Canada Post denies report that mail delivery could be cut


OTTAWA – Canada Post is denying a media report that it’s considering cutting its delivery schedule from the current five days a week.

The Crown corporation says it continues to look at ways to save money as the mail delivery business declines.

It’s been talking with union officials about closing some postal outlets and cutting the number of sorting stations.

But a spokeswoman says reducing the number of days the mail is delivered is not on the table.

CTV News reported Wednesday that Canada Post was considering cutting deliveries to four, or even three days a week.

The report said the Crown agency is grappling with a $327 million operating shortfall.

But Canada Post says it’s not going to make any major changes to its operations at this time.

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Canada Post denies report that mail delivery could be cut

  1. If the Crown Corporation is “grappling with a $327 million operating shortfall”, then why did they pay out bonuses to all upper management? Do they tell you that the shortfall is caused by all the new equipment they have purchased for the “modern post”? They lie.

    • You fogot that they ,CPC did state the new system is going green. Now every letter carrier in a transformed station has a CPC vehicle. It was originally a buddy system with cabs on contract.

  2. I honestly beg to differ with this report.CPC does not discuss with anyone what thier intentions are. They have and Idea and do it.They have destoyed this once profitable Crown Corporation. Upper management is setup to cover themselves from the obvious errors they are speaking of. Not one senior MGT will hurt.But I can bet that 80% of the “Work Force” is hurting now. The other 20% is at home on disability suffering from mental and physical exhaustion.

  3. Canada Post had 16 profitable years in a row prior to these last 2 years. They, in their infinite wisdom, decided things needed to change. Then came the modern post. The waste of more than $2,000,000,000.00 to make the system fail and bring about deficits. That’s right 2 BILLION dollars wasted on some plan that could only have one thing in mind from the get-go…make the post office lose money for a reason to target another union. This is an intentional scheme by the Conservative government to destroy a union and thousand of decent paying jobs along with it. How did this clown get elected? He’s selling the country out to 3rd world countries and 3rd world wages. Letter mail is down, yes…we get that, but parcels are WAAAY up as well as admail and flyers. This is all mail according the Canada Post…except when it’s trying to paint a doom and gloom picture to accomplish the anti-union agenda.

    • What your not saying info4u is that modern post is geared to the business of today and the future, that being the parcel industry…..

  4. I’m not sure how a company pays their management bonuses when they’re losing money? This is what Canada Post did. This is a very management heavy corporation that continues to work it employees longer and harder just to support the dead weight management that it’s carrying. If Canada Post is serious about making money, then show up with the same hatchet on the management side. How many vice presidents and regional managers does this company expect to carry at the expense of it’s workers? I don’t trust the numbers they post either. We all know how numbers can be fixed to look one way or the other. When you’re spending billions on new equipment (sorting machines for mail which apparently is declining) I’d have to say someone is either intentionally running the dollars into the ground, or they’re just stupid. Either choice isn’t a good one. The Post Office has a vital purpose in this country and I’m not sure profitability is a fair request given the fact that is must serve all points of call through-out this giant country. There is no Courier company, or delivery company of any kind that would do this and expect to be profitable in all areas. It’s a vital service to rural Canada, and should be valued as such. There are about 15 million tax payers in this country and if Canada Post isn’t worth 20 bucks a year to them, then we’ve really got to re-think other less-vital areas where we waste far more than this. Canada Post has not Cost tax payers anything for the last 2 decades…UNTIL THE MODERN POST was brought in the last few years. This is FACT!

  5. Funny how they modernized a industry on it’s way out, to maximize profit when the old system generated 400 million a year and the new system shows a deficit! Sounds like good ole Canada Post smarts at the works all over again, the old system catered to everyone, ie seniors, business and the avg home owner. The new system caters to Canada Post, late Business delivery unless you are a preferred Canada post customer, less street boxes and less outlets, Shame on you Canada Post.

  6. The no brainer response IS to eliminate all door to door walking routes in favour of community mail boxes whereby less employees with vehicles will be required to effect delivery at whatever frequency is deemed appropriate. This will result in cost savings due to seasonal safety/injury issues notwithstanding the reduced workforce (reduced of course through attrition). Further this represents revenue opportunities by offering a delivery for fee service for those needing this type of service….

  7. In response to ROB. Always a fee for a public service, when the post office has traditionally been cost efficient, I’ll raise your fee for public service for a Corporation that has already delivered successfully for 16 years prior for no such fee. I understand your thought process in this but in this situation no fee is needed we had a system that worked that did not need to be modernized. This has been a waste of dollars over value for all Canadians. Now you get to look forward to a letter carrier knocking at your door at 6- 8 pm. Opposed to your mail already delivered before 4 pm. Where is the value in that service?

  8. I have a hard time being fed the line that even letter mail volumes are down. In fact I have a hard time believing anything they say. This latest leak to the public is CPC putting out feelers. Before any changes can be done by this crown corporation the laws of the country have to be changed. CPC is mandated to deliver 5 days a week. I agree threat if they wanted to change the delivery of mail in this country that they are dealing closely with a government that would be friendly to the idea that bennifits the rich and ignores the needs of the public and working class. But we should still be reminded that 5 day mail service, is their mandate. Job creation is in the governments best interest , and a profitable Canada post has payed huge dividends to this welfare of this country.

  9. Canada Post is very top heavy and its upper management needs to get a reality check. Their only cost cutting measure is to reduce CUPW jobs and somehow believe they can save money with overtime/forced overtime. They twist their loss reporting figures and their declining mail volume numbers. In the next breath, they purchase new equipment to sort these “so called” declining mail volumes. These machines were purchased from a Japanese company and Canada Post hosted these Japenese workers so that they could put together these machines. Thus, creating work for international workers and not Canadian workers. They have purchased a fleet of new vans country wide. It has been reported to the workers that they are purchasing more, even though they are pleading financial hardship to the public. Canada Post has reported that this postal transformation is at a cost of $2 billion. They did pay out bonuses to management but not to the workers in 2012. If you review Canada Posts audited statements for 2011 (2012 has not been released to the public) there was an increase in revenue over 2010 of $31 million and a loss from operations of $226 million. This loss with no question could be attributed to the cost of the postal transformation of $2 billion which they were incurring in 2011! In addition, Canada Post failed to inform the public of its pay equity law suit in excess of $150 million. Finally, Canada Post only justifies its operating loss as a result of declining mail volumes and the 2011 employee lock out initiated by Canada Post. When in fact, the numbers above speak to the real reasons for this operating loss.

  10. They only reason they are losing money is that they invested over $2B in new trucks and equipment. They have taken away the sick time which was expensive and replaced it with short term disability which will save them a ton of money, they have dropped the starting wage by about $6/hr for new starts. A dirty government pulling crown corp strings to speed up privatization and get away from serving canadians. Do you seriously think you can send something for 63 cents if this place privatizes? It will probably cost you closer to $10 to move a letter that can go across the country and to the most remote canadians for the price of a stamp. It’s like the 407…build it with tax dollars and then sell it to a private out of country company that will gouge canadians and become filthy rich at the expense of canadians. Sad the way this country is run.

  11. Some very excellent comments.
    Jack Perry for example nailed it all, most concisely.
    CP rose again to become a proud organization.
    Now on it’s way to becoming yet another Government ‘Corpse’ Corporation.

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