Can the new Parliament be more civil? -

Can the new Parliament be more civil?


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Can the new Parliament be more civil?

  1. E. The Cons are a collection of professional sociopaths who wouldn’t know civility if it kicked them in the face, so no.

    • Your comment is an excellent example of the kind of incivility that causes the problem in the first place.  Your intolerance is despicable.  No wonder the Left is declining in power.

      • No, the left is NOT “declining in power”, rather we are regrouping and we will be back with a vengence! The only difference between you and us is that you have the money and power and we have Brigette DePape!!!

        • Sorry, you are declining in power.

        • brigette depape should be in jail

  2. Harper will use his majority to dismiss, discount and bully his neo-liberal ideology through. And when anyone, within parliament or not, disagrees with him, he will use all means necassary to lable THEM uncivil. It’s like an alcoholic abusing their spouse. When the spouse sets a boundary, the alcoholic blames the spouse for the abuse. ‘It’s not me! YOUR the one with the problem.’ Only when the spouse chooses to leave the relationship will they find peace and health. As a former Conservative voter in my 30’s, I have chosen the latter. Go Brigette! 

    • Yeah, that is an exact analogy – NOT.

  3. A rather poor set of choices in this ‘survey’. The first two blame the opposition (the guys who got 60% of the vote) and there is no option such as: No the Conservatives are incapable of polite behavior. That shows my bias but the criticism stands … not a covering set of options by any means.

  4. Harper will succeed as long as he is careful to make sure the Liberals and NDP continue to hate each other more than they dislike losing to him. A complete reversal of the situation twenty years ago when the Reform and Progressive Conservatives had a mutual hate going on. Crouton rode that hobby-horse to victory many times and then he got to pre-disembowel Martin just before retirement.

    I will never vote again in Canada. Time to stop caring because civilization in Canada is over.

    • Awesome. One less idiot going to the polls. 

  5. So far 78% of the people think either YES or they don`t care. 22% only said NO… The question itself is kind of tricky. I wonder the answers if the question was a little different: WILL the parliament be more civil…Well I hope not, but I fear that the NPD has not done breaking his voice while the Conservatives are confortable in their rocking chair…

    Anyway, essentially, is it a lack of faith towards the opposition or a lot of faith for the goverment?

    The question is really, really tricky. In a bad way.

  6. What kind of ridiculous poll is this? Written by a Conservative no doubt.

    How about this for an option.

    Conservatives continue to be degrading and speak of the average Canadians in base terms. The continue to hold the Canadian public in contempt and the other parties now have their hands tied and can do little to stop them while they rape and cheat this country of their hard earned money.
    Civility. Don’t make me laugh. They are more Crass than Class especially Baird.

    That would be closer to the truth…something Conservatives have no regard for.