10-year-old Alberta boy killed in farm accident

Death of boy in forklift accident a shock to members of Alberta Hutterite colony


KILLAM, Alta. — An Alberta Hutterite colony is planning the funeral of a 10-year-old boy who was killed while driving a forklift on the weekend.

Mike Stahl says the death has been a shock to the 80 people who live on the Lougheed colony near Killam, southeast of Edmonton.

He says everyone knew his grandson, Joseph Stahl.

The boy had finished cleaning up some hog barns Saturday morning and was driving the forklift on a gravel road.

Stahl says the machine got too close to the edge, went into a ditch and pinned his grandson underneath.

RCMP have said witnesses performed first aid, but the boy had serious injuries and died at the scene.

Stahl says his grandson was familiar with the forklift and had operated it before.


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10-year-old Alberta boy killed in farm accident

  1. This is a crime. This blatant “child endangerment”. The tragedy here is a child’s death and the stupidity of the parents. The family admitted to the ongoing safety hazard of this child operating this machine. When do we stop killing our children in rural areas? Alberta is no different then any third world child exploiter.
    If you wanted to stop this , then enact laws that stop child labor.
    signed: “farmer’s son”

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