Boeing CEO optimistic about providing fighters to Canadian military


CALGARY – The head of Boeing says he’s confident the F-18 Super Hornet could fill Canada’s needs as the government reassesses its purchase of F-35 stealth fighters.

The Canadian government stepped back late last year from acquiring the stealth fighters built by Lockheed-Martin and started an evaluation of potential rivals.

Boeing CEO James McNerney told reporters in Calgary that the F-18 has been modified to include fifth-generation capabilities.

He also said Boeing has the advantage of having a mature system as opposed to one that is still in development.

Boeing has done business with the Canadian Forces before — the company delivered 15 Chinook helicopters earlier this year.

The results of the federal government’s assessment of other fighter jets are not expected until at least this fall.

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Boeing CEO optimistic about providing fighters to Canadian military

  1. At least this would be a natural evolution moving from the Hornet to the Super Hornets. It would be too rational however to pick a known commodity.
    I’m beginning to suspect that successive Canadian Governments have buggered the procurement process to cover up the fact that there’s no money to buy them.

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