Farmer loses land battle, though military grants him one last harvest

Fighting to save his beloved farm from Canada’s elite soldiers, Frank Meyers is finally forced to surrender


Photograph by Cole Garside

In Frank Meyers’s eyes, the view from his dining room window is priceless. Literally. He can see the old wooden house where he lived as a little boy. The family barn, rebuilt with his talented hands. Rows and rows of sweet corn, sprouting from prime Ontario soil. No matter how many federal bureaucrats knocked on his door—or how much cash they offered to pay—the 85-year-old farmer refused, again and again, to sell his beloved land. As he likes to say: “You can’t eat the money.”

But as Frank Meyers learned today—in a heartbreaking moment he’d been dreading for years—you can’t stop the government, either. If the feds want your property (in his case, to build a state-of-the-art training ground for the Canadian military’s elite special forces commandos), fighting back is futile. “In other countries, they’re crushing you with bullets and guns and ammunition and tanks and explosives,” Meyers says. “Not in Canada. It’s pencil and paper here, and then they’ve got control.”

A senior military officer from CFB Trenton—joined, just in case, by members of the Ontario Provincial Police—visited the Meyers farm Tuesday morning to explain the inevitable next step. Effective immediately, for the first time in his life, Meyers has no legal right to step foot on “his” property. First thing Wednesday morning, the Department of National Defence will erect “No Trespassing” signs around the fence line, as contractors begin preliminary work on what will become the new headquarters of Joint Task Force 2. (Those “No Trespassing” signs would have gone up today, a military spokesman says, but the base is doing everything it can to be “sensitive” to Frank Meyers. “We are concerned about his emotions,” says Captain Christopher Daniel. “His condition is our top priority. We want to make sure he’s okay.”)

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Meyers, of course, will never be okay. For a man who knows every square centimetre of his farm—and the rich history that defines it—today’s news could not be more devastating. “I’m going on 86 years old, and they’re harassing a man like me?” he says. “I haven’t done anything wrong and I’m not doing anything wrong. They’re just mad at me because I didn’t roll over and say: ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes.’ ”

Since the Harper Conservatives were first elected in 2006, they have proclaimed their plans to bring a specialized army unit to CFB Trenton, the country’s largest and busiest air force base. In 2009, Ottawa revealed that the incoming unit would be none other than JTF 2, Canada’s top-secret special forces squad, currently based on the outskirts of Ottawa. The move is the highlight of a massive base expansion project that will inject millions of dollars into the local economy (not to mention hundreds of heavily trained counterterrorism troops).

But as Maclean’s first reported, the plan didn’t sit well with a few local landowners, whose properties—unbeknownst to them—had been selected for JTF 2’s new 400-hectare home. “Our world has been crushed,” one owner said at the time. “Somebody somewhere has decided they want to move JTF 2, but did they ever take into consideration what that was going to do to other people? They drew a red line around these pieces of property, and ever since then everybody in there has been screwed.”

Angry or not, the 12 landowners were left with only two real options: sell now, or be expropriated later. One by one, they agreed to sell—until there was just one holdout left: Frank Meyers.

When the government officially filed expropriation papers in February 2012, the Meyers family hired a lawyer and launched their only available appeal: an objection in front of an independent hearings officer. Their central argument was that the military had more than enough land to extend the base, and the Meyers’ 90 hectares weren’t necessary to complete the project. They also trumpeted the historical significance of the farm: the direct descendant of Capt. John Walden Meyers, a Loyalist war hero and founder of nearby Belleville, Ont., Frank Meyers farmed a portion of the very same plot of land King George III awarded to his legendary forefather for his service during the American Revolution. As Frank Meyers has said many times: “This property didn’t come from the Canadian government, it came from the British government. So if the Queen wants it, let her come and see me.”

The Harper government was unmoved. After reading the hearing officer’s report in May 2012, then-Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose declared the Meyers land “absolutely essential for the safety and security of Canada” and rubberstamped the expropriation papers. The final selling price was the only thing left to negotiate.

But in the 17 months since, Frank Meyers has refused repeated offers from the government. He did sign a licensing agreement that allowed him to continue farming the property while he removed his belongings, but when that deal expired at midnight on Monday, the government refused to extend it. Nearly seven years after his fight began—and more than two centuries after his family first moved to the farm—Meyers has no choice but to finally surrender. “Without enough public support, I don’t think there is anything more we can do,” says John Meyers, Frank’s son. “It is difficult to know that you’re losing everything you’ve got. You try to remain optimistic that things will work out, but you just don’t know.”

Technically, the Meyers are not completely banned from the farm. Not yet, at least. Col. David Lowthian, the new wing commander at CFB Trenton, has ordered his staff to be as accommodating as possible as the Meyers adjust to their new reality. For the next month, they will be allowed to enter the property during the day to continue removing their belongings (as long as they notify the base in advance), and when the corn is ready, they can also request permission to harvest their crop one final time. “Throughout the process we have remained respectful and non-confrontational with Mr. Meyers,” says Daniel, the base spokesman. “That is what we have been doing, and that’s what we’ll continue doing.”

John Meyers admits that DND has been “fair” with his family. The department of public works is completely different story, he says, as they continue to haggle over the final selling price, including moving costs. (The Meyers house, and a small piece of surrounding land, were spared from expropriation). But whatever the final result, whatever the final selling price, one thing is certain: at some point, as winter settles in, the gates will be locked for good. And the view from Frank’s front window, a source of pride for so many decades, will be a painful sight to see.

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Farmer loses land battle, though military grants him one last harvest

  1. This stinks to high heavens. Harper won’t even be around to see the completion of the base. I suspect neither will Mr. Meters.

  2. This is absolutely TERRIBLE!!!

  3. As Woody Guthrie once wrote in his ballad “Pretty Boy Floyd” …

    “As through this life you ramble
    You’ll meet some funny men
    Some will rob you with a six gun
    Some with a fountain pen
    As through this life you ramble
    As through this life you roam
    You’ll never see an outlaw
    Take a family from their home”

    • aint that the truth… sadly many Canadians do not realize that all levels of governments can ‘expropriate’ (take, divest you of, remove from your use…)your land/house/other property. This from LawNow.org: “At all levels, governments require the power to expropriate private land. Expropriation laws mediate the inevitable conflicts between private real property rights and the public need for that same land, following clear step-by-step processes.Statutory, But Not Constitutional, Protection:This government acquisition of land without the owner’s consent is not subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms simply because there is no constitutional right for Canadians to own property.”
      Wow! Guess that’s how First Nations have felt for the last 200 years too (when thrown off their lands because they turned out to be ‘useful’ or parts of lands leased out without permission or agreement to Industries for resources extraction, etc etc). Hmmm

  4. This is pathetic. This is good farmland that the government is taking away for a military base seriously there is more land that is not farmland to build this. The government says buy local, buy Canadian products and here they go taking away productive farmland that has been family owned for many years.I am sure people are thinking it is just one farm what’s the big deal well it starts with one and then becomes two so on and so forth. We are suppose to be a free country but it seems the government will strong arm you into getting what they want.

      • Anyone remains free to buy local, anyone is free to sell local, the only international restriction is that governments are not allowed to force people to buy local.

        • Can it be advertised as local ?

        • What the CETA does is prevent local governments from attaching any hire-local or buy-local provisions to government contracts awarded to foreign owned companies. It is more than a free trade agreement, it is an economic agreement : the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. Made with the EU countries. That is why our legendary safe banking and finance laws have been (and are still being) changed; to better match the European banking laws. You know, like the laws Italy, Greece and Cypress have. This is important to getting the EU to sign on. Harper’s team has been hard at this for years, especially after a British Court had thrown out the original because it violated too many of our rights and laws.
          Similar stuff under the FIPA, for example, if a Chinese company wins a government contact to be the Water Company in some “progressive” province, the local government may not attach any local hiring requirements nor buy local requirements for equipment and supplies. Even though our taxes are paying them. Same for road work, energy supply/production, military contracts, etc…Any government contact with any CETA country is not allowed to make provisions to ensure employment opportunities for locals, nor to ensure the contract results in a positive domestic revenue stream and does not drain money out of the country.

      • Sandra, you’re not making sense… the article is inaccurate, it says he’s planting sweet corn… the truth is… he planted corn feeds for his cattle

        • so what!

          • So you can’t go bang the drum for ‘buy local’ in this case unless you’re planning on buying and eating his cattle feed. That’s so what.

          • Yes other farmers can buy the cow corn and feed it to their dairy cows to put milk in your gut! FARMERS FEED CITYS!!!

          • The farmland I heard is his recreational farm. He doesn’t really produce much as the workers are only him and his elderly farm help. His daughter and son are not farmers; they just happened to be a farmer’s children.

          • What the hell difference does that make? It’s his land and the government should have no right. Too bad he didn’t have a tank hiding in one of those barns.

          • Greg, read about the Law of Expropriation and Eminent Domain.

          • How about He Owns The Place? Harper is always yapping about private property rights, but unless you are a billionaire or big company, you have no right to the use of your own land if the government wants it.

          • Actually……… CITIES FEED FARMERS

          • EmilyOne….. I am surprised some one could be as ignorant as you. cities feed farmers really? how so every scrap of food people in the city depend on is grown where? not in a city, on a farm. farmers will always be able to feed themselves even with out cities…. we wont have, some things and yes life would be harder but we would survive. with out farmers, ignorant city folk such as your self would starve to death. so to correct your massive ignorance….FARMERS FEED EVERYONE!

          • Farmers have to sell their food to someone….a city is a market….a huge, nearby, easy market.

            If there were no cities, there would be no farmers.

          • Thats how it worked in the past you need to check history because farm living was how indviduals survived. The only thing cities have done is commercialized farming because humans are lazy and convienence is better then hard work. We take for granted way to many things

          • Well we aren’t at the ‘survival’ stage anymore.

            Humans work very hard….just not at farming anymore

          • No were not but the outlook presented by your statement is a misconception. We may not be survivalest anymore which is great but we need to be thankful for the men and woman who make are lives easy and convienent. We should be giing them the credit that is due. They work their ass off for us to go safeway or loblaws and get a pack of steaks. We suld pissed that this family is getting booted for an airforce base. , This is just one story of hundreds, the oil companies do the sa thing to farmers. Come in and destroy their land for profit, even if they say no.

          • Farmers grow food. It’s a job, like any other. Land is not sacred, and neither is killing animals and plants.

            All countries have expropriation. There were what…..10 other farms involved?…..he was the last holdout.

          • are you trolling? so what if other countries have expropriation – not sure about the wisdom of that comment. A true farmer’s soul is with his farm and the nature. You may have been brought up on a farm, but you don’t have the gentle soul of a farmer who’s life is on his land, his property, a healthy way of living. You’ve lost whatever it is that you may have gained being raised on a farm. I don’t think it’s farmers, or this farmer you’re against – it’s something more.

          • LOL

          • You are WRONG, Farming is not JUST a Job…its a way of life…..

          • LOL riiiiight.

          • You may be in the future. We are destroying the world. As the climate gets worse, food will be scarce, clean water will be too. We are poisoning our oceans. I see no future for my grandchildren with how things are now. My oldest grand will be 30 in 2030. Life will be nothing like it is now.

          • Humans have problems like we always do….we need to fix them, and not go around announcing doom and gloom.

          • there have been farmers long before there were any cities so, tell me Emily where in the Hell do you get your information? Food is essential for life, cities my dear are not!

          • We’ve had 10,000 years of the Agricultural age….I think we’ve got food covered.

          • think we’ve got food covered With what…..the grocery store? Hmmmmmm wonder where the grocery store gets all that food? Oh yeah it comes from the warehouse….That must be where we have it covered…..they grow all that food in the warehouse.
            REALLY???? What are you smoking. Guess you’d like to spend the rest of your life eating boil in the foil ration packs.
            People wonder why the price of food is so expensive……well here is a good example, more demand and less farms to grow crops and graze animals= more expensive costs to produce your food dumbass.

          • It would help greatly if you’d read the thread before talking about it.

            Then you wouldn’t sound so silly.

          • Really? Before cities, were there no farmers? Read a book, sweetie, your history teacher has done a piss-poor job of educating you.

          • Again….read the thread before commenting, folks.

            I think ‘10,000 years of the Agricultural age’ is pretty clear.

          • Actually narrow minded emily if it wasnt for the hard work of farmers you couldnt go to a supermarket and grab your pre cut meat and nicely wrapped bacon. without them you would be standing in a field gutting and skinning your own cow to put it on the table. Clearly by your statement you have never had to fully provide for yourself, like actually put the hard work it takes to put food on your plate. I suggest going out to farm and see what it takes to get a steak, bacon, porkchop, lettuce, and a chicken breast, then when your hands are covered in blood and dirt you will appreciate your air conditioned supermarkets.

          • I grew up in farming. I know it takes 98% of your time to put food on the table.

            Subsistence farming is a dreadful way to live….people all over the world are trying to abandon it.

            That’s why farmers need cities to make a living.

            Either that or we move totally to factory farms.

            Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

          • we’ve already moved to factory farms – and Monsanto-driven farms so that all the populating people in the cities can continue to feed their progeny. Farmers can live very well on their own and support themselves & don’t need the city. City on the other hand cannot live without purchasing food that farms, regardless of what type, have grown. sad but true.

          • Subsistance farming = poverty. And without cities, that’s all they have.

          • poor girl ..your Monsanto is killing you and you do not even know it when your big machine stops you and millions will die. i on the other hand will go out an harvest an animal or two go to my pantry where there is enough food for the next year light a fire an put the kettle on .i will have barter for what i do not have with others around me and we will survive folks in the cities will resort to killing their neighbors for a piece of bread good luck farmers feed people but most importantly farmers feed farmers…..

          • Good for you…..waiting for the Apocalypse is an intelligent way to spend your life.

            People have been doing it for the last 2000 years.

          • no Apocalypse no great biblical event i am prepared for anything… if you think nothing can happen to you cause you live in canada think again and enjoy you G.M.O. foods that contaminate our planet might i suggest you watch soylent green

          • I suggest you learn some science

          • i suggest you stop listening to main stream media good luck with your science growing food and raising healthy live stock is not science its the way it has been done for thousands of years i know exactly what i eat do you

          • You haven’t the faintest idea what you’re eating.

          • not at all city girl…city people don’t have gardens as a rule; farmers produce vegetables and grains. And don’t yell at people – no one listens much to someone who writes in capitals. It suggests a person has nothing of value to say so they say it louder in order to be heard.

          • You must be confusing me with someone else.

          • City folk feed farmers LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY, via import-restricting marketing boards for dairy and poultry products.

          • Yeah, very true. Farmers still can’t make it on their own without lots of govt help.

          • Ya and without the produce that comes from the farms “city folk” would starve to death. money dosnt matter, i vote we country folk stop selling our produce to the “city folk” and watch them become cancerous little blobs from all the “machine made” shit that they think is safe to eat hahahahaha

          • oh and ill love to be sitting on my front porch with my fresh milk and fresh beef and veggies and watch all the cities implode on themselves

          • That is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Where do you think all that produce on the shelves in Safeway comes from, Emily? Magic? Without farms, you’d starve.

          • If you’d read before commenting, you’d know i grew up in farming.

          • actually by reading all your comments I really can say you haven’t grown up!!

          • Projection is a waste of time.

    • Indeed thousands of acres of excellent farmland have been used for industrial wind turbines that we don’t need and cannot afford too. No one cares unless it directly affects them. If the earth’s population keeps growing we will not have enough food and maybe they will regret wasting this irreplacable resource.

      • Wind turbines smash birds, geese, & all flying birds. They don’t need all the wind turbines. These men who are doing this just do not have any common sense. all the gov’ts want POWER & CONTROL, & if we don’t nip this in the bud, they’ll trample everything & everyone.

      • I’d rather have wind farms than strip mining and air pollution for coal fired generators

    • It’s not just ONE farm. Eleven (11) other properties were previously purchased. Mr Meyers’ farm was the last of twelve (12) to make up the 400 hectares that the JTF2 headquarters seems to require.

      • the story is about this ONE farm and its his plight that we are talking about

        • The story about this ONE farm is a microcosm of the demonstration of dictatorial power the government is showing. To think this is a unique situation is to live with your head in the sand.

    • the government of canada can be uncouth in its expropriation of farmland. back in 1955 the federal government threw about 10,000 farmers off of their land to make the training area of CFB gagetown in new brunswick (fyi land that is not utilized today)….these farming people farmed land their ancestors had cut out of the forests, they had built churches, roads and schools. many people the government threw off their farms didn’t live very long. and the monies paid to farm owners by the federal government was peanuts. so they’ve done it before and here we go again!!!! (peter mansbridge where are you?)

      • Actually I’ve done a lot of training in that area you claim is not being used. What you say is false.

    • Actually the government is clearly NOT saying either “Buy Canadian or “Buy Local.” The government, by signing NAFTA and numerous other free trade agreements, has stated that such policies are “Protectionist” and have no place in a globalized economy. In fact any local or national procurement policies are illegal under free trade. If a subnational government like a municipality, school board, provincial government or a federal government department tries to restrict purchasing to local or regional suppliers, the federal government can – and has been – successfully sued for millions of dollars in secretive, private international trade tribunals. The free trade ideologues believe that encouraging Buy Local or Buy Canadian policy to be against the so-called “level playing field” policy of globalization in which foreign companies have to be treated the same as a Canadian company.

  5. Typical Harper government move. Thank you, Mr. Meyers, for all your years of hard work, and for holding on so long to your family land. My hat’s off to you, sir.

    • Thats kind of a bullshit statement. It’s not only the Harper government that does shit like this… Maybe do a little research before you open your mouth. I like to see all these comments of how much this sucks, but how many of you are willing to take time out of your lives to do something about it….

      • I’d love to know what you’re doing Tom

        • I am willing to take the time and go there and protest this, unfortunately one person doesn’t mean a thing.

          • It always starts with one person. If you will go Tom , I am sure more will follow.

          • And your plan to gather more people for a protest is by harshly criticising them over semantic issues?

          • This is a crime, typical goverment bullshit this is Mr. Myers land that has been handed down from generation to generation. I couldnt care less wether he farmed it or not,ITS HIS LAND, and it should be he decision.We are going backwards into the Mideavil days it is starting to become a communist country.

          • one person can make a difference…look at what Samson did…js

          • the Samson story is a myth, in a book of myths and lies.

          • I call bullshit. ONE person makes ALL the difference. Save a life some time and you’ll understand.

      • Who’s ass are you sniffing?

        • Who’s ass am I sniffing? Wow you’re retarded… It’s a fact that the government has always expropriated land, whether liberal or conservative. So yes, Saying this is a typical Harper government move is a bullshit statement. A typical government move would be a more accurate statement.

    • Were you complaining when city of Ottawa expropriates land for public
      transit construction or Queensway expansion. Or is that typical Harper
      as well. Cities, Provinces also expropriate land for their needs. Let’s see your statement about typical Jim Watson and typical Ontario Liberals.

    • “Typical Harper government move”? What difference does it make who the leader is? Any other leader from the handful of ‘two-sides of the same coin’ political parties would be just as indifferent to Mr. Meyers’ plight and to *private property rights* in general — because that with this issue should be about in the first place.

    • I’d like to point out that it was the PET government that took away our right to own land, for the sole purpose of being able to do just this…

  6. Rona.

  7. As large as Canada is, they could have located and should have located the special forces camp in the boondocks far from prying eyes..

    • I guess they should move 8 Wing to the boondocks as well. A big reason to move to Trenton is to be closer to the planes that would transport them around.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • You clearly don’t even have a clue about these people or what they do. I’m not even sure why I’m replying to this.

        • And then you could complain about the waste of tax dollars to transport the military to their “out of the way” training facilities.

        • I think it’s less of a “LAZY” thing and more of a Counter-Terrorism thing. Having out elite military force stationed close to the airbase that ships them where they need to be, might come in useful in a time of crisis.

        • they need to be closer to the airports and military bases so they can reach them sooner from their homes – so they can leave the bases all the sooner to go and kill people they don’t know in lands they’ve never been to before

      • I thought that is what planes are for, movement. In that case, they could move the whole mess to Gander. Good point though and most probably the most salient one.

    • Umm, the purpose of moving the special forces to Trenton is because it is the largest airbase in Canada. As such they can move said special forces members much faster, hence why it is important to national security. Minutes and hours can mean lives……

      • Largest airbase in Canada has nothing to do with it, they fly domestic…..

      • What a crock of bullshit! They can move as fast as they want from anywhere in Canada!

        • The military occasionally moves very large and heavy equipment using even larger and heavier planes.

          You cannot do this from a boondocks landing strip, and it’s inefficient as hell to build a properly reinforced landing strip out in the boonies for just this occasional use.

          I mean, if you want to take the hit on your taxes for the extra money the military would need to build everything they need in the boondocks, you have my admiration. I’m willing to as well, actually.. but most people aren’t.

    • Inuvik comes to mind. Lots of resources there and we could have a presence to boot. Good point!

    • I think he wants it to be seen, to be noticed that it has been expanded and intensified; an ever present intimidation. They intervene in protests, quell riots, etc…I think the goal of this is to reduce the amount of and likelihood of protests.

  8. so let me get this straight:
    A man whose family was given this land BY THE CROWN as a reward for military service PEACEFULLY farms his land providing sustenance for the people and animals I presume, a totally LIFE-GIVING purpose, has his land snatched back by an illegal entity so it can be used to train people to kill people, destroy and pollute the land and break the heart of an old man and his family?
    I’m sorry, this is going viral. Saddle up.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • everyone here is now dumber for having seen your comment here today westernlib

        • Hard to understand that a Con supporter could be any dumber!

          • Let’s not sink to such levels, westernlib

          • …but again, here you are, proving yourself wrong…

      • What a ridiculous thing to say. Harperless is right, and you probably shouldn’t call people “Hitler” lightly. Engage brain BEFORE using mouth

    • I can see how this is viewed as unfair to the Meyer’s family. However, how about considering that the land (adjacent a base with the required airfields and logistics) is required to train some very special soldiers who will (and have) lay their life on the line to protect our freedom and keep our county (and the Harperless types) safe from harm. Yes, Harperless, Soldiers train to kill but they also train to protect, rebuild, feed, provide medical treatment, secure, negotiate and keep the peace. Believe me (because I am a veteran), killing is something we do not want to do but we will do it and die in the name of national and international security. P.S. I understand that Mr. Meyers has already received over 2 million dollars for the expropriation. Also – The government “IS” a legal entity.

      • 2 million dollars for 80 hectares seems next to nil to me….

        • Land is quite cheap in this area of South Eastern Ontario.

      • What ever happened to Canada as a peace keeping nation – Harper and his right wing nut cases are so into war and military and imitating the US – and the DND under Harper & Pretty Boy Pete – have made a total mess of anything to do with the military (including reverting to ‘Royal’) – think F35’s, the cost of the ships being built in the Maritimes, and on and on. Mr. Meyers should have been allowed to keep his property. Blood in the veins of these creeps.

        • Canada has never been a peace keeping nation. That is a myth. Canada has been involved in active combat for 200 years. Peacekeeping was a side thing we did for about 20.

          • So for 20 years Canada was a peacekeeping nation… Those 20 years were supposed to keep going though. Apparently that won’t happen.

          • Peace keeping was a joke. There was no peace to keep and soldiers died doing a pointless job. They were not allowed to fight back when fired upon, and were not allowed to stop any violence they saw, just sit by and do nothing. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who was on a “peace keeping” tour. They will tell you it was a joke.

          • We are combat soldiers. Peace keeping, or more important peace making, is a secondary job for soldiers in any country. Please don’t ever say our job is pointless. We choose it and we are some of the best in the world at it. Peace keeping is no joke. The U.N. on the other hand needs to straighten up but any tour that put you between the bullets is no joke. So unless you have the scares to show for it shut- up

          • I call BS. Golan Heights, and Cyprus are just two examples I can think of where the peacekeepers succeeded in every important respect.

        • If Harper et al were so into war, would they not have jumped into Syria. Remind me, what combat missions are Canadians currently deployed in?

    • Well put Harperless! This is a sad day for our country. I am grateful for the military, who protect our freedoms, but what about Mr Meyer’s freedom to live out his life on his own land and pass it onto future generations, as is his right? This may be “legal” but it feels criminal and not too far from occupation, sort of like an act of war…except instead of Hitler or some arch nemesis, it is our own government who is claiming this poor man’s family homestead! Shameful!

      • “what about Mr Meyer’s freedom to live out his life on his own land and pass it onto future generations, as is his right?” What about it??? In Canada, we do NOT have the right to own property. He has no right to his land, that was given to him to begin with. PET government took away our right to own property, when he changed our constitution. Just for the sole purpose of taking it away, whenever they want… Canadians don’t have freedom to live on any land… I do agree with you, however, that this should be illegal…

    • Progress has a cost. This is the cost. He will be compensated financially and it seems the gov’t is being sensitive to the owner. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. The situation is saddening but it is what it is.

    • Unfortunately you got this crooked:
      A man who’s family was given the land BY THE CROWN as a reward for military service is being PAID to have the land returned to THE CROWN for military training facilities which is a legal and normal practice that has been used around the world since the beginning of military and governments

  9. The CF says JTF-2 has outgrown its Dwyer Hill facility in Ottawa. JTF-2 is part of CANSOFCOM which includes CSOR which is another SOF combat unit and is based at Petawawa. The 15 CH-47F helicopters are also based there. Pet has lots of ranges and space for buildings and training. There are a number of options other than spending over $200 million to move to Trenton.

    1) The HQ and “green” portions of JTF-2 could be moved to Pet leaving the “black” hostage rescue element in Ottawa.
    2) JTF-2 could just get out of the “green” SOF business and leave that to CSOR.

    It’s also a fair question to also ask why Canada has an entire SOF command with two combat units commanded by a BGen. This, although typical and traditional of CF rank bloat, seems excessive. Perhaps without a separate command HQ and only one SOF combat unit (even with the same number of actually trigger pullers) a move of any kind wouldn’t be required.

    It seems that the JTF-2 decided during the high water mark for DND spending a few years ago it wanted to be in Trenton and regardless of real need have decided to carry on. I wonder if they know they don’t really have to move but since the other land owners have been bought out are pressing ahead to save face and rice bowls.

    • Agreed. Only thing is that I’m not sure how good Petawawa’s airfield is and what can fly in/out. If they’re flying JTF someplace overseas, they would have to be transported to either Ottawa or Trenton, so that may be the rationale for basing them at Trenton. And it’s likely cheaper to add some land to Trenton than to upgrade runways in Petawawa or acquire the Pembroke airport.
      Overall though, it seems to me that the wide open expanses available for training at Petawawa would be preferable to a few acres of ex-farmland at Trenton. Or do they just need some smallish simulated environments for close quarter stuff like they probably have in Ottawa?
      In addition, I seem to remember the CPC making similar promises about basing ground troops of some sort at CFB Comox.

      • CSOR and the jump company of 3 RCR are both at Pet and C-130s use the runway there. JTF-2 is the third or fourth responder for incidents in Canada and the chances of needing to deploy green elements overseas so quickly that flying in Chinooks to Ottawa or having planes come to Pet are out of the question are miniscule. This presupposes that suitable planes are on standby 24/7 for JTF-2. Since CSOR is supposed to support JTF-2 it would also seem it must be able to get to an incident at the same time as JTF-2.

        JTF-2 has heavy weapons so it will still need a place to fire them apart from Trenton. The danger area for a 7.62mm rifle is about 2900 meters long which means the 1.5 sections of land at Trenton depending on how it’s laid out may just be big enough for a standard rifle range. Any sort of tactical shooting where troops fire and maneuver cross country or the firing of .50s etc would require far more space- probably in Pet.

        • You’re on crack if you think a C-130 can land in Petawawa. It’s a heliport. There is no runway on base.

          • Yeah I don’t know where that guy gets his info, but that was about 50 percent bull.

          • What runway does CSOR use when it flies in C-130s? When the Airborne were in Pet wasn’t there a runway?

          • Earlier you told us they all use the airfield at Pet. Now it seems you’re unsure.

          • The Hercs had been able to land on the grass strip adjacent to the heliport not long ago, but the new hangar impinges on the runway now.

          • Just because an old herc could land on grass, doesn’t mean the beast of a C17 can

          • They have used the Pembroke Airport in the past, to the point where they had a crash truck stored there. According to Wikipedia, that runway is paved and 5000 ft / 1500 metres long. Likely long enough for a Herc and again, according to Wikipedia, suitable for a C-17. Might be another question as to whether it could handle the weight.

          • There’s also Brown’s Airfield nearby. The CF has CSOR and the jump company of 3 RCR in Pet. Does it make any sense to have airborne units at a base without a runway that can handle transport aircraft?

          • Yes because you can be airborne from a helicopter like the 412 griffon that only requires about 40 feet of a runway.

          • I just confirmed (outside of wiki) that you are correct about the hercs. However, Pembroke is a civilian airport. The JTF2 need a dedicated military airport. Also, JTF2 isn’t that close to Pembroke – CSOR is.

          • Yep, owned by the municipality, I believe. I was wondering at one point if it would be feasible for DND to buy and upgrade the airport, but that would probably be much more expensive than what they’re doing at Trenton. Plus, it’s physically separated from CFB Petawawa, so it would be like having to staff a separate base.

            I do still wonder though if JTF2 will be spending a lot of time training in Petawawa anyway. Can their regular training needs be met in the relatively small confines of CFB Trenton? This is an actual question BTW – J refers to it below, but I’m wondering about space. When Harper announced these troops at air bases initiatives, that was my first thought.

        • CSOR and 3 RCR both use the Pembroke Airport (also known as Browns Airfield) for the CC130’s to land on, Petawawa does not have a runway, its a Helicopter base. The problem is with Speed of deployment, it takes time to get an aircraft ready for flight only to have it fly to Browns airfied where a waiting unit would then load all its luggage and embark then to have the Aircraft sort itself out and take off, it adds hours, having a Unit like JTF2 in Treton saves time and money when it comes time to deploy. If JTF2 was based in trenton they would have their own hanger with things they need ready for deployment, they could be loaded on the plane while it was doing preflight, the soldiers would only have to arrive at the aircraft and take off, that saves time. not to mention with Canada;s Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Center based in Trenton it owuld be easier to facilitate the specialized training that our Elite Warriors require. in the end it is cheaper and quicker to have them based out of, train out of and deploy out of trenton.

          • ^This

  10. I see franks point of view and i also see the government point of view ,considering that 9 other farmers sold their land to the government for what ever price they accepted ,Im sure that Frank is probably being offered even more than the other framers were .If the farmers stuck together and didnt sell they might have a case i think , but now it time to move on.Frank is 85 years old and should relax with the cash and enjoy the rest of his years .Life is and amazing adventure and atleast he has the great memories.

    • Clearly you have never been one to stay in one place and stick it out through thick and thin like these old farmers do. I don’t mean this to be confrontational so please take it all with a grain of salt and a pound of understanding.

      When I was younger I thought exactly like you, wondering what the great connection is with land. I figured you could do the same thing somewhere else. Then as I got older and over the years began to see that these old farmers (my dad is one) do indeed become as attached to their land as they do to their children because they work that land, they grow that land, they take nothing and turn it into something, year after year, and when I realized that, I began to understand… this is their LIFE FORCE. It is what gives them purpose, makes them feel productive and allows them to contribute back to society. You wouldn’t expect them to lose a child and then just take another and consider it equal replacement would you? Of course not.

      In my opinion, the right thing to do would have been to expropriate the land but sign him a lease that allowed him lifetime rights to harvest. When he passes away naturally, then they can take it and use it.

      • My ,how we assume things , im going to be 60 my next birthday ,my company has struggled against big business every year ,after many years ive finally realized the thing to do is sell rather than go another 100 gran in debt ,your heart might be in the right place ,being behind your dad ,but dont assume anything ,then you wont have to appolize or ask for the pound of salt back . Have a great day

        • Frank already got two million dollars and he wants more. After knowing that, I wonder if the people will still pity the person pretending to be robbed of his land, or envy him for his situation… Two million dollars plus acres of land still left in his possession… he’s one of the richest guys in Quinte… I wish I have his “problem”

          • WOW,2 MILLION DOLLARS…..Now im thinking that children ,grandchildren ,and lawyers are thinking how can this Influence their future if Frank gets more.Keep in mind this is 2 million of your tax dollars that Frank already has and more makes it look like as i stated.Now if this was me i would make sure i didnt have to pay capital gains on the win fall ,because i think the feds paid far to much now.

          • I’d rather have my family’s ancestral land, than ANY number of millions. It’s priceless.

          • Evidently it’s price is $2,000,000.00

          • That is only because they are forcing him to sell it and basically shoving the money in his pocket, giving him a slap on the buns, and telling him tough shit. Oh you and your family worked this land for years? Haha like we care. Essentially you are being forced to sell something you don’t want to sell. The alternative would have been he squats and we all know how that ends.

          • Evidently it is not because he was forced to sell his land, he didn’t agree and just leave….that was the number he was given after he was expropriated!

          • And an exceedingly generous number it is, too.

            I would be pleased to suffer such an indignity as having that much cash stuffed in my pants.

          • my daughter’s friend is the granddaughter of mr Meyers and I can confirm that it’s not about money but rather about family roots.

          • On CBC’s As It Happens this evening he said it’s about the farm and food, not so much about family roots. Though, that’s part of it. the family has had the land since the 1700s.

          • You obviously don’t know about Ebon James and the other true rich ones in Quinte. They say they gave Frank $2 million. I know him personally and they haven’t given him anything yet.

            I’ll miss those turkeys from the guy. He is rough around the edges but great to just shoot the breeze with.

          • What I heard was he has the check but he never cashed it out yet because he and his lawyers are trying to get more money from the government even if they already got offered more than 30 percent of the fair market value. I wish I have his problem. I neither have two million nor acres of land at my possession, just like most people in Quinte. He made a lot of money out of this deal. I hope he would have the heart to swallow his pride for the sake of most of us who are hoping for economic development.

      • This government would NVR think that far ahead. Their noses are up the rectums of big business, arms manufacturers included.

      • As a farmer’s aughter, I agree with this. He’s an elderly man, let him pass in peace. The fact that he’s 85 and still farming the land is a testament to its life force for him.

    • He should still have the right to decide IF he wants to sell his land, it shouldn’t be that oh well he probably got a good offer, not everything is for sale. NO MEANS NO

      • Faye… ever heard of expropriation? other countries call it eminent domaine… it’s a law that exists not only in Canada… do your research… Too much emotion can cloud your mind…

  11. Take the money, buy other land, live well.

    • It’s got to be difficult starting from scratch in your eighties, though…

      • Halee Legge: Mr. Meyers is one of the wealthiest persons in Quinte West. He made two million out of this deal, which is 30 percent more than the fair market value. He was expropriated in mid last year and manipulated the system and used the media to manipulate the public’s emotions with the intent of getting more money. The amount he was asking was beyond reasonable On top of that he still has his residential house in his acres of land which is still in his possession. He has a daughter and a son who are not farmers. The land that was expropriated was his recreational farmland and he has an elderly farm help; it was not intended to supply food to the community.

        The journalist clearly sensationalized the story because there are a lot of factual errors in the article.

        I wonder how you could judge the situation when you don’t really know the real situation.

        Emotions are part of our humanity. But what make us human is about ability to think, analyze, and use logic. Too much emotion can cloud a sound mind.

  12. How can they actually say out loud that they worry about this man’s emotions. Clearly they do not. They are taking his whole life away.

  13. Canada is become a “Bully state”
    shame on the “not so elite Soldiers”
    I think Elite means high class
    with high standards,this is not the case here.

    • JTF2 operators are very elite. And they also have no say in where they work and who’s land they had to take to do it. These are the same troops that stop acts of terror from affecting the lives of thousands of Canadians every year, so have some respect. They train hard to do their jobs, and are not to blame here. Blame Ottawa

      • It’s CANSOFCOM that wants this property. It’s very much JTF-2’s blame as it wants to move to Trenton instead of Petawawa.

        There is no evidence that JTF-2 has every stopped a terrorist act every let alone annually. It is a third or fourth responder in Canada. The police & CSIS have been more than capable of dealing with the few threats we’ve had.

        • What on earth are you talking about? JTF2 is totally different then SERT or SWAT, it’s a tactical high readiness special forces for combat, not intelligence.

          • You’ve got it backwards. JTF-2 replaced SERT and neither are/ were supposed to stop terrorism before it starts. They are responders- after local police and after local SWAT.

          • What the eff are you talking about. JTF2 took over SERT because the CAF has more assets and capabilities then the RCMP in terms of global terrorism. Yes JTF2 is proactive, in Afghanistan they weren’t doing SWAT crap, they were hunting down HVT during Ka-bar. No they are not primarily for anti terror in Canada, they operate outside of the country on a regular basis. Anything in Canada gets generally handled by the RCMP and CSIS, as they focus on preventing not reacting.
            I suggest you go talk to someone that actually works with the CAF and not just read wiki.

          • The RCMP gave up SERT well before 9/11 because it caused all sorts of admin problems revolving around qualifications to be a corporal and overtime rules. Changing to the CF had nothing to do with military capabilities or global terrorism. It was for domestic events.

            JTF-2 still performs the same anti-terror role in Canada as SERT did. Third or fourth responder and specialist in aircraft assaults. Whatever else it does I’m sure is exaggerated in your mind- that’s one function of secrecy- to allow supporters to imagine all sorts of daring-do.

          • That is absolutely not the reason. JTF2 is NOT for domestic events primarily. It has the capability to respond, however it has been used much more often outside of Canada.
            I’m not exaggerating anything. American commanders in Op Kabar said that they would choose JTF2 for almost any mission, and the unit recieved a presidential citation which is very rare. They also secured many people in Haiti.
            If you don’t understand the long history that Canada has of providing high quality special forces to work with Americans, then it’s just from your own stubborn ignorance.

        • You mean the same police that used to hold the duties JTF2 took over from the RCMP who didn’t want the job?

          • No the law enforcement and intelligence sides. The RCMP dumped SERT because it’s HR rules made it a royal pain.

    • You really think it was the soldiers that said “we’re going to Trenton”? Not likely. This decision is WAY above their pay grade.

  14. Wrong in so many ways. This is his land. With all of the land available in this country, why take his?

    • So his land is inviolate? Whose land matters less than his? me? you? It is a shame that they decided they wanted his land. But it was going to taken, whether him, or Andrew up the road, or Jim across the concession. And to be fair, Andrew and Jim were given notice, and they up and sold already.

  15. With Ottawa, the people are not important.

  16. This is bullshit.

    The Canadian Military is sworn to protect the citizens from corrupt Federal Government.


    • the military is apart of the government dumbass

      • The military is A PART of the government, not “apart of the government”. Shouldn’t resort to name-calling, especially dumbass, glass houses right?

    • I don’t remember that line in our OATH…lmao….surrounded by idjits!

  17. Everyone blames Harper for this. But isnt it more the fault of the government, who wrote
    Canadas Charter of Right and Freedoms and didnt mention anything in it about “The right to own land”? While I have no idea how much the Harper Tories had to do with taking this mans land, its a perfectly legal action for the government to take. Instead of blaming the government for taking his land we should make land ownership of “right” for all Canadians.

    • That’s a bit over the top. If we didn’t have any property rights, the government simply would have taken it without compensation. Provision for expropriation exists even in countries where property rights are laid out more explicitly – witness the US, where the Supreme Court ruled that the City of New London, CT could expropriate land for *private* development, ruling that the community interest trumped that of the landowners. I’ve heard of expropriation in Canada for roads and now this, but never for private development.

  18. Would they try this with the Mohawks?

    • You would never get Harper to wear a Mohawk.

    • They probably would have sold it right away when the Govt came around.

  19. Second largest country on earth and an astounding percentage of it unpopulated, so they take THIS particular plot of land? Sometimes the idiocy of the government is beyond the simplest and the most complex comprehension.

    • John, that land is adjacent to CFB Trenton… JTF2 needs to be in Trenton because of the air mobility capabilities that is available only in Trenton… the decision was made because of operational requirements and availability… I suggest you read Canada First Defence Strategy so you would understand why such decisions are made… then you would appreciate that it’s all about safeguarding the freedoms of your loved-ones.

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Guiseppe. The land wasn’t grabbed nor stolen. It was purchased for two million dollars, which is 30 percent more than the fair market value. Meyers was asking for more, but what he was asking was beyond reasonable… Too much emotion can cloud a sound mind. Question things and dig deeper and try to interpret the last paragraph of the article from a different perspective.

      • Who said “Patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel”? JTF-2 obviously doesn’t need to be in Trenton as it has operated effectively from Ottawa since it’s inception and SERT before that.

  20. “We are concerned about his emotions,” says Captain Christopher Daniel. “His condition is our top priority. We want to make sure he’s okay.”)

    Boy this waste of life brought out the BIG shovel!

    • B_Rile please read these two articles, to give you a clearer context of the quote:



      Excerpt from the article:

      8 Wing/CFB Trenton public affairs officer, Capt. Christopher Daniel,
      said Meyers met with the base engineering officer and the OPP’s
      provincial liaison team Tuesday morning.

      “At the end of the meeting it was decided not to put up signage or
      start ground work as Mr. Meyers is not emotionally ready,” said Daniel.
      “That work will begin Wednesday in co-ordination with the Meyers

      Meyers now has an agreement with the base to remove a number of
      turkeys (the only remaining livestock on the farm) in a week — just in
      time for Thanksgiving. He will also be allowed to take care of the birds
      several hours a day until they are moved to another location.

      Daniel said remaining farm equipment will be removed by the end of October.

      “He will be co-ordinating a schedule with us,” said Daniel.

      Daniel said Meyers can also schedule the harvest, but that some of
      the crop may be damaged by work done on the property which includes
      drilling test bore holes.

      “We continue to remain respectful and non-confrontational with Mr. Meyers,” said Daniel.

      The federal government concluded the expropriation of 227-acres of the Meters farm in May 2012.

  21. Its time we get rid of the scum at the top ! A prime example of a bully,this is horse shit !The government is wrong !!!Im voting differant next time for sure !!!

    • harper’s the best choice goodluck buddy, why dont you go vote for green party

      • Harper is the best choice if you don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

  22. Despicable. The land should go back to the First Nations of the territory, I’m sure they’d allow him to stay.

    • The first nations would strip it of any value then sell it to the army.There only good to stand in front lines or make bonfires or do nothing but drink .

    • Are you joking? They’d sell it for as much money as they possibly could.

  23. This is ridiculous!!

  24. The government should not have that kind of power. We are allowed the “rights” over “our property” until the government wants it. Then all bets are off. Then it’s “their property” and they can legally kick us off. This is the same situation that the Aboriginal People of Canada faced decades ago (although, in this case, no one is being killed over it). No government should be able to do this kind of thing to any person or group of people, ever!

  25. I am not moved. The federal and provincial Crowns’ capacity to expropriate land is not new. The need to provide for the needs of the Canadian Forces is not new. Government is about making choices, and there will always be people incommoded by those choices. Stubbornness in the face of a legitimate program decision by Government may be noble, but it is foolish.

    • Canada is a big country. I’m pretty sure that there is a piece of land somewhere or other that JTF2 could set up shop in that wouldn’t require bulldozing people’s homes.

      • A big chunk of land with the hub of air force transport right near it? I doubt it.

    • Thank god someone else that isn’t just a slave to emotion.

  26. “We want to make sure he’s okay.” LIARS!!! If they cared that he’s okay they’d allow him to live on his land for the time he has left on this planet. I have come to HATE the REFORMACONS! My heart breaks for this old man who deserves to live out his final days on his homestead. 2015 can’t some soon enough. ‘Course… if Harper uses the same corrupt tactics as last time(s), we don’t stand a chance of kicking his corrupt corporate owned ass out of the people’s parliament. If that happens our only recourse is REVOLUTION!… The Canadian Spring!

    • Sandra. Mr. Meyers’ house is not in that expropriated land. It is actually at the other side of his property which is not expropriated. He made millions from this expropriation and still has vast acres of land at his possession.

      I was reading another article, and this is the context of the quote “we want to make sure he’s okay”… read this…


      Excerpt from the article:

      8 Wing/CFB Trenton public affairs officer, Capt. Christopher Daniel,
      said Meyers met with the base engineering officer and the OPP’s
      provincial liaison team Tuesday morning. “At the end of the meeting it was decided not to put up signage or start ground work as Mr. Meyers is not emotionally ready,” said Daniel. “That work will begin Wednesday in co-ordination with the Meyers family.”

  27. http://publications.gc.ca/Collection-R/LoPBdP/BP/bp268-e.htm – “In 1948, Canada signed the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 17 of which reads:

    1. Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.

    2. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

    Property rights are also recognized in the 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights, which affirms the right of the individual to the enjoyment of property and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law.”

    • And he’s had extensive due process of law, and is being fairly paid for the property, not merely deprived of it as happens in some jurisdictions.

      • Fairly paid? Im sorry but you can’t be fairly paid for something priceless.




        Suffering a severe and damaging lack of basic material and cultural benefits.

        (of a person) Suffering a lack of a specified benefit that is considered important.”

        Please tell me again he isn’t being deprived.

        • Being force-fed $2 Million is NOT being deprived. If it is then someone please deprive me.

          • I could use a bit of that deprivation myself, Roy.

  28. Is there anything that can be done at this stage to prevent what seems inevitable?

  29. Pathetic,….

    • I assume you are talking about this government and Harper in particular.

  30. i support our troops either way

  31. I dont give my tax dollars to build a new air base, let the farmer have his land, i vote to let him have his land!

    • g… they are not building a new air base… they are building an operational area for a unit to be adjacent to the biggest air base that meets the unit’s operational requirements… too much emotion can cloud a sound mind.

  32. I dont think Harper is to blame for this (he’s still a dick) but blame Rona Ambrose! shes the one who approved the whole mess. lets burn that witch

    • No one in this government goes to the bathroom without Harper’s consent, so who is responsible?

    • And she is a dick er sort of, or the female equivalent of that sort of thing, or ……nevermind

  33. Clearly the government needs to expropriate land for the public good- roads, bridges, airports etc. The question here isn’t property rights but why does JTF-2 need this land. Why isn’t Petawawa suitable? Why is a relatively small area in Trenton vital to JTF-2 operations? Why is Pet with lots more training area, ranges and space for more ranges not good enough? Why can CSOR, which is supposed to support JTF-2, be at Pet but not JTF-2?

    The government needs the ability to force land sales to build vital infrastructure but should only do so when there are no other reasonable options. In this case there is a reasonable- and much cheaper option- in Pet.

    • Im sorry but how are “roads, bridges, airports, ect” public good?

      They all encourage, obesity, gluttony, global warming, ect.

      • This is a joke isn’t it?

  34. We are without property rights in the Constitution of Canada. It was included in the early drafts of the patriated amendment but was removed by Pierre Trudeau who also at one point in his sordid career briefly suspended the rights of all Canadians, indiscriminately, under the War Measures Act.

    What makes this incident particularly despicable is that the property being expropriated and seized was deeded by gift from the Crown to Meyer’s ancestor John Walden Meyers for his loyalty during the American Revolution where the Crown lost most of what it had in North America.

    Frank Meyers has had a long hard fight to keep the property passed on to him by his Loyalist ancestors. But his is not the first such fight.

    The Prime Minister resides at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa and not widely know is the fact that 24 Sussex was expropriated by Canada from it’s owner Gordon Cameron Edwards whose family had lived there for almost 50 years. This expropriation occurred in 1943, at the height of WWll, when the government had plenty of better things to do. They were charged with protecting us not stealing from us.

    Gordon Edwards, like Frank Meyers fought a long bitter battle to save his property and his home but lost decisively in 1946. His property was seized and he became a tenant. He died a few months later.

    A major symbol of Canada, visited by dignitaries and leaders from across the world, is 24 Sussex Drive. So when anyone asks me to tell them what Canada is like, be it young children, American visitors, Europeans whatever; I respond as follows:

    “Canada and it’s official values are fully represented by the sad fact that it’s Prime Minster resides happily, year after year after year, in a beautiful home seized in 1946 from it’s rightful owner who fought a long hard battle to keep it.”

  35. Check out this article, it will give you a clearer context to the story:


    The defence department won’t be showing up at Frank Meyers
    expropriated farm Tuesday to demolish buildings, or have livestock
    carted off by the Humane Society.

    Those threats were made by the federal justice department in a letter addressed to Frank Meyers’ lawyer.

    It’s now been revealed that Meyers has been dealing directly with officials at CFB Trenton for the better part of a year.

    Base public affairs officer, Capt. Christopher Daniel laid out
    details on what has transpired since May, 29, 2012 when 227-acres of the
    farm was expropriated.

    The farm and 700 other acres of expropriated land in the area north
    of CFB Trenton will be the future home of Joint Task Force 2, now housed
    at Dwyer Hill, near Ottawa.

    Daniel told QMI Agency that it’s been the Wing Commander’s intention to be non-confrontational with the family.

    “Throughout the process, we remain sensitive to Mr. Meyer’s concerns
    and has provided him ample time to have the opportunity to take his
    equipment and livestock as well as harvest his crops before putting-up
    the signage and securing the area,” said Daniel. “We gradually
    established a presence in the expropriated land while remaining
    respectful and non-confrontational with Mr. Meyers.”

    The base is scheduled to install DND signage and secure the area on Oct. 1.

    Daniel said the family will have to submit a request to the base in
    order to remove remaining equipment or livestock after the Sept. 30
    deadline. Meyers had signed a lease with the government earlier this
    year, allowing the family access to the farm.

    After telling QMI Agency he would never leave his ancestral home,
    it’s also been revealed that Meyers made a request on Sept. 13 to access
    the property in order to remove equipment and livestock.

    That request was granted by the wing commander. Permission was given
    to Meyers, said Daniel, as long as the removal of Meyers’ possessions
    does not “interfere or disrupt” national defence operations.

    On May 29, 2012, Meyers received a notice of possession from Public
    Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) under Section 19 of
    Expropriation Act.

    Expropriation of the property was effective starting that date.

    Meyers has received two offers of compensation. He refused both offers. It’s not known if he will accept an offer.

    CFB Trenton began conducting physical possession of the property on
    August 29, 2012. “The wing gradually undertook this activity while
    remaining respectful of him (Meyers),” said Daniel.

    He said the physical possession process happens in three stages:
    First is the inspection of the property; second is the putting up of DND
    signage; and finally, securing the area. Following the inspection of
    the property, Meyers said CFB Trenton has given ample time for Meyers
    to have the opportunity to remove equipment, livestock and harvest their
    crops before erecting signage and fencing.

    The inspection of the property involved taking a photographic record
    of the property’s condition upon possession; an initial inventory of
    livestock, materials and buildings on-site, and an assessment of the
    materials and manpower needed for the installation of signage and

    Daniel said following the inspection of the property, Meyers made an
    initial request for extension in order to find a suitable location for
    livestock and to harvest his crops. The base granted the request.

    In February 2013, Meyers provided the federal government a schedule
    for removal of his equipment and animals from the property. At that time
    a licence agreement was signed between DND (the landlord) and Mr.
    Meyers as tenant for the use of the land until Sept. 30, 2013.

    In August 2013, Meyers requested an extension of that license agreement. That request was denied.

    On Sept. 12, Meyers made a second request to gain access to the
    property following the Oct. 1 deadline in order to harvest the crops
    planted this year.

    “His request was accepted provided it would not cause disruption to DND’s administration of the land,” said Daniel.

    Turns out Meyers has removed most of his livestock from the property.

    “For the remaining livestock and crops to be harvested, Mr. Meyers is
    aware that he can make a request to CFB Trenton for access, which will
    be co-ordinated by the Wing,” said Daniel.

    Daniel added national defence will be working at the farm over the next several months.

    “Mr. Meyers has acknowledged that remaining crops may be damaged if
    not harvested before the scheduled site development,” said Daniel.

    • Continue reading this follow-up article to know more in order to understand the context:


      Frank Meyers has been given additional time to care for remaining livestock,
      remove farm equipment and harvest crops on the now federally-owned property.

      8 Wing/CFB Trenton public affairs officer, Capt. Christopher Daniel,
      said Meyers met with the base engineering officer and the OPP’s
      provincial liaison team Tuesday morning.

      “At the end of the meeting it was decided not to put up signage or
      start ground work as Mr. Meyers is not emotionally ready,” said Daniel.
      “That work will begin Wednesday in co-ordination with the Meyers

      Meyers now has an agreement with the base to remove a number of
      turkeys (the only remaining livestock on the farm) in a week — just in
      time for Thanksgiving. He will also be allowed to take care of the birds
      several hours a day until they are moved to another location.

      Daniel said remaining farm equipment will be removed by the end of October.

      “He will be co-ordinating a schedule with us,” said Daniel.

      Daniel said Meyers can also schedule the harvest, but that some of
      the crop may be damaged by work done on the property which includes
      drilling test bore holes.

      “We continue to remain respectful and non-confrontational with Mr. Meyers,” said Daniel.

      The federal government concluded the expropriation of 227-acres of the Meters farm in May 2012.

      The property will become be part of a massive 900-acre training facility and new home for Joint Task Force-2.

      Meyers had vowed never to leave his ancestral home. The land was
      originally deed to the pioneer family of John Walden Meyers for his
      service to the Crown. It’s been in the family for over 200 years.

      Daniel told QMI Agency the base has been negotiating with Meyers for months.

      “Throughout the process we have remained sensitive to Mr. Meyers’ concerns,” said Daniel.

      The federal government has already issued up to four contracts for initial development work on the training facility.

  36. Yes it sucks, but for all of you who have no idea what you’re talking about, JTF2 NEEDS to be in Trenton or immediately near it. Trenton provides the vast majority of our heavy lift capability. It alone is the springboard for long distance transport at a moments notice. Given that there are always JTF2 members on a very short notice to move, it’s imperative that they can respond on time, instead of travelling from the Ottawa area.
    So yes it sucks, but it makes sense. This man will get far more money then the land is worth (traditionally it’s 30 percent above market value) and he still gets to keep his home. Not to mention he is now living in one of the safest places in North America lol.
    JTF2 has proved their worth. For the greater good, this kind of sad story is necessary.

    • I totally agree. What people don’t know is that the Meyers family is one of the richest families in the Quinte region and they still have vast farm lands remaining at their possession and other assets including their ancestral home (the expropriated land only has a barn and a shed). In addition, they’ve received compensation for the land and other fees for the trouble of moving. By law of expropriation, the former landowners receive 30 percent above market value. Hence, it`s hard to believe that the Meyers are in a disadvantaged position.

      As I was reading this article in the Intelligencer, I found out that the truth is different from what we were earlier led to believe.

      This article is highly recommended as it gives light to what really transpired:


    • Pet has an airfield. Ottawa has a civil airport and an airbase. Trenton is far from being the only airfield option.

      • You are so oblivious it’s almost comical. Pet has an aerodrome for tac hel assets like 427 and the new 450, not heavy lift capability. Why don’t you get in a C17 and try to land it there? How about the fact that Trenton is the major hub of the air force? That nearly all deployments leave the country from Trenton? That Canadians fallen are repatriated in Trenton? Lordy. You have no clue.

        • Why is CSOR in Pet? Why does JTF-2 need heavy lift on short notice? Pet has a runway that takes C-130s….but you didn’t know that did you?

          That’s what a clue looks like.

          • FT_Ward you are pretending to know it all but clearly you know nothing of operational requirements and where those assets and capabilities are… and why some units need to be where they are… you know some of the acronyms but it appears that’s all that you know… think outside your ass…

          • And you fall back to insults as your assumptions are dismantled.

            The “units” are of course where they are and have been since before 9/11. The discussion is about moving them at great expense when the country is in deficit and DND’s budget is being cut. It’s a waste of money to meet a JTF-2 “nice to have” desire.

          • Oh lord why does one of the premier special forces units IN THE WORLD need heavy lift on short notice? This should…be. Obvious.
            Yes I know all about the ‘runway’ in pet, I’ve been there. It’s taken up by 427 and 450 Tac Avn assets. (450 being the new Chinook sqn just for your SA.)

          • If it’s obvious then explain. Is a C-17 on standby now? I doubt it. You seem fixated on heavy lift. How this has anything to do with domestic CT isn’t obvious. You still haven’t answered questions about how CSOR manages to get airlift.

          • You seem to be the expert in it all. Why don’t you tell us how they get airlift?

          • The question wasn’t rhetorical. If jimmy says having immediate access to a C-17 is crucial and that’s why they must move then you’d assume one was on standby now. If not then they during an emergency they could all be away or under repair and the move to Trenton would be irrelevant because the C-17s weren’t available.

            If planes aren’t dedicated to support JTF-2 then they’re working on the hope that the plane they need would be available.

            All of this doesn’t really matter because there is no scenario where it deploy overseas so quickly that JTF-2 couldn’t move to it’s current airhead.

          • Here’s one. Name a special forces operation from any country that required long distance air lift that was launched without intense planning, coordination and rehearsal and was successful.

            The answer is none. You can forget about fantasy’s of JTF-2 running out to the plane and heading off to Central Africa or the Bekka Valley on 30 minutes notice. There is no requirement for combat forces to be able to move overseas on minutes notice.

            That leaves support to civilian police in Canada in an ongoing emergency. No C-17s required there. Challengers from Ottawa are probably the best bet with some of the savings achieved from not moving JTF-2 spent on surveillance of terror suspects.

            BTW Tom Clancy died this week.

      • Pet would require big upgrades to be able to land the C-17, Airbus etc. That’s great Ottawa has airports. How close will they be able to build a new base to it? Probably not nearly as close as they will be to the base in Trenton.

        • The current base is already across town from two fine airports.

          • But you said that Pet could handle their airlift needs. So which is it?

          • Both. Which means the “black” element could stay in Ottawa while the “green” part moves to Pet.

          • Oh yes let’s split the unit up for 1 guy

          • Not 1 guy. 35 million taxpayers.

          • I doubt the majority of the 35 million people in Canada give a crap about this story.

          • Probably correct but in general most don’t care anything about defence except that the waste isn’t too monumental.

      • So what, we should move our entire heavy lift base because of one farmer? Negative.

        • Why does JTF-2 need heavy lift at short notice?

          • Why don’t they? You seem to be an expert in all of this so tell us why they wouldn’t potentially need heavy lift at short notice?

          • The question is short notice. They would need to deploy with equipment that required a C-17 so quickly that they couldn’t afford the time (even in the Griffons that should be on standby at Dwyer Hill) to get to the Ottawa air base. That would also mean that a C-17 and crew would have to be on standby for JTF-2 24/7. We only have four C-17s (which are designed to be run off austere runways) and I expect that at least one is out of service most of the time for routine maintenance. I would think a C-130 could be assigned but a C-17 seems impractical.

            Is the “run out to a C-17 and take off in 30 minutes” scenario likely? I don’t think so and a $200 million+ move isn’t warranted.

          • Even a C-130 would take longer than 30 minutes to be prepped and ready to go. Being in Trenton will allow things to happen quickly and all at once with any airframe they need. Freight would be delivered and prepped, passengers arrive and be processed and the aircraft can be prepped, loaded and ready to go.

            Any other base will require that plus waiting for an aircraft to fly from Trenton to Pet, Ottawa or any other base.

          • If time is such a factor leave a C-130 in Ottawa for domestic CT.

            The high readiness task force is based on CSOR in Pet. Apparently a few hours one way or the other is acceptable for foreign ops.

          • Task Force Arrowhead is comprised of people from all CANSOFCOM and isn’t actually a unit. It’s a group of people that can quickly be mobilized to move for a mission.

            So you want to put a Herc, and a crew, in Ottawa for 24/7 stand by? Sounds like a waste of an air frame. Or you could move people to where the planes are…like they’re doing.

          • Exactly what I’m saying. I’m shocked people don’t get this. Ft keeps saying ‘they could do they should do’ but he doesn’t get that speed is of the essence and that quick movement is key to strategic advantage. Co locating in Trenton makes the most sense hands down.

          • No kidding. It’s almost like the people in charge were actually concerned about the big picture…which is being able to deploy rapidly. The same thing probably goes for CJIRU and their choosing Trenton. If they wanted to move somewhere based on training requirements etc they probably would have gone to Suffield where they could train with virtually anything they want.

            Same thing goes for the DART team.

          • JTF-2 has already an airport- Ottawa. I’d look harder at internal service desires and politics- that’s trump’s the big picture. Don’t think so, then explain why most of 1 CMBG is in Edmonton.

          • So you mean to tell me they have their own spot at the airport where they have 24/7, 365 support and services available to them whenever they require it? Not likely and those services aren’t cheap to get either.

            In Trenton they will.

          • I don’t know what they have but if the ability to go someplace now is so crucial then they’d have as close to what they intend to have in Trenton already wouldn’t they.

          • I actually just asked you just to see what you’d say. I know they don’t have the same services they have in Trenton available 24/7 and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

          • Name an instance where JTF-2 has deployed and it failed in it’s mission because of time spent linking up with planes. It might happen theoretically (I invite you to give a scenario) but it hasn’t since JTF-2 or it’s predecessor SERT were formed. This theoretical worry isn’t worth + $200 million of borrowed money.

          • Why wouldn’t one have to be on standby in Trenton? If every second counts at least one C-130 must be on standby now. If it isn’t then that just proves every second doesn’t count.

          • If they’re in Trenton and the planes are in Trenton it will be that much faster to get airborne.

      • Trenton has the capabilities they need.

        Pet, Ottawa, and other bases do not have the air mobility capabilities that Trenton has… ever wondered why DART has to be in Trenton? Think of operational requirements and availability…

        If you’re puzzled about Government decisions, read Canada First Defence Strategy. There’s a reason for everything and it is all about the common good, so that your family and friends can continue to live the freedoms they enjoy.

        The land wasn’t taken from the Meyers, they were compensated to their interest.

        The Meyers got the land for $0, they profited the land for 200 years, and now they got millions of dollars through expropriation… for someone who doesn’t have the same privilege, how I wish I have their problem.

        • Don’t forget CJIRU, also part of CANSOFCOM, is based in Trenton.

        • This has nothing to do with anyone’s freedoms and a lot about military bureaucratic empire building.

          The Canada First Defence Strategy is a shopping list. Nothing in it explains why JTF-2 must be in Trenton.

          JTF-2 has managed to get by throughout it’s existence in Ottawa. There’s no reason it needs to be in Trenton.

  37. This is not right!

  38. What a pile of crap. Harper, who is shredding the armed forces is also killing this guy for what?

  39. sounds a whole lot like how land was taken by governments from native Canadians many years ago

  40. Welcome to the Harpers Canada- the Fourth Reich!

  41. Is their a petition to sign to show the government the people do not want this?

    • Where are you from? Have you ever asked yourself what the people of Quinte regions want and need? There are lots of unemployed people in this region. Do you want to take that opportunity from the people to be in favour of one person? What you don’t know is that the Meyers is one of wealthiest families in this region. He made millions from this expropriation and he still owns acres of land… who’s side are you with? The Meyers who has a lot? Or the majority of people from the Quinte region waiting for more opportunities that economic development such as the Base growth would bring…

      I guess you’re not from Quinte… because you obviously don’t know the truth.

      • Class envy and socialism aren’t good arguments for wasting tax dollars.

  42. Isn’t this Canada? Didn’t that man pay his property taxes all his life? It makes me angry to think that after all those years the government can step in and “TAKE” what is yours!

    • The government is BUYING, not taking.

      And for plenty of coin besides.

      Trot out your sympathies for people with real problems.

  43. if some one could get a hold of the queen she might have some say in this matter

  44. The man is 86 why not just wait and let him live his finals days on his property. The military can wait. They ask men to join the military and protect our lands but then they themselves treat other Canadians like this. Just terrible!

  45. Bullies…..nothing but a bunch of bullies….

  46. wow… our government must be so proud of themselves about this one. Poor soul: my heart goes out to him.

  47. They shut down a base in Winnipeg so why doesn’t the gov/military go fart around with that land . . Oh that’s right, the Indian’s are fighting with the Gov over that property right now! . . Government action and expansion is now going to screw up another family in another province . . Life’s blood and hard worked family property will go to waste again!

    (So sorry to the Meyers family)

  48. Poor fellow. Heartbreaking story. And…more prime farm land not being used to grow food. Shame!

    • I used to live in the area, the guy used that land to grow corn for his cattle. And he’s the richest guy in the area too.

  49. There should be a facebook group, polls of whether people think Frank loosing his land is right. People should join together whether they know the man or not, or if you aren’t even in canada, because this just isn’t right.

    • Upon whom would he ‘loose’ his land?

      I could see him loosing his dogs upon the soldiers, but the land is not chained in the first place.

      • You really have nothing better to do then to pick apart someones spelling on an article. I’m sure you understood me, so go find someone else to bother =)

        • Spelling, or grammar, or malapropism… whatever.

          Your mother might be ‘loose’, but the land is not.

  50. Outsatanding! A typo i feel is appropriate. Fight! Will we not Fight for what is right? Do you think this stops with John Meyers and his Family? We are all losing our Beautiful country. We are all losing what it means to be Canadian! Stop them! Stand up! Fight!

  51. It is obvious that there is nothing left of Canada for the military to defend anymore.

    It shall no longer be needed.

  52. That’s just not right.

  53. Just sickening! In this Family for 2 centuries….shame on those who are in power to do this to an 86yr old proud man and his family and desendants who put their own blood sweat and tears into working their land and keeping it in their family.

    • Oh chill out.

      He’s getting a pantload of money with which he can buy new land.

    • Dude… his family got the land 200 years ago for $0… then for 200 years made a living out of this land… now, they got compensated millions of dollars through this expropriation. On top of that he still has acres of land in his possession… who do you pity? This guy? or the rest of the people in the Quinte community waiting for the development to happen so they can have jobs and foods for their families…. Think outside the box… emotion can’t bring food to the table and feed poor families.

      • So JTF-2 is an arm of the welfare bureaucracy?

        • FT_Ward how can it will be welfare if jobs are generated and people can have means of livelihood. Think outside your ass.

          • Jobs, especially ones with no chance of creating wealth, invented by the government for the sake of creating jobs, is epitome of the welfare state. It’s funny how the pro-defence spending/ it’ll create jobs crowd lack the introspection to understand that deep down they are socialists. “It will create jobs” is perhaps the worst reason to support this move as at it’s core is vote buying with other people’s money.

  54. soo,, gets down to the tax dollars . doesn’t the canadian government have enough “crown” land that they could train their killers?

  55. And b.s like this is why I am on the path to leaving the forces. Leave his damn farm alone

  56. A lot of posters think it’s crucial that JTF-2 be at a major air base but that’s only true if every second counts. That’s doubtful as they are third or fourth responders and our police forces are becoming better equipped to deal with armed standoffs etc.

    Even if (a big if) moving to Trenton saved a few hours in the deployment of JTF-2 to a terrorist incident wouldn’t the ~ $200 million this will cost be better used by the people who try to detect the terrorists in the first place? There is no guarantee that terrorists would even present a target JTF-2 could or would need to assault. The attack could just as well be a suicide bombing.

    Before anyone says that JTF-2 has to go to Trenton remember it’s gone through the post 9/11 years and the war in Afghanistan based in Ottawa so the move isn’t crucial. Don’t let service politics get overlooked. Putting all or some of JTF-2 in Pet alongside CSOR would make amalgamation easier. Separating them after spending $200 million on the Trenton base would take the wind out of the sails of people in DND who think CANSOFCOM should be disbanded.

  57. Capt. John Walden Meyers, a Loyalist war hero and founder of nearby
    Belleville, Ont., Frank Meyers farmed a portion of the very same plot of
    land King George III awarded to his legendary forefather for his
    service during the American Revolution.

    Actually he may just a Royal right to stay in his land, by the covenant that he has by Royal decent a right to reamin on his land.

    It refers back to a law in 1066 or 1418 that all laws deemed as parcels from the crown of England must remain thereso in redemption for King and country (the UK, not in this case Canada) in perpetuity.

    Please Mr. Meyers write to the British government and HRH herself and
    ask why can a colony do if land has deemed to you by Royal accent, as we feel they are doing this illegally and in direct violation of British English law. (Yes some of them still apply here in Canada)

    LIke to see how harpers boys handle this one as I don’t think the Canadian
    government has any jurisdiction to expropriate Royal land where ever it
    is on the globe.

    • Decent, accent…?

      ‘Reamin’ is probably supposed to be ‘remain’, but for the other two it’s hard to guess. They’re certainly the wrong words, though.

    • Land grants for military service are not perpetual.

      They’re not the same thing as charters.

      The Crown giveth, the Crown taketh away.

  58. The government only owns the paper title. The creator gave us the equitable title. He should sue in Chancery/Equity.

    • That makes even less sense.

  59. This sad affair has an eerie similarity to the situation faced by Frank Meyers illustrious
    ancestor Captain John Walden Meyers 229 years ago.

    Hans Waldenmeyer as he was originally known, already had his New York
    home and farm confiscated by the Rebels – by a cousin actually (the
    American Revolution was a bitter civil war!). By 1784 the War was lost
    and it was obvious to Loyalists like Meyers that they wouldn’t be
    returning home. Not one to wait for fate, Meyers basically went
    “AWOL” and led several hundred Loyalist-soldiers and their families to
    re-settle on Missisquoi Bay at the northern end of Lake Champlain. The
    British military authorities were not very keen at having Loyalist
    settlers directly facing Americans across the new
    border. They wanted to settle the Loyalists to the west in what would become Ontario but Meyers and the Missisquoi settlers refused to leave. They wanted to
    settle close to their primary market in Montreal. Captain Meyers had
    cleared enough land to raise 1,000 bushels of corn and declared that
    they “were determined not to move off from that land for the general’s
    order or any other nor to be drove off Except by a superior force, for
    by Lord North’s (British Prime Minister) declaration they had a right to
    settle on any of the King’s land they should chose in this province”.
    However, the British were inflexible – they threatened to cut off the provisions
    that the Meyers family depended on. Many of the settlers that Meyers
    had led to Missisquoi stayed on sparking the growth of the Eastern
    Townships. However, the Meyers family allowed to bring in their harvest but were forced to move west. They re-settled on the Bay of Quinte and in 1798 a Crown Deed granted the land to Captain Meyers, “his heirs and assigns forever” – land that today was taken from his descendants.

    I commend Frank Meyers and his family for essentially standing alone
    in this struggle for property rights, family heritage, and the freedom
    we “assume” we all enjoy. I hope that Frank will, like his ancestor,
    rise above this debacle and continue to add to the fine legacy of the
    Meyers family.

    • His ancestor ‘rose above the debacle’ by abandoning the land upon which he was squatting and moving west.

      The current Meyer can do the same, but with the inestimable advantage of having had his proverbial pockets stuffed with cash.

      • So government/authority is always right? Nothing is worth taking a stand on? Just take the money and run, eh?
        I for one am glad that our ancestors like Captain Meyers took a stand on so many issues giving us rights that we take for granted today. If not for them, we would be living in a very different place! The Eastern Townships would never have existed had it not been for Meyers and his compatriots. After Meyers settled in Sidney (CFB Trenton) he Moderated the one of the first town meetings in the country – totally illegal but they went ahead anyway – one of the early steps in Canadian democracy!

        BTW – everything is not about money! Does Frank Meyers look like he is interested in money? As he says “you can’t eat it”. When you are 86 years old and the farm is your LIFE what good is cash???

        Its easy for us to pontificate when its not happening to us!

        • Heh heh heh… “What good is cash”, you ask? You can buy new land, move somewhere else, develop more fully the land you still have in the area, rebuild the old farmhouse that is not part of the expropriation, or generally follow the robust attitude of his illustrious ancestor and adapt to changing circumstances instead of whining.

          • “Whining”??? Really?? Guess continuing this conversation is pointless..
            Just pray that your home – or whatever you value most – never stands in the way of “progress”. Oh I forgot – just “buy a new one”!

  60. Ill bet this man could live till 110+ if he was left alone! Now the government takes away his livelyhood and will to live, his remaing yrs will be bitter and angry! I would not wish that on anyone. There are thousands of acres that is not farmland that would be more than suitable. I just dont get it, and it breaks my heart.

  61. how dare they…

  62. – “Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose declared the Meyers land “absolutely essential for the safety and security of Canada””

    I can’t think of anything further from the truth. Not treating your citizens this way might actually be essential for our safety and security. They should be honest, this is about the local economy and somebodies big fat government contract.

    – “The move is the highlight of a massive base expansion project that will inject millions of dollars into the local economy”

    • somebody’s…..dawn my spelling mistakes

  63. I wonder if he has the original paperwork on the place from England. They were like a large poster and promised the owners and descendants that lived in the land and worked it , to have perpetual owner ship of the land. One I saw gave the family mineral rights, hunting rights and fishing rights in their land. I must see if I can find a copy. This is terrible. Our people were Loyalists as well and the government stole half the land for CFB Gagestown

    • Yes he has the original documentation… the documents proved that he’s the owner, that’s why he was able to sell it for two million dollars (30 percent more that the fair market value). He wanted more, but it’s more than reasonable… after knowing that, I guess you would be like me, envying his situation rather than pitying him from making millions of dollars and still owning acres of land…

      Read about expropriation. Too much emotion can cloud reality and pollute a sound mind.

  64. My husband’s family’s ranch north of San Francisco as seized as a munitions dump during WWII and never returned even when it was no longer being used by the US government. It had been settled by his ancestors from Wales and Portugal who were pioneers in the area. Eminent domain serves governments and developers who want to impose their will on individuals.

  65. Send a letter to your MP’s and have them put your word in on this. This is wrong. You don’t do this to people. Imagine living seven years, while in old age, afraid the government is going to walk in tomorrow and seize your land because it wants it. JTF or not, it’s wrong.

  66. Just another reason of many why I won’t vote for Mr Harper in the next election .

  67. This is absolutely disgusting. This is devastating for anyone, especially at such an old age. They’ll never be able to replace what they’re taking away here. Seriously, the government couldn’t let him live happily the rest of his life out on HIS land? WHY NOT. He’s 85 years old. How long do people really live these days.

  68. I thought our military was to fight for Canadians not against ??? Boy how things changed since world war 1 !! These old soldiers died for crooks to run the country.. Sad, I don’t think any military person out in the fields today join up for this crap…..this is why I can’t vote……don’t mistake that for won’t …I’m saying can’t…..these world war guys did not die to protect crooks!! What a waste of life….I”m sure some top dog can shoot this statement down and make it look like he is in the right !! Word Games !!

  69. Disgusting. The Canadian forces are a joke, and this “training” area won’t help..

    • Says someone who has no clue what they are talking about.

      • Oh I think tis you whom has no idea..

        • Then why don’t you share with us why the CF is a joke? You’re obviously an expert on the topic.

          By the way, it’s more so a base that they happen to also train at.

    • Why don’t YOU go tell the Tier 1 Spec operators that you think they are a joke. They would probably value your opinion.

  70. This brought tears to my eyes.

  71. Lets take away this man freedoms and rights as a CANADIAN citizen to train troops who will enter other countries to defend their civial rights.-Hypocrisy. So sorry for the inconsideration that has lost you your life’s work.From the Cummings Family in Nova Socita

  72. He had his job and interest first, put yourself in his place, The politican its about him, and his lying tongue… This family had this job and heritage first… please, find a heart….This is Canada for Heaven’s sake….

  73. This just breaks my heart…. How dare they take the land that he loves and has farmed all his life!! Heartless bastards! They have no right to do this!! This farm has been in this family for years and as a farm owner myself I can understand his attachment!!

  74. stupid goverment taking an elderly mans home away they have no compassion for anyone

  75. This is nothing short of disgraceful. God love him – the government should be ASHAMED – HE’S 85 years old – leave him be and find another piece of land – you make me sick.

  76. I am horrified.he is 86……this is cruel…makes me physically I’ll to think our government can at with such cruelty to one of citizens. I am disgusted and feel so sorry for this man.

  77. Totally unacceptable for the government to just take some ones land again…look what they did to the natives with there land…

  78. Now that he has nothing to lose, hopefully he will arm himself and shoot a good number of government officials, and they they’re too hard to get to, their families. Things like this will continue until the government is afraid of her people.

  79. what a sin i own a large farm myself i totally know where he comming from…the gov don’t care…they take from people who are struggleing…that’s his family history,pride and love good job canadian goverment…hope they can live with tearing the man apart

    • Struggling? They already have plenty of money and are making even more off this.

  80. They will take the land, they will have an election, and in the name of saving money, nothing will ever be done with it, it will just grow in and the Myers will be without…

  81. THIS from a country soooooo concerned about national security they let muslims through the airport without showing themselves. For the first time in my life I’m ashamed of being Canadian.

  82. Shame on Harper govt. for such a terrible act!

  83. omg… this is so terrible…what the hell is wrong with government …. no heart?, don’t care for our farmers? :(

  84. So sad . Such historical significance. Devastating for this gentleman who now may die of a broken heart.

  85. Harper just proves again and again what an asshole he is

  86. With literally hunders of millions of square miles of empty space a few miles north, they decide to open this can of worms?Folks. if you ever believed you live in a free society, its time to open your eyes.

  87. Where is Captain Kirk when you most need him. Remember the line, “the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many”? Since when does a majority have a right to deprive a citizen their right to their property? The first and primary role of government is to protect the rights and property of its citizens, not steal it away or allow others to do so.

    There are some very scary words that can be made to sound so very nice; such as, “We’re from the government. We’re here to help”. Or this load of crap; “This decision is in the National Interest”. That statement has been used to justify many atrocities. I am very concerned that this can happen in Canada. “Our Home and Native Land”.



  90. Task Force Arrowhead- the CF’s high readiness unit primarily for external operations- is lead by CSOR which is in Pet. Apparently the airfields in and around Pet are suitable for whatever planes this force requires. Since JTF-2 has operated effectively from Ottawa since it’s inception (and SERT before it) the argument that JTF-2 must be at Trenton is very weak. A more likely rationale is that it wanted more space but didn’t want to be based at Pet for institutional reasons- amalgamation with CSOR would be more plausible down the road if they were side by side, a new base would mean brand new facilties and personal- who wants to live in Pet?

    • Which airfield do they use? Clearly you don’t know. How do you know they don’t travel to Trenton?

      • The high readiness unit drives to Trenton? Or do they fly by helicopter?

        If it did that would make my point wouldn’t it.

        • Can’t really take much cargo or freight in a Griffon can you?

          It’s not entirely made up from people in Pet either. It has people from CSOR, JTF2, CJIRU…

          • You don’t know the CH-47Fs are based in Pet. Strange that you wouldn’t know that. BTW that’s another reason for the JTF-2 green element to be based in Pet- access to Chinooks and the ability to regularly train with CSOR.

          • I’m well aware of them being in Pet. All these units/task force have been around well before the Chinooks. How do you think they transported their gear prior to them?

            As for training with the Chinooks. They can fly anywhere to do training with the troops. It doesn’t have to be in Pet.

          • Then why did you mention Griffons?

            How many thousands per hour does it cost to fly a Chinook to the troops? There’s a good reason the helicopters and the troops they were bought for to be at the same base.

          • They weren’t purchased for any specific units. They could have easily said we’re going to put them in Edmonton with 1 CMBG. They can, and will be, used to support any unit and go anywhere they’re needed.

            I also mentioned Griffon’s because 450 Squadron is still getting started up. It will still be a bit yet before they’re at fully operational. They’re still training crews, maintainers, building infrastructure like hangers and sim’s.

          • They’ll go anywhere they’re needed until the fuel bills come and then just like the first batch we had they’ll be parked or sold.

          • Sure thing. If they were concerned about fuel costs then how is it the C-17’s are still going? They’re far more expensive to operate than any Chinook will ever be.

          • Wait for it. These things take time. The budget crunch hasn’t fully hit yet. Even Hillier realizes they’ve got too much gear to pay for without heavy personnel reductions.

        • I’m well aware of them being in Pet. All these units/task force have been around well before the Chinooks. How do you think they transported their gear prior to them?

          As for training with the Chinooks. They can fly anywhere to do training with the troops. It doesn’t have to be in Pet.

    • By the way, Task Force Arrowhead is not a unit, it’s a task force. It may be led by CSOR but it’s members are drawn from four units, two of which aren’t in Pet.

  91. Well yes, theres sentimental value that this man has too his farm. They tried too pay him legitimate sums of money, he chose not too accept. He mentioned how they don’t use bombs too get him off, and hes lucky, other countries his family would have been shot in front of him before they killed him and took his property. And its ultimately for the welfare of our country and its inhabitants. A lot of our bases are cold war era, and we need too keep up to date. Utilitarianism.

    • “And its ultimately for the welfare of our country and its inhabitants”

      Not so fast. It’s not clear why the move is needed apart from internal CANSOFCOM desires. Defence spending harms the general economy. DND is happy to have CSOR in Pet. Unless it can be clearly demonstrated that the JTF-2 domestic CT element can’t operate out of Ottawa the move should never have be authorized. Now that other land has been bought it’s probably too late to stop the bureaucracy as it would have to admit an expensive mistake.

      For another example of gov’t waste involving military basing check out the army move from Calgary to Edmonton. It eventually cost $1 billion (not counting the expense of Edmonton based units traveling to Wainwright for training they had been able to do in Sarcee) and started because the local reserve wanted to increase the rent on the Sarcee training area to ~ $250,000 annually. As staff officers discovered new expenses involved in the move they were told to ignore them.

    • “A lot of our bases are cold war era, and we need too keep up to date. Utilitarianism.”

      And when they come to boot you off your land, I’ll do everything I can to be there so I can laugh in your face.

  92. This is disgusting!! I suggest we all let know the Harper government and Rona Ambrose in particular how revolted we are by this. Having dealt with the provincial government and insurance companies all summer over the Alberta floods and still out of my house I feel a tiny little bit of what this man must be feeling. I lived on a farm for 13 years that the landowner is also fighting to save. It is heartbreaking. How this move is ‘essential for national security” is beyond me. Ridiculous!

  93. Just disgusting! The government owns so much land already and is forever trampling on so the toes of the public. Why should people be forced to leave their homes and give up their properties for such greedy, thoughtless proposals? Find another way a-Holes!

  94. There is not enough land in the Northern territories? They have to go and Heist families of their farms? How DARE the government is taking what they want like that without thinking more than 2 seconds, and we let them do? WE elected them, WE give them power, WE are the ones who give them money, and they think they can do that kind of stuff??? The JTF2 can go train somewhere else….This my friends, is the freakin intelligence of a bunch of officers taking decisions somewhere in Canada. Canadian’s forces were hiring peoples out in the streets not too long ago, and what do you usually find in the street? There is – good people -, – thugs -, – rapist -, ect… Congratulation Canada, you gave me more reasons to morally fight against you.

    • Put them in the North? Even further from any airlift capability. You’re starting to lose it.

      • All depends on what you mean by “north”. North can mean anywhere from just north of his property, to Ontario’s furthest point in that direction.

        And by any standard, that’s a lot of leeway.

        But taking an 85 year old farmer’s land is a new low, even for the cretins in power currently.

        What’s next, taking candy from babies?

        • I didn’t say put them in the north. The person I replied to said put them in the Northern Territories. To me that means NWT, Nunavut or Yukon, not nothern Ont.

          • Like the Tories would ever put any money into places like Nunavet, the NYT, or the Yukon?

            The political return for the sleazoids in charge isn’t worth the effort.

            Ontario’s where the big political payoff is, and anyone with eyes can see it.

          • The federal government spends more in the territories than the territories provide to federal coffers due to being heavily overrepresented in the federal legislature.

  95. As if the crown doesn’t have millions of acres already. They have to sic their lawyers on this family.

    I wonder if he contacted the OLA

  96. the only thing that’s “absolutely essential for the safety and security of Canada” is the defeat of the Harper government in the next election, and it’s replacement with a either Liberal minority, or a Liberal/NDP minority coalition.

    If there was ever a reason to NEVER give ANY party in Canada an electoral majority again, Harper’s administration has provided many that are irrefutable, of which this is the latest.

  97. You know, there is plenty of crown land in Northern ON that is not farm land and no one would have lost their family home/farm/land. Too isolated, cold, and inconvenient for the gov’t and military, I suppose.

    • Not to mention not near the air transport hub for the military….

  98. I am so sorry Mr. Meyers that this is the way the government chooses to treat it’s citizens. My heart and prayers are with you.

  99. This makes me sick

  100. harper is only interested in button down rich folk. his rep in Kamloops lets people know only the clean button-down folk need apply for her attention. KEEP THE COMMON PEOPLE OUT OF MY FACE is the Harper slogan.

  101. The province of Ontario has thousands of acres of government owned land located in rural parts of Northern Ontario. This expansion would be a great fit for Northern Ontario instead of expropriating private agricultural lands in Southern Ontario. It would also help the much needed employment in the rural parts of Northern Ontario.

  102. You can tell from stories like this that the Canada we used to know is being taken away from us. If it had been Harper’s family farm this wouldn’t have happened. No wonder Quebec wants to leave a country that can’t wait to be as gruesome as the others we read about…Oh Canada, we’re losing you…

  103. I’d bet diamonds to donuts that things will wind up stalled and delayed long enough that the poor man could have kept farming on that land till he died without ever holding up the process of the expansion.

  104. If you are unhappy with this decision, move your fingers and start writing to the contacts mentioned in this article. The problem is the general complacency by Canadians on issues like this. Individually these issues are small (not for Mr. Meyers), but these type of events are occurring all over the country. Spend 5 minutes a day writing some emails, making a call or mailing out a letter. The real Canadians grieve for you Mr. Meyers.

    • You’re grieving for who? Mr Meyers made two million dollars out of this deal… that’s more than 30 percent of the fair market value…. he wanted more money but it’s beyond reasonable… on top of that he still has acres and acres of land to his possession… the truth is, he is one of the wealthiest man in Quinte.

      Expropriation was completed in May 2012… he tried to manipulate the system to get more money and used appeal to emotions to forward his agenda.

      Remember, too much emotion can cloud a sound mind.

    • Wil… expropriation happened several years ago and was completed last May 2012…. Col. David Lowthian got assigned to Trenton in August 2013 (more than a year after the expropriation was completed)… I’m not getting your point dude… I hope you get my point…

  105. War on our local food supply.

  106. I feel sick to my stomach for Mr. Myers. I have land that has been in my family since 1906, still farmed and occupied by family, and I would be livid if anyone came along to take it. The ‘land’ means way more than just ‘land; It is 6 generations of history, celebrations, loss, life and a deep sense of knowing where we belong. You’d think by now the government would have learned something about taking peoples’ place, but I guess not. Shame on you the Government of Canada! Shame!!!

  107. Would Harper and the fountain pen bureaucrats give up their land and property and say yes, yes yes. Wouldn’t shooting Frank be less painful. Isn’t that what they are doing to him anyway but without a gun. Killing him slowly and making him suffer and humiliating his life like cave men once did. They would take from their neighbour what they wanted and when they wanted. Isn’t taking away one’s freedom and his land the ultimate death for man. This is the highest humiliation and suffering you can do to a person. To rob them of their lives and ancestry. Just shoot me and get it over with. If my life isn’t worth anything to me let alone to live in fear that nothing you work for has dignity or respect but can be taken away from you especially by the government because they want it. HM..mm “Might makes right.” Now I see why climbers try to their best to get to the top.

    • you see, Harper is a dick, hiding behind a fake Christian Front, but really, if you could hear him talk in his private moments or his deep thoughts, youd be scared as hell at the mere fact that there is a demon in there….I am Sure of it!

  108. bunch of assholes!

  109. I think it is just terrible that any one can take your property away from you just because they want it build it some were els and leave the man alone

  110. Speaking of defence spending Rick Hillier the former CDS recently on CTV said the regular force must be cut by 25%- that’s 15,000 troops- to afford the gear on order. Now does spending over $200 million to move JTF-2 sound like such a bright idea? Of course no one in charge of DND will admit it until it’s too late. See CCV and AOPS for examples of how the current GOC is incapable of pulling the plug on bad defence ideas.

  111. dislike dislike dislike! can’t wait till people do start eating there money! farms have become less and less and less, and pollution, more and more and more! lets take this farm land, that provides food, clean air and water, jobs, and more and be able to train more people to fly airplanes, drop bombs and pollute the air more. the military might be used to eating freeze dry ration packs, but i myself, enjoy real home grown food. harper you have done enough to f!@# over the lives of young and old people across the bored, maybe its time you step back and see the plant in your great great great grand children’s eyes when they are malnourished, and over crowded, but by god there air forces and navy bases are safe, and they have some money in the pocket to pay your
    more taxes! this whole scene just stinks!

  112. I’m finding harder every day to say I’m a proud Canadian. This story is one more nail in that coffin.

  113. Wow, how horribly tragic. As a land owner I understand how your land is part of your family, it’s part of who you are. To have someone able to just take it because they want it is just brutal. Shame on the Harper government.

  114. someone should start a petition at change.org for this cause. I am not familiar enough with the circumstances but I am sure there would be a lot of public support.

  115. This is unbelievable…It makes me sad to read this. Shame on our government, they should allbe hanging their heads.

  116. They just killed this man

    • He’s not dead Shmizer… He has two million dollars and acres and acres of land left at his possession… he already got 30 percent more than the fair market value and still asking for more… the truth is, Mr. Meyers is one of the wealthiest man in Quinte region.

      • Its not about wealth, jealous Quinte County resident, its about much more than that. You are ripping away a family’s ancient homestead! for BS training exercises that are not truly needed! there is no “market value” worthy of such provenance or attachement, its a crime of the highest order, to make a family homeless from their own Seat! you are clearly an apt dweller that never owned anything, or somekind of PC Tory drone.

        • I recommend that you educate yourself Marco. Read about the Law of Expropriation… in other countries it’s called Law of Eminent Domaine. It exists not only in Canada. It exists all over the world for the purpose of serving the common good.

          Think outside your ass.

          • Believe me “truth” ass-face. I live in the Metropolis of Eminent Domain, relatively small city, where giant swaths of historical buildings were & continue to be demolished under this “law”, also….accuser of ass thinking….I am descendant of a peoples that were completely Expropriated of all their farms, homes, history, possessions & every single thing that could not be hurriedly moved or sown into garments! Dont presume to tell me, that I do not know anything about anything….You are taking away this family’s everything, the old fella will die from this loss, in the coming years, Could have been Canadian & Gentil & waited 5 more years, for when he goes in peace & naturally. & really for what? to expand the CFB Trenton Golf & Country Club?!?! cause that is what it looks like. They could just as fast scrap their playground & train on those grounds! Greater Good MY ASS. Now that is talking about my ass! BTW why does an Airbase need a Golf Course, WTF is that?!?!

          • Yes, they’re taking 400 hectares of land to expand the already 18 hole golf course. Good call.

            By the way, a lot of bases have golf courses.

          • Marco Polo: were you kicked-out of the military and currently JPSU? with all your comments, you sound like either of the two or a bitter service member who knew so little yet thinking that you know a lot. I was reading your comments and I can sense that you don’t really know what you’re talking about because most of them do not make sense.

          • What I am saying that makes me sound like I know a lot yet know so little? what gives the impression that I am ex-military? Which comments make no sense? why is it, that no one is allowed to be upset over anything or non-pc anymore? Are we all supposed to just lie down, take whatever the overlord wants for us, say thank you & please Sir some more? bitter, perhaps, but reasonably, I’d say, given how the overlords behave toward the rabble, no?

    • The only other person here that thought the exact thing I thought as soon as I read the article.

  117. CRIMINALS CRIMINALS CRIMINALS!!! Use Harpers house on Susix Dr.! Leave our citizens alone, Farm land should be protected!!

  118. Shame on them! This makes me sick!!!!

  119. So much for the Freedom we take for granted in Canada. You can’t tell me there is no other place they could have built this facility. Expropriation should be a last resort and only used in a time of war.

  120. This is a very sad case this isn’t just a Conservative Government issue so quit beating that horse. Back in the Trudeau days we lost 700 acres of farmland to the Mirabel airport. No choice just sell or else. In the end they found out they didn’t need it so they sold or deeded it back to the original owners and the general public.
    I love how people instantly jump on one political party as soon as something terrible like this happens before they do the research. Gives them a good feeling to put the hate on a party they don’t like and are motivated to be rid of.
    Face it people no matter who is in power if the Government wants something you have especially property they will get it. Oh and don’t get me started on the mineral rights on the property you think you own!

  121. It is very strange to hear most human tax payers typing sayings of all kinds about the so called “goverment”. What is the worst of it all is that WE the people are the goverment. The one at the Parlement and other goverment offices work for us the tax payers. Although most of some humans can’t establish the thought of it because they keep repeating themselfs over and over . Such as The Goverment will do this and that. What don’t you get people??? Is it that hard to understand ?? It is truly shameless to see them take land that has been feeding the public for generations in ever possible way , to build a Army Base. Come on …is it truly all about War??? And who is going to pay for this so called Army Base??? Wow…Unbelievable . I’m sure to see some of you comment on my sayings, although it won’t bother me . My opinion is that its very stupid . And some of us thought Canada was a good country ..hahahahahaha to that thought. It doesn’t matter where you live ..things will always be the same. Work hard …pay bills ..eat ..live ..love …laugh…but in the long run …we always lose no matter what. Goverment Workers should be the ones to lose things..not us THE GOVERMENT.
    To the Mayer’s Family …I am truly sorry to see this happen to such a hard working family.
    May God Bless you.

  122. our government it totally screwed up, i am sure there was other land that wasn’t being used to produce food by someone who obviously loved what he did and were he lived. But they don’t care maybe our canadian forces can sharpen their bows and arrows on their new training site

    • Hahahaha! LIKE.

  123. The world is going towards shortage of food and Harper wants to use farmland to build a base that he’s not even going to be there to see the end of the construction? Good thing I never voted for Harper.

  124. The deeper issue here is that Ontario’s Prime Farmland is getting eaten up -whether it’s an army base, a proposed mega quarry, new dumps or urban sprawl, people need to start realizing the importance of protecting and fighting for Ontario’s prime farmland-the best farm land in CANADA. Everyone needs to eat. And without local family farms, everyone in this province plus the estimated 4.4 million people expected to arrive to live and work in Ontario by 2041- (a total of 13.5 million people) will be relying solely on imported food. Someone commented on the fact that the corn this farmer was growing was to feed his cows- yes – so what – people may not be eating the corn , but it feeds the cows that produce the milk or the beef that you DO consume. Google environmental defense for more information.

    • sorry, we cant take more people….they want to live here, ship em’ North, were there is room & they wont build shitty vynil ‘houses’ on farm land!

  125. he felt palestianian for a sec, fortunately he wasnt forced to give it to a pariah
    government and recieved

  126. yeah, it’s about “jobs, families, and economic development” – so much the ridiculous Harper party line on everything from air force bases to immigration. the thing is, sometimes Canada is about PEOPLE. what about the PERSON behind the “economic development”? such utter bull. i am heartsick for this man and his family – salt of the earth Canadian people being run roughshod by a government that doesn’t know what’s good for anyone. so much so that they can’t even start fall session on time… idiots.

    • cause Harper is a heartless mindless dickhead. sorry, as much as i want to like him, he continually pisses everyone off. he is so Anti-Canadian, that its actually absurd that he be the King of Harpernada at all, in the first place.

  127. Wow!! is there anything we can do, this is so sad. Really what are you thinking Harper..you suck….

  128. Quote: “We are concerned about his emotions,” says Captain Christopher Daniel.
    “His condition is our top priority. We want to make sure he’s okay.”)

    How the hell can they substantiate such unbelievable rhetoric when it comes with such an insincere and hollow ring to it.

    Put another way, if they really cared about one man and his land, would they be doing this in the first place? Words mean nothing without action and in this politically correct bulls1t filled world, the government amounts to the same hill of beans.

    • Understand the context of the quote, Justin… In the article, it was indicated that after the expropriation a year ago, CFB Trenton has been doing everything to accommodate Mr. Meyers’ request to extend the time that they can get their equipment, livestock, and harvest their last crop.

      In the article, it was also clearly indicated that CFB Trenton did everything they can to postpone the putting up of the “No Trespassing” sign and the closing of the gate because… “[they] are concerned about his emotions,” and [they] want to make sure he’s okay” before they do the job they have to do.

      Read, comprehend, and think…. and it’s indeed hard to think when you let emotions take over you.

    • they killed him. they could have at least waited 5 more years, for him to go in peace & naturally on his own. kill him in his last years, its like Harper needs to anguish of the innocent to feel alive!

      • Marco… Mr, Meyers wasn’t killed. He is a rich man. He made two million dollars out of this deal (30 percent more than the fair market value) and still have acres and acres of land in his possession.

        Emotions are part of our humanity, but don’t forget to think… because “thinking” is what makes us human.

  129. Why, they have other empty Bases, like Chilliwack, even St. Hubert. Why do they take away this mans land.

    • So you want them to be further away from air assets than they already are in Ottawa?

      • air assests? yes, because Canada is in serious danger….we absolutely need the RCAF to be closer to the PM & MP’s homes, so they can use the aircraft to fly to their fave fishing locals! yes, that is a real priority! dont be blinded by hyped up fake PC Tory National “safety” BS!

        • What the heck are you talking about? This is definitely the most out to lunch reply yet.

          By the way, which MPs use DND planes regularly?

          • Did Ministers not use expensive military machinery to fly themselves in & out of remote hunting/fishing camps? I mean, if it happened once, it sure as hell happened 12 times in the last 50 years. We as the rabble barely know anything that is really happening, that I can be sure of. the government has a lot of secrets in the past & for the future. Politicians are Master Manipulators. I mean, 27 thousand dollars flight to go fishing? drive , like every other red&white blooded Canadian man.

          • A minister (just one) used a helicopter to pick himself up yes. That minister was the minister of national defense so of course he has some pull. I don’t agree with it but my opinion doesn’t matter in the long run.

            Most ministers or MP’s would have little to no use of DND planes and they certainly won’t have one rushed out to pick them up at a camp.

          • herein lies the problem….while MPs MPPs are given very large comfortable salaries + perks + allowances, they still take more advantage of their position & as though they seem to forget that all the things they use & get, are funded by average Canadian taxpayers….who do not even get to make $27,000 annually in their own wage!!!! but he can burn $27,000 in half-an-hour to get out of camp!?!?! Hello? Allo? Bonjour? Hola?

          • & yes your opinion Should matter in the long run, You helped pay for it!! it wasnt a battle cry need to fly out of there. he has a government car, drive.

  130. This is so wrong on so many levels!!! Makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!

  131. Please stop giving the Canadian government the label “Harper Government”

    • Welcome to Harpernada! Where he lies & steals & corrupts voting results to get himself into Supreme Power. wont happen a 3rd time….

  132. Get everyone in the area to sign something saying they want to keep their land and fight this, this isn’t right at all they want land tell them to f***ing buy it somewhere else. Keep standing up for your rights.

  133. This is awful! We need to support our farmers so we can keep having access to good food!

  134. Have you folks ever heard about a little bitty army base in New Brunswick Canada by the name of CFB Gagetown? Have you heard of the hundreds of families and farms and the numerous entire villages and communities swallowed up and displaced by the federal military machine in the 1940’s for the greater national good? We are talking here of a significant land mass of south central NB many acres of farm, forest and watershed. Most of these people, honest hardworking farmers were given bare minimum expropriation payment for their life’s work, their farms, their homes and their businesses. Yet they gave it up, understanding, as it was explained, their patriotic duty to their nation. But, believe this, it wasn’t done with out much pain and hardship to many, many good people. As a child and grandchild of one these displaced families I sympathize with the people affected in this story but also want to remind that this is not unique nor is it as large and traumatic as what happened in NB some 60 years ago.

  135. So, we might as well be in Russia or Afghanistan or some third world country. What happened to our inalienable rights?

    • Read about the law of Expropriation… in other countries it is called of Eminent Domaine. Canada is not the only country who has this law; it exists all over the world, with the purpose of serving the common good.

  136. This farm is a national treasure, and should be maintained as an example of earliest farming and homesteading. That old barn must be a beauty. What a treasure you are throwing away! You can’t eat money, and you can’t undo concrete. Foolishness. Short-sightedness.

    • the barn is not a beauty… it has lots of asbestos… stop romanticizing his situation… the farm is a recreational farm of Mr. Meyers and his old farm help… this son and daughter don’t farm… the corn planted is not really sweet corn, the truth is they are cow feed corn for his cattle… he already made two million dollars out of this deal and still asking for more but it’s beyond reasonable… his home is in his acres of land which was not affected by the expropriation… the truth is he is one of the wealthiest guys in the Quinte region… he was expropriated last May 2012, dragged the process and manipulated the public’s emotions hoping to get more money… Think Janet.,.. Think!

      • just cow feed….ya that may be, but guess what? you & your buddies fry up cow muscles on your bbq, dont ya? guess what, there will be less food to feed the cows that you use to feed your heartless face by next fall. Mr “truth”.

    • A national treasure? Really? How many people here actually heard of the Meyers farm prior to these articles? I bet very very few.

  137. I am Disgusted. Not proud of Canada’s way of treating a true Patriot. SHAME, Harper and Co.

    • A true Patriot will give and sacrifice for the common good. It looks like Mr. Meyers is only thinking about himself and how much more he can negotiate. Mind you, he already got 30 percent more of the fair market value and still asking for more.

      Re-read the last paragraph. I know it’s hard, but try to read it with an open mind and don’t let your emotions overpower you. Be analytical and you may be able to grasp a grain of truth.

  138. Is this article a reflection of truth or a sensational way of storytelling, trying to romanticize and add drama in order to sell the story? I’m starting to doubt the integrity of this journalist.

    • bullshit PC Tory response to actual emotions & real life average people’s problems, cause by Rich Asshole PC Tory WASPS, trying to turn everything around so they look like angels, hiding behind fake Christianity while actually being the worst devils in the country! ya, that is what statements like what you make sound like….

  139. whatever happened to “respect” for the elderly? obviously people in government have sunk very low in their treatment of the elderly. It is not necessary, what they want- right now- can they not allow this man to finish out his days on his much loved land?? i am totally appauled at the way his needs are being overlooked. This will finish this poor man, i hope people involved feel his pain for a very long time.

  140. People, have you read the last paragraph? DND is not the villain… review the article with an open mind…

    “Technically, the Meyers are not completely banned from the farm. Not yet, at least. Col. David Lowthian, the new wing commander at CFB Trenton, has ordered his staff to be as accommodating as possible as the Meyers adjust to their new reality. For the next month, they will be allowed to enter the property during the day to continue removing their belongings (as long as they notify the base in advance), and when the
    corn is ready, they can also request permission to harvest their crop one final time. “Throughout the process we have remained respectful and non-confrontational with Mr. Meyers,” says Daniel, the base spokesman. “That is what we have been doing, and that’s what we’ll continue doing.”

    “John Meyers admits that DND has been “fair” with his family. The department of public works is completely different story, he says, as they continue to haggle over the final selling price, including moving costs. (The Meyers house, and a small piece of surrounding land, were spared from expropriation). But whatever the final result, whatever the final selling price, one thing is certain: at some point, as winter settles in, the gates will be locked for good. And the view from Frank’s front window, a source of pride for so many decades, will be a painful sight to see.”

  141. They say that it is good for the area but not for a couple of people!! Well I think that the Government sucks cause it is the Meyer’s family property not the governments!!! The Thing is if it was one of the Governments family farms that was an issue that they would leave it alone!!! Mr. Meyer’s is right they are all a bunch of bullies!!! Is the Government not trying to stop Bullying in the schools ??? Well they need to stop doing the Bullying Themselves FIRST!!!!! Children learn from the people around them for example the GOVERNMENT!!! They are acting like a bunch of kids on the playground , someone has something they want and they are going to PLAY DIRTY TILL THEY GET IT!!! NICE CANADA!!! I used to be Proud of Our country but truthfully They make me sick!!! You change everything around so you don’t offend the immigrants that come here and then always talk about how wonderful it was in their home country!! Well if it was sooooo wonderful why aren’t YOU still there!!! This Man deserves to Have his Farm it has been his for YEARS!!!! I’M SURE THAT THE GOVERNMENT HASN’T FAILED TO TAKE HIS MONEY FOR TAXES EACH YEAR ON THE PROPERTY AND ALSO FOR THE MONEY THAT HE MADE FROM FARMING!!!
    The real question is are they trying to give this Man a heart attack or Just Have Him Die with a Broken Heart!!!!

    It doesn’t matter which party they belong to cause they are padding their own pockets and making the poor poorer and the Rich Richer !! I wish Our Seniors had the pensions that they deserve and not someone that has been in politics of 4-8 years !! They are Very much Over Paid and have big benefits till they die!! Very Sad!!
    Do You ever think of how these people go to sleep at night when they are soooo cruel to fellow human beings!!!

  142. Provided more and more reason to never vote conservative again…I’m ashamed.

  143. The expanding bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy. What we need is smaller government that is mindful that THEY work for US, the people.

  144. Sick and disgusting. I am ashamed to have a govt like this in canada. Shame on you all for driving a man out of his home and land. It is HIS LAND and NOONE has a right to take it away from him.

  145. Harpers new motto? Make war not food!

  146. Canada has a special forces unit…?

    • Yes. Canada has a special forces unit that protects you, your family, and friends.

      They also have wife and kids, and they sacrifice everything for the common good, so that you and I can have the freedom to lounge in our homes, surf the net, make nasty comments, and blame those who’s serving all of us.