Arrest warrants issued for notorious landlord in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside -

Arrest warrants issued for notorious landlord in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside


VANCOUVER – A legal group that advocates for Vancouver’s poorest residents has taken the rare step of securing 10 arrest warrants for George Wolsey, a notorious landlord in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

He owes more than $18,000 to residents for unlivable conditions.

Pivot Legal Society says Wolsey’s former tenants endured rampant infestations and serious risks to health and safety while living in one of his single-room-occupancy hotels in the Downtown Eastside.

Lawyer Doug King says those tenants were awarded damages by the Residential Tenancy Branch this spring, but Wolsey has made no effort to pay up, has failed to appear at court dates and has refused service of documents.

Pivot says a judge issued warrants Tuesday for Wolsey’s arrest after he once again failed to appear.

Pivot will hold a press conference today to detail the more than three-year battle between Wolsey and tenants. King says former residents will be at the press conference to detail their experiences, and Pivot lawyers will talk about next steps, including unveiling a Wolsey “wanted poster.”

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Arrest warrants issued for notorious landlord in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

  1. I guess when you have this much money you are above the law!

  2. Its interesting. Provide lousy crappy housing, which keeps some of the poorest off the street, risk going to jail. Provide *NO* housing whatsoever, and you’re somehow the better person. Societal regulation is strange that way.

  3. On the face of it, it sounds like he should receive repercussions for miss behavior. Although the whole story does not come out in a titillating head line. Some questions: who turned the unit into disrepair? And did these renters see the state of conditions when they agreed to rent it out? It seems two faced to wreck a unit or move into a wrecked unit and then complain to who ever will listen without telling the “whole” truth. And if the punishment for mistreating others and their property is fines and jail time would someone tell me where these legal advocates are to chase after tenants that destroy rental houses and owe thousands on rental arrears and damages. Or all being equal under the law and all; are tenants just “more equal” than landlords??? Or maybe it is just more politically correct to chase the bad landlords and ignore the bad tenants! Or maybe there just are not any bad tenants, right? Marv