Man’s encounter with Albertan black bear goes viral

“Your life was basically a coin flip; rejoice and give thanks”

Bear Alberta

via YouTube

Of course it went viral. Bruce Allan endured an extended encounter with a black bear on the Matcheetawin Discovery Trails near Fort McMurray, Alta. And he caught the whole thing on video. Allan and a fellow trailblazer remained relatively calm as the bear stalked them. They encouraged the fairly small beast, which appeared to be a cub, to please walk in a different direction. Eventually, the bear grew preoccupied with climbing small trees and gave up its slow pursuit. Allan and his counterpart turned tail and sprinted to their waiting vehicle in a nearby lot.

YouTube commenters are famously unthoughtful, and rarely a source of wisdom. But the most-liked comment this morning captured the moment:  “Your life was basically a coin flip; rejoice and give thanks.”

A brief warning: The video features occasional offensive language.


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Man’s encounter with Albertan black bear goes viral

  1. A curious half-grown bear….?

    Oooh tough guys in Fort Mac I see.

      • Hokum stories always scare you eh?

        • “Hookum stories???” Are you denying that a woman was killed by a bear at a Syncrude base in Fort McMurray? My gawd, you are a reality-denier…how completely bizarre!!

          • Breathe in, breathe out…..try to focus on what the story actually is and not your partisan hysteria.

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fatal_bear_attacks_in_North_America

            “Partisan hysteria??” Really? Give it a rest! No political party would touch you with a ten-foot pole if it means that the membership have to face down a bear in the wilderness to prove to you they aren’t “wusses”. Hey, I have an idea. We will stable a beef steak to your butt and smear some peanut butter over the rest of your sorry hide and set you loose in the bush around Fort Mac. You seem brave but stupid. Let’s see just how hungry those bears are.

          • You are poor imitation of Bram, Hmmm….and he’s just a poor imitation. LOL

  2. It’s rumoured those guys were wusses from Ontario. Heard they were so scared they left all their belongings and fled back east.

      • Polars bears in Mississauga? Don’t think so, Lady from Our Favourite Have Not Province.

        • Ummm Mississauga is in southern Ontario….Polar bears are in northern Ontario.

          You’re another one who needs to get out more.

          • Hey Emily, you want Alberta to squirt you Ontarians another few billion dollars in equalization? We’re happy to help you know.

          • What idiot put a kid in a pool with a polar bear? I cannot believe that you are bragging about it! Well…then again maybe I can believe that of you….If it didn’t escape your notice, that polar bear is in a zoo of some kind….the only wild polar bears outside of the north are in Churchill, Manitoba during the thaw.

    • Fled back east lol That’s my dad he lives in Alberta. Good rumor though I guess. And not sure what makes them wusses. Put your self in their shoes and see how tough you are Mr tough being a computer screen

      • They’re not wusses, I know that. I was just teasing Emily because Ontario IS full of wusses.

    • I know ya all are bitter about living in the backwoods and all, but don’t try your silliness on me.

      Ontario supplies 40% of Canada’s GDP….Alberta 16%.

      • We know you have difficulties with the per capita mathematics but really must you display your ignorance for all to see.

        • Take yer meds, and off to bed with you.

          • No meds for me but I DO have a calculator. I can do per capita mathematics calculations.

        • You CAN? Well isn’t that amazing! You’re SUCH a good boy then.

          So brush your teeth, and off you go.

          PS When you finally figure out what you’re talking about….DON’T bother telling us.

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