent fairy in the sky exists, and is going to fix everything for everyone…AFTER THEY’RE DEAD.

          • LOL rubbish. You really need to learn about GMOs.

            On second thought don’t bother….it involves actual science, not left-wing hysteria.

            Alvin Toffler is more reliable than the bible btw.

          • “NaturalNews (formerly Newstarget) is a website dedicated to alternative medicine and various conspiracy theories, such as chemtrails,[1] the alleged dangers of fluoride in drinking water (as well as that of MSG and aspartame) and alleged health problems caused by “toxic” ingredients in vaccines, including the now-discredited link to autism.”


          • New Proof: GMOs Cause Tumors, Organ Damage, and Premature Death in Rats

            The first long-term study shows the devastating effects of Roundup herbicide and genetically modified maize.

            Monsanto’s GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

            Groundbreaking study links Monsanto genetically modified corn to organ failure

            A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health

          • Coming back with more crackpots sites isn’t making your case.

            The left-wing is as bad about GMOs as the right-wing is about climate change.

      • Ah… the Emily Dictionary definition of GMOs raises its head again…

        • Don’t credit me with GMOs….credit the scientists.

          • Oh I do credit scientists. It is you who insists on your own definition of what constitutes a GMO. We have debated this a couple of times, with you basically saying all the dictionaries, Wikipedia, etc have it wrong. Like you have done with any number of words and terms.

          • I think the definition is pretty well covered in science, and posted many times.

          • I agree. It’s just that you seem to interpret what science says to fit your vision, rather than understanding it the way everyone else on the planet does. Or at least, you have in the past; maybe you’ve rejoined this universe. Care to post your definition again? You know, the one where horticulturalists and farmers have been creating GMOs for thousands of years?

          • Perhaps you just don’t understand the science.

          • Perhaps you don’t: “any living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through the use of modern biotechnology” [emphasis added] The key difference between sophisticated agriculture / horticulture and GM is that you introduce characteristics you cannot get by careful cross-breeding because the organisms close enough to one another to interbreed simply don’t have the genes you need.

            Have humans developed and influenced plant and animal development historically? Yes. Did that influence involve a degree of genetc manipulation? Yes. But genetic engineering and GMOs have a specific scientific meaning. And it is much more narrow than you assert.

            Time you update the Dictionary of Emily…

          • Sorry, you’re simply wrong….and don’t want to admit it.

          • No… that would be you. Anyway…
            I’ve made my point and now I’m gone;
            Feel free, dear Em, to prattle on!

          • I repeat, you’re simply wrong and don’t want to admit it.

            I’ve tried with you Bram….I really have….but dick-waving and running off and misquoting and utter silliness have finally done it.

            Never again.

  2. Leave wildlife in the wild where it belongs. Can’t we learn from previous mistakes, such as pythons killing kids in there sleep, chimps ripping off people’s faces, and pythons infesting the Everglades.

  3. After a life time of observation I don’t believe that zoos or wild animals of every kind kept in captivity are a good idea.
    Let these poor creatures live in the wild where they should be left to their own avails rather then being fed and gawked at by human beings.