As MPs return to the House, what should take top priority? -

As MPs return to the House, what should take top priority?


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As MPs return to the House, what should take top priority?

  1. Pricing on the F-35 is one thing, the serious technical issues, overcoming them and their ultimate costs will impinge greatly on the final bottom line.

    Considering nothing apparently has been signed, looking to other manufacturers is in order.

  2. Well actually all of em including a national strategy on povery not just for the aboriginal people but ALL people across Canada

  3. CF 105 Avro Arrow…

  4. Jobs, jobs, jobs!!! With more people
    working there will be more taxes paid therefore providing more capacity to
    improve our health care.

    • Exactly what our government is working on!

  5. Getting the benefits in the F-35 without the costs has already been achieved by agreeing to buy but not signing. So many parts are being done in Canada and in the end if its too much they can back out. I would not be suprised if the USA somehow eats some of the cost to keep Canada with compatible aircraft.

  6. How about reducing the centralization of power in the PMO? Too much of a pipe dream?
    Uhmm.. okay, maybe top priority should be ensuring that our previous and future elections were and are run cleanly, without any dirty tricks? What.. why are you laughing?

    Democratic reform, perhaps? Some form of proportional voting so that over half the votes cast are not just thrown out? No? Not that?

    Can we at least do MPs approved by the riding constituents, not the party lea…

    Well, if we’re going to make ourselves a dictatorship, we might as well be employed while we’re doing it, I guess.

    • It’s actually just under 50% of the votes that are thrown out.

      • No, it’s just under 50% of the votes that that were for losing candidates. In addition to that, with the FPTP system, every vote beyond the total the second place got, plus 1, is wasted.

        This means that in Alberta, the province that swayed that “losing candidate total” to just under 50% has massive vote wasting on the winners side.

        Take my riding of Calgary East, for example. 33.6% of the vote was for losing candidates. That’s taken off the top. In addition, the second place finisher received 4894 votes. The winner, Obhrai, received 23372 votes. That means 18477 votes for Obhrai were *also* wasted because they made no difference. That’s 53.3% of the vote.

        That’s 86.9% of the vote that made no difference whatsoever in that riding. The only thing good about FPTP voting is that you don’t need to be more than a moron to understand it.

        • Ahhh, I see what you’ve done.

          Umm, yes, if that is how you define “wasted” then the number is higher. I was using the basis that if you got the representative that you wanted, then your vote wasn’t wasted.

          Btw, I’d be surprised if very many of those 18477 voters in your riding actually feel that their vote was wasted.

          In any event, what do you think about this P3 idea?

  7. Dismantle the Department of Indian affairs, including the budget.
    Put closure to those bogus claims for land and resources.
    Indians and Inuits must have the same opportunities and responsibilities as all other Canadians.
    Segregation does not work.

    • Ever heard of the Constitution?

  8. My top three priorities are still the same:
    1. The health and well-being of citizens of Canada. You can’t get a good education without good health.
    2. The education of citizens of Canada. You can’t get a good job without a good education.
    3. Job opportunities, without dependence on foreign corporations.

    • I am not aware that children in Canada don’t have good health. And education is available to everyone.

      • Perhaps you should have ended that comment after the first four words. It would have been more accurate then.

  9. Harper & his government is just going too really SCREW this country!

    • Oh, yes, and I suppose the NDP will be it’s saviour. (chuckle, chuckle)

  10. Stop having a foreign policy dictated by Tel Aviv and Washington. Get back to being honest brokers on the world stage esp. in regards to the environment, and the middle east. More coast guard search and rescue capacity esp. in the North. Increased federal standards for agricultural and industrial pollutants especially those going into the Great Lakes. Abandon the F35- the worst possible choice for pilots. Spend the money on S&R helicopters, & ice breakers.

    • You’ll have to wait until the NDP gets into power.

      • Oh won’t that be wonderful! There’ll be increased spending so that there will be enough money to pay for all the unneeded socialist programs.

  11. Thank heavens we have a reasonable and competent manager at the helm (Harper & Co.) and not one of the dim bulbs that the Liberals have come up with over the past few years. And heaven help Canada if enough blind Canadians in Eastern Canada fall for the Mulcair Socialist doctrine. We’ve already seen what damage the “Amateur in Chief” in the US has done.

    • You chose your name wisely.

    • The voice of reason!

  12. I notice that you censor my comments by burying them down below comments made over 24 hours ago. Keep the loopy lefties on top. So much for Free Speech at Macleans.

    • Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t out to get you. ;-)

  13. Job creation is a joke repeated ad nauseam by the same addicts or sociopaths that promote the myth of economic growth by exporting our jobs into the third world and preaching the one track mind myth of monetary scarcity to be assumed only by the workers and the middle class, while the rich and gready continue to pack it away in tax havens and live beyond our collective means. Addicts have no choice but to either pursue their addiction or seek help and which ain’t gonna happen as long as they have the above three substance choices in the poll to continue their addiction into oblivion. I choose health care over the substance called rhetoric.

    • So right and so well said. Bravo!

  14. How about developing an inspiring agenda where positive goals that lead to a real accomplishment for Canada are set. The current focus on cuts, fixing things that are perpetually broken (look at the choices in the survey) are depressing. I’m not saying to ignore these things but it would be great to have a national pre-occupation to be the best in something, accomplish something, build some pride, some nationalism. While it may not be practical the story of the Avro Arrow revival in the last week or so got traction because people are yearning for something good, a challenge, a goal.

  15. America needs HealthCare for Everyone!

  16. I’ll settle for the vigorous use of facts and truth on all sides, in combination with respect for democratic process and the electorate. Please and thanks.