Boycott Russia and boycott the world -

Boycott Russia and boycott the world

Gays have it better in Putin’s Russia now than at any previous moment in its history


Russian President Putin watches the cross country skiing men's relay during the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Laura Cross-Country Ski and Biathlon Center near Krasnaya Polyana

Much of the controversy over the location of these Olympic Winter Games has orbited around the Russian government’s treatment of gays and lesbians. As a Cold War kid, I find this delightful. Nobody said much about these matters when Russia was Communist, homosexuality was formally illegal and the Russian psychiatric profession was a torture apparatus. In school, we were lectured about Western disarmament for what must have been a hundred hours, if you add it all up. I do not recall spending a second on Russia’s sexual minorities.

If you are cynical, you will regard this as demonstrating how fashion-driven the issues of international concern are. If you believe in progress, it shows how much our species has pulled its act together. Gays and lesbians, unquestionably, have it far better in Russia now than at any previous moment in its recorded history. Homosexual activity is legal; gays can donate blood, join the army and adopt children. Transsexuals can change their legal gender.

The unlimited exercise of these privileges is not easy in a Russian environment dominated by: conservative Orthodox sentiment; insecurity about the moral effects of capitalism; and a histrionic political strongman. And now Russia has come under fire because its federal legislature chose an awkward moment to criminalize the dissemination of “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations” to minors.

That touches on freedom of expression, whose essential role in the liberal-democratic formula we in the West are still learning to appreciate. The artists and creatives have been particularly clamorous about the Russian gay-propaganda law because expression is their business. Without disputing the justice of their cause, one would have to admit that the wedge issues have sure shrunk since the days of gulag and terror.

Certainly, it is remarkable how much attention President Vladimir Putin has gotten for being beastly to the gays—relative to how little he has received for picking an Olympic site that is a symbolic middle finger raised to everything that is not Russia. No one feels the need to use scare quotes when describing Sochi as being “Russian”; only a few late-arriving scholars have noted that the resort is in a land cleared of various indigenous mountain peoples in the late 19th century. This was intentional genocide, a planned, violent, largely successful destruction of nationalities. Those Circassians who were able to dodge the Cossacks fled to Turkey and eventually encountered the ethnic homogenization program of Atatürk. Bad fires to be caught between.

So, holding an Olympics in Sochi amounts to endorsing, almost ratifying, a fairly recent act of horrendous ethnic cleansing. Some would say the same of the 2010 Games in Vancouver. But present-day Sochi does not just represent the purulent explosion of European man over the face of the globe: It is also Stalin’s seaside hideaway, built for the relief and pleasure of the vanguard of “scientific” socialism.

Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar might be the best book ever written about the Soviet Union. If you turned it into a play, you would have to set it in Sochi. Once his power was secure, Stalin, during peacetime, conducted the Soviet orchestra of murder from Sochi for much of each year. Being sent to out-of-the-way Sochi was a mark of favour when the boss was in residence there, and a hair-raising danger when he was not.

Stalin, a greater destroyer of peoples than any tsar, created Sochi because it was close to his native Georgia. He wanted to be in the south, but not actually among the old neighbours who would have remembered him as a particularly diabolical child. To Putin in 2014, Sochi signifies the endurance of a great Russia, one shed of “Soviet” encumbrances, and free to pursue a strictly national destiny. The empire is gone, but Russia still holds much of what the emperors and the Communists gained.

It is amusing how little we hear, as Putin is being vilifed, of the old Olympic ideal of the fraternity of nations. If we were to boycott Russia over a nasty gay-literature law, we could hardly hold an Olympics anywhere. And most of the legally recognized states harbour, or have extinguished, at least one conquered, resentful people. We take a deeper, more cynical view of this fractal world fabric than the founders of the Olympics did. We enjoy the Games for their own sake, without expecting that they will transcend, much less ameliorate, international politics. This is almost certainly a good thing.


Boycott Russia and boycott the world

  1. I don’t typically follow the gay outrage news, but it was impossible to not have heard about this law prior to the Olympics. I was told by many left-wingers that Putin had “banned” gays and “criminalized” homosexuality.

    Then I was shocked to find out that there were gay bars operating in the open in Sochi without anybody prosecuting them for anything. Turns out it was, yet again, a mountain made out of a mole hill by the gay lobby.

    • These “gay” issues, you don’t follow them because they don’t affect you, right?

      • Why would anyone need to “follow” gay issues?
        It shoved into our faces daily whether we like it or not.
        Gay issues must certainly be the most important issues on the planet if their coverage is any indicator.

        • Oh you love it

    • WOW 2 gay bars in Sochi disproves everything! Rick, you knucklehead, all it proves is that gay people *are* everywhere in every society. Yes, Putin has effectively criminalized homosexuality. Yes, the church and the society backs him: in Tiblisi, PRIESTS even led the mobs attacking innocent gay citizens! That does not make any of it just, or right.

      Here’s your “mole hill”: some lovely images from video shot by Neo-Nazi youths entrapping, kidnapping, and torturing gay youth, including one nice young gay man who lost an eye. No arrests were made.

      • You do understand that Tbilisi (note correct spelling) isn’t in Russia – right?

        • True — and apologies for the spelling. But the Russian Orthodox Church is co-leading this pogrom in Russia and Georgia. It is evil.

          • There is no doubt that the Russian Orthodox church was corrupted by decades of subservience to their communist overlords – but calling this a pogrom is wildly disproportionate, and insulting to the hundreds of thousands of victims of actual pogroms.

          • But is it not the gays in North America who are leading the war against the churches. Is that not also evil?

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          • @Rose215. No it is not evil, because there is no war against the churches.

            We are fighting in defense of the churches’ incursions into civil politics! We are fighting new laws consraining secular civil rights, based on religion. It is wrong, not part of a civilized democratic society, and frankly dangerous, because of course “religion” includes other religions that might just discriminate against you.

            Or… we can let the churches keep interfering in political issues and tax them.

          • The churches are not forcing their way into civil politics. They are being made to comply with secular policies that go against their religious beliefs. Regarding the churches (or people who are religious) having an influence on politics, that is the same as any other group. Every group should have a voice in how government is run.

          • Thank you for making my point, from a related thread, so eloquently for me. There is no basis in the history of English law for state injunctions against the influence of religion on political matters. The separation of church and state is primarily a legal construct to prevent the state from meddling in the affairs of the church. At the time, “the church” specifically meant the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England. This protection eventually extended to other religious communities. Now, in strict technical terms, there can be no true separation of church and state in a Commonwealth country, as the Queen is also head of the Church of England. Now, the American version of the same concept has been abused by the left almost wantonly, via frivolous lawsuits against Nativity scenes on public property, and leading the charge against school prayer, etc.
            You claim to be a “libertarian conservative”, yet your words reflect the doctrinaire left. Do you have the same objections to, say the United Church of Canada’s incursions into politics as you do the Catholic Church’s stance on gay marriage? Is one acceptable but not the other? Which one? The one that follows the progressive doctrine, or the one that doesn’t?

          • There is no “war against the churches,” except in the feverish fantasies of end-times dominionist nutjobs.

          • Well, there is a war against both churches and traditional church teachings. Your reference to end-times “nutjobs” reflects the cultural aspects of this war.

          • “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” 1 Timothy 2:12

            Why are you waging war against “traditional church teachings?”

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          • That’s a lie, plain and simple.

          • You have to do more than that to prove its a lie. Come on chief! Find your inner Takei

    • Chick Fil-A, Barilla Pasta,Phil Robertson more overkill from radical gay activists

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    • If sexual preference is so important to athletic competition perhaps there should be a homosexual Olympics, homosexuals could then shun and stigmatize the horribly oppressive Olympic sports event?

      IT IS ABOUT SPORT… no one cares whether or not you have ANY specific sexual preference, join in, play, or shut-up and go home.

      If you have an issue about a certain country or religion being allowed to have their OWN OPINION about a subject, then by all means, travel to that country and make your opinion known. Tell them that while you are entitled to your opinion, they are not entitled to theirs…

      • Principle 6 of the IOC Charter bans discrimination of all kinds, not just in and during the Olympics but in Olympic countries also.

        • then there would be no Olympics, if we follow the grievance industry to their extremes.

          • Bitcoin needs his nappy changed

      • LOL @ “perhaps there should be a homosexual Olympics” — there actually was one, it was called THE OLYMPICS. In Greece. All games performed nude by men and their lovers.

        What the hell are you talking about? Do you not realize that when any sports figure thanks his girlfriend, or hugs his wife and kids, that he is not showing his sexual preference? From saying who’s hot, to their photos on their desks to their wedding rings, straight people “flaunt” their sexuality every day… and those things are illegal in Russia.

        We have TONS of coverage of the lovely love story of CHarles Hamelin hugging and kissing Marianne St-Gelais after every race and professing their love, but if a male athlete did the same another male athlete he would be arrested. That is against the Olympic Charter, and it is wrong.

        • Um cleargreen is projecting his latent attributes

    • “I don’t typically follow the gay outrage news”

      True you just follow George Takei and musical theatre. You still hoping for a Streisand tour or is that money going to your trip to fire island?

  2. A key point missing here and in other pieces which argue that things can’t be -that- bad in Russia since homosexuality is technically legal, is the fact that gay people are being ambushed and beaten in the streets. The attacks are videotaped by the attackers and posted on social media websites. Despite clear evidence and identification of the attackers, police are not making arrests.

    It may not be illegal to be gay in Russia, but that means little when political leaders and authorities actively forment public antagonism and violence against gay people. It was never illegal to be black in the American South either.

    Horrible atrocities may have been committed in Russia in the late 19th century. Nothing can be done about that now. Something can be done about the current violence and discrimination against gay people in Russia.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Whhaaaaat? Nonsense, look harder.

        Just this week the Muslim President of Gambia vowed to exterminate gay people, and the left went into major action, including a statement from John Kerry.

        And as far as I know gay organizations are the only ones who care about Iran executing teenagers who are (accused of being) gay!

        So yes, I am outraged at those too, but that does not somehow make me not notice Russia.

    • Well, maybe putting in place a law that prevents the distribution of gay propaganda is an effort to reduce the levels of violence against gays. I would think it would help.

      • Absolutely not. That is convoluted logic.

        • What’s convoluted? Lots of people are tolerant towards gays and happy to mind their own business, but they get upset with the promotion of gayness via parades, propaganda etc. and also when gays threaten traditional institutions. Often it is crossing a line that precipitates violence.

          • Threatening traditional institutions is deserving of violence? You would have been one of those defending women being beaten for asking for the vote, or equal status in marriage! last century a woman had no right to nher own children in a divorce, because she and the children were the husband’s chattel! Tradidional institutions do get changed, usually for the better.

          • Who said anything about “deserving”? I am pointing out that people may respond with violence if they feel sufficiently threatened. I do not think that we in North America are the ones to judge what is appropriate regarding social practices and institutions in Russia. It is one thing to speak out when people are in fact being tortured or seriously harmed because of the nature of the laws (e.g. outlawing homosexuality), but when another culture is not welcoming of very anti-religious practices like gay marriage, it is inappropriate for our culture to make judgements about what best serves another culture. I get the impression that at least a certain percentage of Russians are attached to the Orthodox Christian Church, much more so than we are attached to churches in Canada, so that our judgements about how tolerant they should be regarding homosexuality is both inappropriate and unwelcome. You may think traditional institutions get changed (usually) for the better, but many would disagree.

          • You may think you make since, but many would disagree

          • Perhaps not as many as you might think.

          • But far less than you think

          • Appeal to popularity is pathetic, especially when your demographic is comprised of the slack-jawed and angry.

          • “Yeah I punched her. She was asking for it.”

            – Rose215 “logic.”

          • No one is defending violence against gays — just indicating that it is important to be cognizant of cultural norms as you press for change. There is such a thing as pushing too hard on something before people are ready for your mssg.

          • Pushing to hard like you are with your bunk for example

          • “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence”

            1 Timothy 2:12.

            Shouldn’t you be sensitive to cultural context, lest you be attacked for disobeying scripture?

            This, in a nutshell, is what you’ve argued, with regard to the gay rights movement.

          • Ouch, that’s gotta hurt

          • “Propaganda” does not mean pamphlets, posters, commercials and campaign materials. Russia’s law against gay “propaganda” actually outlaws any discussion of gay people if that discussion could conceivably be heard, read or seen by those 17 and under – which essentially means all discussions. Even the mere acknowledgement that gay people exist can be considered propaganda.

            The law may seem innocuous and minor, but it’s meaning and direct conflict with previous laws regarding homosexuality is clearly understood by the Russian people, especially the vigilante groups which are attacking and beating gay teenagers. Contrary to your suggestion, these laws have encouraged violence. A law which forbids any mention of a group of people effectively makes them non-people, undeserving of basic respect.

            Homosexuality has not been illegal in Russia for a couple of decades. That’s not at all the same as having legal protection under the law.

          • I think that the intent of the Russian law (flawed as it might be) is to prevent some of the outrageous promotion of gayness that goes on in North America — gay parades, gay marriage etc. . . . and have you looked at some of the stuff that’s getting inserted into school curriculum these days?

            I do not support the violence against gays.

          • But you advocate lunacy like this

            “Well, maybe putting in place a law that prevents the distribution of gay propaganda is an effort to reduce the levels of violence against gays. ”

            Love the straw me. You put up. Have you ever been to a gay wedding and a gay parade would probably do you some good.

            Stuff in the curriculum? As opposed to the two tier discriminatory religious state you’d want?

      • Thankfully no one takes you seriously

        • FO FAKE!

          • Give me back my disqus account!

  3. It appears that it’s russian sociaty is homophobic, which means any politician pro-gay would be pretty much doomed. How do you deal with this situation, you can’t shove gay acceptance down their throats if they do not want it. But if you do care so much why not open borders for them and take them all in?

    • I have written a letter already asking we openly grant asylum to gay peoplefrom Russia, Nigeria, Uganda, and Gambia (where the lovely President just vowed to exterminate them).

      RE: “you can’t shove gay acceptance down their throats if they do not want it. ”
      Yes, you can. And what’s with everbody EXCEPT gay people being OBSESSED with things being shoved down their throats?

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        • This comment was deleted.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I thought you already did

          • This comment was deleted.

          • Please don’t give my dad any ideas. Please.

          • True, his marriage to the cat was short lived

          • Please don’t give my dad any ideas. Please

      • Of course you can – like the homosexual clubs forced on the Ontario schools, a.k.a. Gay-Straight Alliances, or the naked exhibitionists at the Toronto gay parade. But that doesn’t make you more likeable or accepted.

        • You seem to think being a cantankerous old fart with latent gay issues makes you likeable.

    • you can’t shove gay acceptance down their throats if they do not want it. Why not? It’s been forced down our throats for years here and we have to like it.

      • we don’t havew to like it, some of us still have morals..

        • You’re right I was trying to say that we who find homosexuality abhorrent are being forced to publically accept what two percent of the population want us to agree to. To disagree with their lifestyle we are automatically called haters and homophobic.

        • Well morals doesn’t describe what you have.

    • I agree with this. The North American protestors (and gay flag wavers) are completely insensitive to cultural context. In Canada, the gay human rights agenda is offensive to many Christians, so the Christians have been effectively silenced. Nevertheless, topics such as gay marriage remain controversial. In an international context, I think one must respect the cultural reality, and not use what is supposed to be a sporting event to promote a political agenda.

      • The people waving the gay flags were RUSSIANS who are beaten and arrested and raped in thier own country, asking for help!

        Also: Christians have NOT been silenced here, stop with that lie, it has just been made difficult to openly discriminate against a minority in the public sphere. Boo hoo!

        • Are you kidding me? . . . with Catholic schools being forced to have support clubs for gays . . . being forced to allow gay partners to attend their prom . . . being forced to rent a church hall to gays when many other facilities are available. People with religious beliefs that homosexuality is a sin are nevertheless forced to perform marriages if they are a justice of the peace, even when other JoP’s are available (the alternative being to lose your job!) The operant word here is FORCED. Quite clearly someone has decided that with respect to the Charter, rights regarding sexuality trump religious rights.

          • Oh the humanity!

            What will Christians in the west do with their first world problems?

          • Poke a bully, reveal a victim. Exhibit A.

          • Good boy!

          • Oh poor baby, whining that someone can’t be a bigot in a public job.

            How is life in the 18th century?

          • “Bigot” is a completely inappropriate term to describe someone who objects to gay marriage on religious grounds. There is considerable intolerance among gays and many on the left for religious views. That would be a better example of bigotry.

          • No bigot perfectly describes you.

            Lunatic too

          • : a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)


            Sorry Rose215 but you can be a bigot and religious. That being said being religious does not make one a bigot.

            Your hate and ignorance makes you one

          • Of course a person can be a bigot and religious — but to determine that a religious person is a bigot because they object to gay marriage (or other aspects of the gay agenda) is not necessarily bigotry.

            Regarding your other point, you have never met me, so how can you possibly assume that I am motivated by any sort of hate? That would be evidence of ignorance on your part.

          • Not really, your posting history is full on bigotry and hate. Empirical observation

          • That’s asinine. I don’t even hate anybody. You clearly have trouble handling opinions that differ from your own.

          • That’s ironic. You have a posting history of intolerance in which you cower behind religion.

          • Having a different perspective from that of gay activists is not the same as being intolerant. Tolerance is a two-way street. My position is that the views of religious individuals who see homosexuality as a sin should not result in those people being deomonized and ridiculed. Nor should they have to do things that transgress their beliefs in the name of “tolerance” Tolerance is compromise in many cases.

          • Well we live in a secular society and if you start pushing those views onto coworkers and customers than you’re being a bigot.

            Do you think you should be able to use racial epithets at work because they’re in the bible too?

            You’re logic and reasoning is bizarre. Historians could study you for pre enlightenment worldviews

          • I am not “pushing” my views onto anybody. (In contrast to the situation in those Catholic schools where they are forced to have those gay/straight clubs despite it being a violation of their religious beliefs.) I am simply expressing my view that I do think the rights of religious people to adhere to their religious beliefs are being violated in some examples as stated above.

          • Bollocks, you’ve posted repeatedly about this, argued some truly backwards positions and advocated grandfathering discrimination using logic that could be used to apologize for anything.

            And yeah you have a right to say what you want and I have a right to retort your bigoted views

          • Give it a rest. You’ve been busted repeatedly for advocating discrimination and cowardly hiding behind religion.

            Christianity deserves bett than this from you

          • Bollocks your pushing them here.

            Quit hiding behind religion. Not many Christians advocate the insanity and violence you do

          • You will not find a single post from me advocating violence against anyone. My views on gay marriage are shared by many, but I guess we’re all insane. LOL.

          • No just you and besides the advocating violence you’ve suggested basically that gay people keep a low profile to avoid violence.

            Hmm… I guess there’s a different definition in the 16th century

          • Some Christian you are…

            “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” 1 Timothy 2:12

          • Kaboom!

          • Are you the pope? The bishop of Canterbury? What church are you the head of?

            Oh right none. So stop hiding behind religion

          • Oh please. That’s just ridiculous. You’re using religion as a shield for your dark views.

            Christianity deserves better than that

          • So thinking that marriage should be about procreation is a “dark view” I thought that was a deeply held spiritual belief, common in many cultures.

          • No but your bizarre ideas you’ve expressed here do. Quit trying to change the goalposts. You’re the one that advocated violence

          • You post views that aren’t part of any church. They’re discrimination plain and simple

          • Re rose215

            Are you the pope? The bishop of Canterbury? What church are you the head of?

            Oh right none. So stop hiding behind religion

          • Ironic you are posting about religion under a stolen name Hypocrite Coward!

          • Give me back my disqus account imposter hypocrite!

          • Better than a stolen account THIEF!

          • You should really give that disqus account back to the real Brian Mouland

          • a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group

            No that still describes your bigotry perfectly. You refuse to accept the members of a particular group. You know that two men getting married won’t change your everyday life (unless you are one of said men) and no one can bring their religious bias and beliefs into a public job. That includes all of them

            Going to church doesn’t make you any more christian than standing in a garage makes you a car

          • I do not refuse to accept members of a particular group. I do see gay marriage as problematical as it will profoundly change the nature of society and I think eventually destroy the family unit as a building block for future generations. Ultimately that changes everyone’s life.

            I agree that it is not the “going to church” that makes a person Christian.

          • Well that’s fine and dandy and old news.

            People have been declaring the end of the world since the beginning. So far Zeus, God , Baal and Haile Selassie have not smiled anything.

            The thing is you advocate going beyond voicing a disagreement and advocate some pretty horrid and unchristian beliefs.

            The venom you put forth is yours alone

          • JoP is a legal and judicial position which by definition must uphold and honour the laws of this country. An individual with firm religious beliefs which conflict with some or all of our laws should not accept the position. (Similarly, someone who disagrees with the canonical laws of the Church, should not seek to become a priest.)

          • We are not talking about their “accepting” the position — we are talking about people not getting fired from jobs that they held for many years. People should not be out of a job because laws have been changed which violate their religious beliefs. I would have thought a “grandfathering” arrangement would be a decent compromise.

          • No one is going to grandfather discrimination.

            Under your logic slave owners should have been grandfathered to retain their slaves.

            Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

            If you don’t mind I won’t join you in medieval europe

          • Your slave analogy does not work here. No religion promoted keeping people in slavery. It was Christians who worked hardest to get rid of slavery.

            The issue is around the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. People do have freedom of religion and in the case of JoP’s it is being denied to those who see gay marriage as a sin. They are nevertheless forced to participate. So we seem to have a situation where gay rights trump religious rights. Why is that? Who decided that? Is there no compromise?

          • No it works perfectly. You advocate grandfathering discrimination. Back then you would have advocated grandfathering slavery.

            This isn’t about the veil of religion you hide behind but the hateful views you express

            Once again if you work a public secular job like a justice of the peace you cannot discriminate based on your religious views. There is no need to compromised on your perceived right to discriminate. If you want to impose those views get a job with the church. If your job is a public job where you deal with a varied society with differing views, don’t think you have a right to deprive others.

            Seriously, your reasoning makes no sense. Who could get away with imposing discrimination at their job like you advocate.

            Maybe the 16th century is more your pace

          • Why don’t you just say it — gay rights trump religious rights — toss the Charter, but you cannot blame people who are religious for being somewhat offended that this has happened. Their rights and beliefs have been ignored. .

          • No discrimination trumps religious rights. Sorry but you can’t live your life discriminating against others.

            I don’t subscribe to your nonsense so that charter stuff is irrelevant to this discussion. But it seems that you’ve been called a bigot before. And subtly advocated violence.

            Do you think that’s a right denied? Or would you rather the gay community just kept it to themselves or joined the priesthood like the olden days?

            How do you get internet in the 16th century?

        • Yes, the Christians are silenced. Ever heard of Bill Whatcott and Charles McVety?

          • Yeah both are nutters and Whatcott is in denial

          • Please, Mcvety refused to honour a code of conduct he agreed to. He’s not silenced he just lost his tv show for not honouring an agreement.

            Whatcott, well there’s a who can of worms and latent issues that’s it’s own topic. His “free speech” regularity borders on harassment. As far as I know freedom to be a dick isn’t a right.

            Not even in America. They’d shoot you there

      • Excellent point.

        • What pithy commentary

      • If you were truly a Christian, you’d silence yourself:

        “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence” 1 Timothy 2:12

      • The bigotry of the left is on display every day. The constant undermining of Christian practice and belief, the routine attacks on open debate (“the issue is settled!”), the demonization of opposing points of view, the normalization of aberrant behaviour, and on and on. One example? Why is it that failing to endorse homosexuality, not merely condone it, is enough to earn one the sobriquet of “homophobe”?

        • This is just ridiculous hyperbole.

          There’s a difference between having an opinion and being an inflammatory douche. Douches use canned talking points like you.

        • Uh your disqus history reads like the rambling of a crazy man. With the amount of crap you’ve posted it’s safe to say you haven’t been silenced.

          Someone’s you need to keep an idiot around for reference.

          You’ll do well

        • Did you even read the comments on this page before you posted? Blog wrath, Glenfilthie and rose215 have advocated some pretty horrid things.

          Or are you merely a drive by troll?

        • If someone wants religion that’s fine with me – I support your right to enjoy it. However I would appreciate it if you could show some more respect for people who don’t want to participate in your faith, fulfillment or destination.

    • They do not fear the queers the detest them like most people on the planet.

  4. I’m so glad that none of that stuff ever happened in the civilized
    world … that indigenous nations weren’t pushed off their lands and
    decimated by war, disease and manipulation. I’m also glad that within
    a few miles of where I live two gay guys weren’t knifed .. one killed,one
    paralyzed … over the past couple of months. In the immortal words of
    of the great Cream .. “I’m so glad”.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. And yes, we must work for gay equal rights and protection everywhere, including at home.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • This comment was deleted.

          • Comment under your real name not mine, Mr. No Balls

          • Stop using my name! Maggot!

          • Your name is fake lying child molesting scum

          • No it’s Brian Mouland, why are you using my disqus account?

          • I am the real Brian Mouland, not this clown. As you can see from my tweets I’ve had problems. Give me back my disqus!


      • They have the same rights as everybody. This “special rights” crusade by special interest groups must come to an end.
        I thought the constitution was about EQUALITY, not an Orwellian “more equal” idiocracy…….

        • Well you’re an idiot

        • If by “they” you mean gay people, in Canada gay people now have essentially all the same rights as every other Canadian. (Meaning they are legally protected from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.)

          Gay people sought EQUAL rights for all Canadians. There were “special rights” but they were held by hetrosexual Canadians who had legal rights, preferential taxation, and employment benefits which were not available to Canadians who happened to be gay.

          What you find objectionable is actually not special rights for minorities, but the loss of rights which were once only available to your demographic groups.

          • Bingo! Bang on. You get honorary Brian Mouland status. Which is a good thing because we all rule.

    • Please refer us to any peoples anywhere at any time that have not either been displaced or have displaced others.
      This is the way of man since they crawled from the oceans.

      • Oh doowleb. Never pass up the chance to do the wrong thing

  5. Colby Cosh, I normally love much of your writing but this article is a mess… and so wrong-headed.

    1) Things are better because homosexuality used to be illegal and now it isn’t. Not necessarily true. Look at Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in the U.S. military, where life got so much worse for gay soldiers than when it was forbidden outright. There is a strange value (and ability to hide) in being outside the law and scrutiny. The law DOES effectively criminalize homosxuality…. it reminds me of the Nuremberg Laws in Germany: just as it became illegal to do business with or marry a Jew, Russia is going down the same path. if it is illegal to publicly SAY you are gay, if it is illegal for straight people to even SAY gay people are equal, if you can not be hired if you are gay and if newspapers can not objectively report on your firing (a publication was fined reporting on a teacher being fired for being gay), or if the Duma passes the proposed bill to remove Russian gay parents’ OWN children from them, then yes, homosexuality *is* effectively illegal

    2) The government and the church have given permission for Neo-Nazi gangs to round up, kidnap, rape and torture gay people, and post the results on social media. No arrests have been made for rape and torture, but 10 gay activists were arrested for flags.

    3) Your implicit argument that it’s better than others have it, and therefore it’s good, is an AWFUL argument. It reminds me of the arguments I used to hear Canadians make in the 80’s in FAVOUR of apartheid in South Africa: “They have it so good! Look at the Zambians or Ugandans!” Putin made a variation of this terrible argument by saying Russia is better than some U.S. States (it isn’t) or Nigeria or Uganda (it is). This is what I call the “Sh** is better than diarrhea” argument. Guess what? You are admitting you are still sh**.

    • “The law DOES effectively criminalize homosxuality…. it reminds me of the Nuremberg Laws in Germany.”

      *Price is Right losing sound*

    • Great job. Nothing matches the magnitude of the homosexual lobby’s lies.

      • Except for your load of bollocks

  6. In the context of holding the Olympics, trotting out stuff from the 19th centurey is pretty thin, even for Colby. We shouldn’t downplay these events and be aware of their present day repercussions, but comparing it to arguments about whether a country should be able to host present day sporting events is absurd.

  7. I did not know that Russian homosexuals could adopt children. I thought that was one of the major issues.

    • It is illegal for foreign gay couples, or single people from countries which allow gay marriage, to adopt Russian children.

      Proposed legislation would remove children from Russian gay parents, regardless of whether they are single parents, a gay couple, or the natural birth mother or father.

      • And what’s wrong with that?

        • When did you stop beating your wife?

          • When did you stop doing your ten year old sister?

          • You are really preoccupied with that judging from your comments

          • What is your name COWARD?

          • Brian Mouland. What’s yours?

          • You’re all IMPOSTERS!

          • Screw Spartacus. I AM BRIAN MOULAND!!!

          • I AM BRIAN MOULAND!

          • Ladies… I’m Brian Mouland

          • I AM BRIAN MOULAND!

          • I AM BRIAN MOULAND!

          • Hilarious.

          • Some NDP MAGGOT hacked my disqus! Ignore him

  8. Where is it any of our business ? Their country….their morality…,their rules. If you dont like it then dont go there. See how simple this is ?

    • And yet they keep finding you in bathhouses. Why?

    • That would have worked so well in ww2 genius

  9. And the idiots hoisting the Gay Pride flag at city hall and at provincial legislatures have just made themselves look silly. No policy, no impact and today there are no Ukrainian flags flying to protest the riots.

    • Geez Bono, it looks like a cause for you to get the band together

    • Sask Legislature has raised the Ukranian flag in support of Euromaidan. I know, I know. Facts are hard.

      • Well U2 isn’t the band they used to be

  10. There’s a lot of sickening gay hate in this thread. See what you’ve unleashed, Cosh?!?!?!?

    • Nice to see a part of the immoral crowd here, you.

      • Well unlike you some of us need more than masturbation.

    • Then limit your reading to the homosexual press.

      • And read your love poems? Hardly

  11. This is just sign of what is now acceptable – if I was really interested in social justice I think I would be a little more concerned about the conscription laws in Russian that target way more people than this legislation does. However the impact of the conscription laws is more on poor Russians who are not ‘the elite and students’ and therefore, not the beautiful and creative people, but are ‘others” (who are not like us) and so we don’t have to be concerned about them.

    • Nice of you to concern yourself with Russian conscription laws, but really, with due respect, is it any of your business?

      • Then it is none of our concern about any other laws including those discussed in this article! Or are you one of those individuals who feel that you get to define what will or will not be discussed?

        • You seem to be one of those individuals who feel that you get to define what will or will not be discussed

  12. I posted an url on here yesterday about the public whipping of the female rock group……… P Riot…which I also unfortunately spelled out in full and the post vanished. LOL

    However you can google the youtube on it and understand the outrage.

    • P Riot……..that sounds wet.

  13. The extreme dedication and accomplishments of our athletes should not be overshadowed by the agenda of a small margin of the population. Arguably every Olympic Games had its strifes based on objection to some policy or other held by the hosting nation. This is neither the time nor the place to be spreading lies and misinformation in the interest of furthering your cause; let the athletes have their glory and be proud of your country. The gay pride flag should not be flying in our nation’s cities–only the maple leaf. If you want to replace that with something, how about one for the National Council for Sport. That deserves a lot more support and is more essential to the balance of our society than gay rights.

    • You said it, man.

      • Woman. :)

        • Sorry, madam.

          • Manwoman!

    • Okay Rob Ford. How about we put a flag with your face up for world imbecile day?

      • Quit using my name FAKE

        • Give me back my disqus account. I am the real Brian Mouland!

    • Thoe Olympics are essential to the balance of our society? Jeez that’s stupid and crazy

  14. Really, why does just about anyone feel this urge to stick his nose into politics in Russia? Russia is a sovereign country with democratically elected government and it doesn’t anybody for an opinion; and rightly so. Let’s keep our own noses clean.

    • Okay concern troll

  15. LOL. The lefties have become so mentally and morally bankrupt that not even their communist cousins can stand them!
    It would be a shame for our athletes if we were to allow some politically correct idiots hijack the Olympics. Fact is that if the Olympics is going to be about gays rather than sport – I won’t support them either.

    • I suggest contacting mental health

      • FO FAKE!

        • You really should give me my disqus account back. You are not me

    • Found on disqus

      Glenfilthie said “Later I had a meeting with their senior engineers to discuss it – and was faced with a team of pakies, blacks, and chinamen…some of whom couldn’t even speak English. ”

      My aren’t we the nasty bigot. Overcompensating for penis size?

  16. I am still told daily that Russia has ‘banned” gays and that gays are murdered daily by official police forces. What utter crap! If you want to be beaten by gangs for being gay – or merely for being a lone man out for a walk at night – come to Vancouver.

    • Exaggerate much? There’s no deluge of men being beaten in vancouver. If you want I can take a picture from the street. Unless you aren’t afraid to go outside yourself.

    • It’s largely just an anti-Putin propaganda mixed with a blatant hypocrisy.

      • Are you a Putin Supporter?

  17. Wow! Homo propagandists are lying? I’m shocked! Shocked I say!

    • Those god damned Homo sapiens!

  18. WORLD WAR G!
    As Steve Sailer might say.

  19. So, rating movies in order to restrict sexual context from reaching minors is OK.
    and restricting dissemination of homosexual context among minors is not OK…
    Well, I don’t see any problem with Putin’ stance.
    When kids grow up and develop into whatever they are, they will be free to choose their way, but please, leave kids alone.

    • What the hell are you talking about? Leave the kids alone? Give your head a shake. If it falls off kick it

    • Good point. The whole ‘affair’ had, in my opinion, little to do with gay rights and a lot to do with Putin and Russia bashing in a good ol’ cold war tradition. The west has shamefully orchestrated number of ‘crises’ in order to minimize the potential success of these Olympic games. I think the ill wishers got their arses kicked.

      • A Canadian Putin supporter. Something I thought I’d never see

  20. George Takei (whose posting of the ignored-until-now Venezuela story already has over 17,000 “shares”) is becoming quite the anti-socialist without, I think, formally realizing it. — Putin’s virtually sole mistake of his neo-Soviet reign has been to alienate the GLBT community, who were, as recently as the Bush administration, formerly staunch useful-idiots reliably common-causing other leftist initiatives.

    Along with Hugo Chavez’ machismo-fueled anti-gay pogroms and Iranian dictator-hugging, the Soviet-orchestrated Left has thus thrown away one of its core agitprop groups — and with the Islamic world the way it has always been, I can easily envision GLBTs swiftly becoming, ironically, a force for preserving Western traditions of liberty. No longer will the toothless initiatives of neutered American Bible-thumpers distract them from horrors going on elsewhere in the world.

    • Wow how original, you cut and paste someone else’s Facebook comment. You should get tips from Brian Mouland

      • You’re not Don, you don’t live in Swift Current and you would be better off dead

        • Sure Burger King. Are you the real Brian Mouland? Word is the disqus account got hacked

        • Hey Brian, what’s that story about when you got naked and rambunctious at Humptys?

  21. The Olympics had become a tired tool of the ‘cold war’ until it was co-opted by big Media and big Money. It is just entertainment with lots of exciting extreme sporting events to titillate the viewer. The media manages to maintain the cold war essential element ‘mine is bigger than yours’ as a value to maintain the flow of tax dollars and celebrate sports’ celebrities. It is a little tiresome for me, but most people seem to love it. Bootin’ Putin is just a bi-play which is also popular with the Media.

    • Well said. I totally agree.

  22. How many people here, screeching about a gay agenda being “forced down their throats” [seriously?], are otherwise rabid free speechers when it comes to Ezra Levant and Free Dominion?

    • Ha all of them

      • Check out there disqus accounts. Blazingcatfur and lots of racist tidbits.

  23. “I am not “pushing” my views onto anybody.”
    Nonsense, you’ve been pushing your views throughout this thread

  24. I guess the next thing for the author of this piece will be to wait for the mail to deliver a check from Moscow

  25. Good, balanced article. These Olympic games are turning out to be an undisputed success, to much displeasure of rabid critics of Putin and Russia. Politics of cold war are alive and well to shameless western politicians and unfortunately to most of western media as well. They have shown total disrespect for the athletes, the thousands of workers and volunteers and for millions of Russian people who feel proud to have been able to stage this monumental event. Shame on them all!

    • Yup,concern troll

  26. All this is besides the point. I *want* to feel outraged. Therefore I am outraged. Bow before my righteous anger, you plebes.