Can the federal Liberals remain relevant?


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Can the federal Liberals remain relevant?

  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder and yet the mob worships them.

  2. They are the worst party that has ever ruled Ontario, they have wasted money on e-healt, Orange, the wind turbines, people have lost there health there homes , no rights, the liberals are dictators. Nothing ever sticks with them McGuinty is like bacon grease,nothing ever sticks with him. Not to mention to the two gas plants they cancelled which the tax payers with have to pay for. You call this a good Party. Also what about all the money the liberal government is making off the wind turbine contracts.

    • Unfortunately the rest of us know too many people like you who can’t tell the difference between federal and provincial politics. I guess this is why Ontario always has the opposite party in power in the two areas.

  3. It is interesting how poll voting is split. Basically, there are three “No” options and one “Yes”. Looking at results, one could presume that most poll-voters think the Liberal Party can remain relevant but in fact, as it stands now, the combined opposition to that opinion is in the lead (with 50.56%). Well played, Macleans.

  4. It would have been interesting to see this same poll regarding the NDP, two years ago and relate it to today’s numbers.

  5. Well played indeed – what a scam of a poll. What school of business – statistics did your statician attend. OH, right it must have been the new Carleton School of Political Science, you know the one that has all Conservatives making curriculum and hiring decisions.

  6. Since the federal Conservatives stopped being Progressive, if you’re not extreme, who ya gonna call?

  7. No new ideas. Same old and tired faceS who contrOl everything. They need to disband and star again if they can find a niche. However don’t think the oligarchs will give up control.

  8. I can’t stand Harper and Mulclair is too extreme for me. Fiscally conservative and socially liberal people are quite plentiful in Canada. The Libs have a real opportunity to come back strong. Think the last message is to the point.

  9. I believe that for the next decade or so, the liberal party should embrace its status as the third party and maneuver so that the the Tories and the NDP are evenly balanced. As long as neither gets a majority, the Liberals can ask for, and get, many of their policies implemended.

  10. blah blah blah, quit your whining, the liberals have made themselves irrelevant…they deserve what happened to them, they got cocky, and lost sight of what our country needs….unfortunately harpy and crew is destroying whats left…..

  11. Yes, the liberals CAN become relevant again.. if they would stop electing fools as leaders and get down to busienss. They need a strong leader, no nonsence kind of person who will forge them ahead despite themselves. someone like Elliot Trudeau.. could his son do it? I don’t know!
    But there are hardline Liberals like me still out here, but voting conservative because the Liberals became wimps.. so get busy!

  12. It is not time that they need, but grounding and ideas. Since Martin, every leader has really needed to build a workable, coherent raison d’etre. Instead, they focused on winning the next election.

    The only person I have heard espouse an interesting vision for the Liberals was Andrew Coyne (gasp, liberalism!). Unfortunately, I don’t see his sister listening.

    • She’s his cousin not his sister.

  13. Remember the what happened to the Conservatives after Mulroney…..Liberals will be back and stronger than ever. Besides Harper is starting to sow his true colours and intentions and they are not the Canadian way

  14. well, just a few years ago – didn’t Harper gain in his party by bringing in the one only Conservative member left Joe Clark to gain seats under the Reform wave and thus save Conservatives a death?
    If the Liberals just get one strong leader…..never mind a sneaky one like Harper – it certainly can be done. They’ve had some decent men in their ranks but never gave them a chance.
    Maybe the should ask Ralph Goodall….experience no end……and a nice guy
    I think there is a strong base for liberalism but people of Canada are so shallow never mind apathetic about honouring their right to vote – they don’t have the guts to stand for a member never mind a party as they are discouraged by the countless polls and attack ads.
    I remind and often everyone I meet how important it is to vote, even if you go in and spoil a ballot……you exercise your right……..and women in this country who where not even considered people for the first part of the 19th century gained a right to vote. Let’s note that and get out to vote next time – for the person you believe is the best to represent your constituency and fight for your rights and honor the system – not be dictated to by it’s leader. everyone has a mind and should exercise it.

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