Are you (still) on Facebook? -

Are you (still) on Facebook?


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Are you (still) on Facebook?

  1. Twitter is worse than useless – if it can be said in 100 or so characters it’s at best a headline or caption and if it tries to say any more it didn’t need to be said. Facebook is ceasing to have value, especially since Timeline. So what is the next big thing? Stone tablets worked for a millenia or so. Perhaps a variant of the Rosetta Stone?

    • “Facebook is ceasing to have value”. It never had any value! How can you say it is something it is not?-There’s a word for that-“lying”!

    • Ahem. The question was about Facebook, not Twitter.
      And chiselling random personal rants into stone tablet comment sections would be very time consuming. (That actually might be a plus.)

  2. I’d vote in the “I have basically no profile on Facebook and only use it to keep in touch with a few old friends from out of town” category.

  3. Fear is something to be proud of , If you are not scared of Iran or China , you have to fear Facebook !

  4. I have an account just for the hell of it. Some Web Sties want you to have one to Post a Comment. But I never log on.

    • Cool.

      • The correct vernacular is: Cool story, bro.

        • Yeah, well now THAT’s quite the cool story!

          By the way, could someone please define a “parent” on this site for me? ‘Cause I doubt many ‘a these gize r parents!

      • Yeah I’m “Cool” I have no friends, on FaceBook.

        • Yep, That’s cool alright.

  5. These are shitty questions. none of the above apply to me.

    • Yeah!

      You tell ’em!


  6. Facebook is awful, okay? Who’d want one of those silly “social media” “feeds” anyway?

  7. If you want any measure of privacy, GET OUT OF FACEBOOK!

  8. The FBI is already watching you…Face-Book-Inc.

    Who the Hell are these people who claim to be “my Friend,” Anyway?

  9. I put pics and scripture on Facebook almost everyday…..who cares about security….if you’re on your ‘puter anytime forget about security…..who needs it ????

    • Everyone needs it! Just get a webmail account and you won’t have to worry about yours!

  10. as far as i’m concerned, any Quack can say just about Anything on there, it’s not for me,
    i have way more important things to do. . It’s making people socially handicapped!!

  11. Facebook is awful! It’s just a book of faces! Who cares for it?

  12. Nothing on FB but voyeurism and people saying “look at me”.

  13. Facebook has helped me get in touch & stay current with my relatives who are all over the country. Before Facebook I didn’t know what was happening in their lives. Now, with updates and occasional photos and comments I can keep up to date with them. I think it’s made us closer – it’s a very large family so keeping in touch by phone would be impossible. Also, when friends are ill or in hospital they can provide updates without having to repeatedly call everyone they know. I think Facebook can get overused by teens who insist on posting their every move & every thought but used responsibly, it’s the greatest!

  14. Facebook only knows what you tell it.If you let stuff you don’t want your mother, your boss, and the religious or political leader of your choice know stay public, you have only your self to blame.

    Also, nice job fact-checking before you posted this poll. There’s no glitch.

  15. I use facebook for keeping in contact and keeping people up to date on basic things. It drives me crazy through when people complain about security and privacy. Honestly, people it’s really simple. Don’t put anything online that you need to be keeping private. That includes saving passwords, saving credit card numbers, or posting potentially embarrassing material.

  16. Stupid poll, it’s too extreme in the options and not equ-distant. You need another option that says “yes, but casually”. Only having the option “Of Course! I can’t live without timeline” makes it a biased and futile poll. The numbers are wrong as you’ve placed negative stigma in the only “yes” option.

    • I agree. Another option could have been ” only when I am not on My Space.”

  17. Misleading Poll. It requires a simple “Yes” question,without the rant about “Timeline”.

    By the way, I’m on Facebook and enjoying it. I’ve made contact with many people throughout the world and it has served to enhance my “brand” as a writer and creative person.

  18. None of the options presented apply to me. How about ‘tried it for a year, came to dispise it, deleted my account.’? My ‘wall’ was not mine, but was everyone but me, I had no control over what appeared on my wall, business associates could see vulgar or embarrassing things casual friends were posting (collision of worlds), I felt a constant pressure to keep up with it, wasting lots of time. No real or meaningful communication takes place – everything is trivial, banal, or fake. I hated the feeling like I was obligated to post something, even if I had nothing to say. If something is important, I’ll talk to friends and family in person or over the phone. If it is trivial then no one really wants to hear it, and the obligatory false adulation over pictures and liking things is so tedious and meaningless that I quit and will never go back. What a relief. Facebook is a complete waste of time and reduces our lives into sound bytes and blather.

  19. There should be an option for Facebook is a Corporate Piece of Shit

  20. Agree with everyone. I’m on it, but I set my security settings very high. Even if that is not 100% effective. I don’t put every piece of information about myself on it–cause I’m not delusional about what facebook is or is not. It’s a social media site, not rocket science. use it accordingly.