Canada loses 54,500 jobs in March, unemployment rises to 7.2 per cent -

Canada loses 54,500 jobs in March, unemployment rises to 7.2 per cent


OTTAWA – Statistics Canada says 54,500 jobs disappeared from the economy in March and the unemployment rate climbed two-tenths of a point to 7.2 per cent.

The surprisingly weak employment report took back all of the gains of February and then some, leaving job creation in Canada in negative territory for the first three months of the year.

Economists had expected a modest 6,500 pick-up during the month, anticipating that February’s large gain could not be sustained. But few saw the cut in the labour market would run so deep.

To make matters worse, all the pay-back was in the full-time category, and in the economically significant private sector, the losses were mammoth — 85,400 workers joining the ranks of the unemployed.

The only gain was in the less desirable self-employment category, where almost 39,000 Canadians created their own employment, likely an indication many could not find permanent work.

The agency says that over the past year, only 111,000 private-sector jobs have been created.

Regionally, employment fell in six of the 10 provinces, with Ontario and Quebec leading that way, each shedding about 17,000 workers.

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Canada loses 54,500 jobs in March, unemployment rises to 7.2 per cent

  1. Canada’s Economic Action Plan at work…

    • Where is the argument?

  2. Quebec and Ontario lost 17,000 jobs each, two have not provinces who have both suffered under provincial Liberal mismanagement, Quebec now with a PQ minority in power, not an improvement and Ontario looking at an election, the new premier just having caved into the teachers union.

    What a mess.

    • Let us therefore exterminate the inferior ruling class and its hangers on.
      Let us therefore exterminate the evil elites of the eastern establishment.
      Let us therefore exterminate political and economic irrationalism in Canada.
      God bless the superior ruling class of the Western People.
      And God bless Billy Bob.

  3. And yet we still need to cram the job market by bringing in 200-300 thousand new immigrants every year, rain or shine?? Never mind that standard propaganda about “the best and the brightest”, that would mean a few dozen people a year, not hundreds of thousands. You might want to e-mail your MP and inform the idiot that you don’t appreciate the harm that comes to Canadian workers in all job categories as a result of mass immigration. Feel free to remind the idiot that their responsibility is to the Canadian people, not to foreign embassies and front organizations that pay nice bribes to keep mass immigration going, whether we need it or not.

    • Obviously your anti-immigration policy requires at least one rational political and economic argument.