Can Canada avoid another recession? -

Can Canada avoid another recession?


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Can Canada avoid another recession?

  1. We are in recession now…it’s already to late.

    • Use spell-check.

  2. Where’s “We could have, but we elected a majority government”?

    • Rubbish!

  3. The entire world is going to be in a recession.  Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute who has accurately called every economic phenomena since 1980, is calling it “The Greatest Depression”.  The good news – he believes the Canada and New Zealand will whether the storm better than any other developed nation.

  4. What recession? Is this another trick question?  Restaurants are still full and triving with customers, people are buying all the technology that they can get their hands on where price is no object. People pay double the price for Apple products and dont bat an eye, take expensive trips, buy large houses and large and expensive gas guzzling cars. If we are living in a recession, we must be either be schizophrenic or totally insane.  In a recession, people start saving and changing their “we are consuming ourselves to death” behaviour and they buy smaller and more gas efficient cars, live in smaller houses instead of palaces and large condos and they even “shudder” start eating at home.