B.C. Christian law school can open despite same-sex policy

The Law Society of B.C. gave Trinity Western University the green light to open in 2016


VANCOUVER – The Law Society of B.C. has cleared the way for a Christian university to open a law school, which has been under scrutiny because of the institution’s policy toward gays and lesbians.

Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C., wants to open a law school in 2016.

The plan has fuelled a campaign encouraging regulators to reject the proposal because students are required to sign a so-called community covenant, which says sexual intimacy should be limited to marriage between a man and a woman.

Members of the law society debated for nearly three hours in rejecting a motion that would have barred the school from opening its law school.

Lawyer Cameron Ward compares the university’s policies to racial segregation in the United States in the 1960s and says he has a duty as a lawyer to oppose the school.

Another lawyer, David Crossin, says he believes the school’s policy is discriminatory and misguided, but that the law means the school’s beliefs must be respected.


B.C. Christian law school can open despite same-sex policy

  1. Law suit time. We don’t need the American system of accreditation. That’s dangerous.

    • To disallow accreditation by the Law Society of BC would have opened the society to a Charter challenge which society lawyers determined that they would lose.

      But then again, your “dangerous” mind never lets the facts get in the way of your delusions.

  2. The opponents forgot one thing — The school policy is between a MARRIED man and woman. So, gay OR straight, it’s equal opportunity — if you’re unmarried, while you’re at that school, it’s abstinence! No anti-gay policy at all!

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