Are you satisfied with the results of the audit on Senate housing allowance claims? -

Are you satisfied with the results of the audit on Senate housing allowance claims?


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Are you satisfied with the results of the audit on Senate housing allowance claims?

  1. They all should be dismissed AND forced to repay and charged with fraud if at all possible!! Patrick Duffy’s explanation, what a joke! This is unacceptable! They of all people should know better. If we were to do that in private industry we would be looking for a new job.

    I am sure most of us voted for Harper hoping for a more honest government but these guys are as crooked as the Liberals!!!

    • Otto. You are right on the money with your opinion. Shameful behavior by Canada’s most trusted! The punishment in no way fits the crime.

    • It is Mike Duffy not Patrick Duffy who is the crooked politician. I think they all should be audited, any who have cheated on their claims be charged with fraud and summarily kicked out. Nobody would get away with claiming ignorance of the law in private business.

    • Patrick Duffy is an actor best known for playing Bobby Ewing on Dallas. You’re thinking of Mike :-)

      That said, 100% agree with you.

  2. Little better than thieves

    • No; If they took money not rightfully theirs they ARE thieves – in a position where they are expected to lead by example. That puts them a rung or two lower.

  3. I find it hard to believe that these 4 senators ( Duffy, Harb, Brazeau and Wallin ) are the only rouge criminals in the upper red chamber. How about giving us the audits of the others down to the ones that stole and reimbursed even if it was down to a dollar. It is our tax dollars and it is our given right that we know about these honorable thieves.
    Thank you.
    Alex Gomez.

  4. Harper seems to have forgotten his political roots when he was a member of the Reform party which pushed for a triple-e Senate and railed about the lucrative pensions that politicos receive. We now a triple-u Senate – unelected, unscrupulous and useless.

  5. The Senate should be abolished , for all that it does and what it cost’s Canadians.

    • Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus deliberately did that to the senate, so that he’d have justification to disband it, and remove one last check for the people. Good thing for politicians that the majority of what they do in plain sight is never looked at…

    • I agree with you Bob D. Abolish the Senate, They have “cash for life” and what do they do for it? Rob us!

  6. These senators represent the chamber of “sober second thought” which is seen in most civilized democracies. We need this chamber but perhaps some better members with more definite mandates and. rules. It is not an “almshouse for the retired”. be they politicians, journalists or friends of the party in power.

  7. Nice to see Maclean’s carrying water for the PMO (again), but as has been pointed out by several pundits, THIS WAS NOT AN AUDIT. Deloitte certainly isn’t calling it an audit. Why would anyone else?

    There are no stupid questions, only stupid online polls.

  8. what money?? oh that money,well had a temp doing my expenses my bad i will pay it back ok? how can that be right any way you look at it !!

  9. They should audit every one of them (Senators that is). It is not just three/four of them who are on the gravy train.

  10. Only because they were caught are they paying back the money they owe us.

  11. Harper’s nonsense response makes sure he will never get my vote, They should be punish like the petty criminal they are. All the senetors should be audited as well as M.P.
    perharps Harper himself since he is not sure the rules are clear. I agree that the Senate should not be a place to retire cronys of the government in power, how can we change that, perhaps like we elect Supreme Court judges.

    • Umm… we don’t elect ANY judges in Canada…

  12. Just as in any other organization if false claims were made you would lose your job and face the police, why not these crooks. I am from PEI, and its a lovely small community where everyone knows everyone, but I have never seen Mr. Duffy at any of our coffee shops or restaurants. Thats how i know he isnt a resident nor representing me in any way.

  13. My dick is hard

    • And your mind is soft…

  14. It is sad that Mike did not just resign. This is a bad part of politics and political life. When money is offered why even say “no” When anyone is elected, or given a possen of authority it should give one an seance of pride or worth. In these times it should even be worth more. However people like Duffy, Harb, Brazeau and Wallin have know clue what the possion they represent means. They have no pride. There for I call on our Prime minster to Fire Them without pay and with out future benefits. It must be done. No one wants to run for politics anylonger because of CRAP like this. No one wants to Vote because of Shit like this. YOU HAVE TO START STANDING UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, fire them. They stole from Canadians. This has to stop at ALL levels of Government.