99 stupid things the government spent your money on

Snowmobile clubs, an archery centre and a non-existent bridge


Canada’s finances may be the envy of the world, but the bar is awfully low these days. Whether it’s Ottawa, the provinces or municipalities, governments across the country face horrendous deficits. We must tighten our belts, say the politicians. Austerity and cutbacks are the order of the day.

Only, you wouldn’t know it looking at this list. What follows is but a slice of the silly, wasteful, craven and often outright stupid ways governments at all levels spent taxpayers’ money over the last year. To find our 99 items, Maclean’s scoured press releases and auditor generals’ reports, contacted watchdog groups like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, and waded through news reports, looking for examples where the money was either spent or announced in 2011. We also included a handful of egregious instances of waste that only came to light in the past 12 months, even if the actual cash was doled out in previous years.

Not everyone will agree with all these items being on the list. Some will justify handouts to companies and sports teams as necessary to “promote economic activity,” or they’ll say a camping program for new immigrants was a nice thing to do. Sure, it would be great if we could afford everything, but at a time when government spending is under the knife, when services and jobs are being cut, it’s clear many of those with their hands on the public purse have yet to come to terms with Canada’s new fiscal reality.

Here is a sample of questionable spending on subsidies and infrastructure Check us out tomorrow to see more stupid things your government did with your money .  

BIG MONEY PLAYERS — He shoots, he scores another subsidy

1 Bailouts on ice: Abbotsford, B.C., dished out $1.3 million to the owners of the Abbotsford Heat AHL hockey team as part of a 10-year agreement guaranteeing the money-losing team that it won’t actually suffer any financial losses. The problem is that nobody buys tickets. They might as well. One way or the other the people of Abbotsford are going to pay.

2 Snow job: In 2011 the federal government unleashed a blizzard of funds on Quebec snowmobile clubs—nine groups received a windfall of at least $1.5 million. Over the past three years Stephen Harper’s government has pumped $6 million into Quebec snowmobile clubs. Not to be outdone, the province of Ontario set aside $500,000 for loop trails of its own.

3 Putt putt: Residents of London, Ont., who don’t golf are still picking up more than a few rounds for those who do. Since 2007, two of the city’s three taxpayer-owned courses lost more than $620,000 amid a glut of public and private courses in the region.

4 Broken arrow: What do you do with an unused curling rink in a Prairie community of 250, namely, Viscount, Sask.? If you’re the stimulus-happy federal government, you offer up $9,000 to convert it into an “upgraded, energy efficient” archery centre.

5 Sand trap: The City of Windsor spent $1 million to rebuild sand traps at the Roseland Golf and Curling Club, which the city owns.

6 Offside: Vancouver taxpayers paid more than $2 million for the Canucks’ Stanley Cup run and riot. Last we checked, the Canucks were a wildly profitable private company (playoff ticket sales earned the team $44 million) that doesn’t need taxpayers to subsidize a party for its fans.

7 Ottawa put $5 million toward marketing and celebrating the 2012 Grey Cup in Toronto.

8 B.C. paid $550,000 for a Grey Cup party in Vancouver.

9 Hydro Ottawa paid $28,450 for Senators hockey tickets while trying to raise rates to cover increasing “business costs.”

10 Auditors in Winnipeg found six semi-private golf clubs pay just $1 a year to lease public land, even as city-owned courses racked up $8 million in debt.

11 The City of Ottawa spent $21,000 on a five-minute video on how to use bike lanes.

PAVED WITH GOLD — Cashing in on the infrastructure boom

12 A bridge elsewhere: New Brunswick taxpayers must cough up $4 million to fix a bridge 3,600 km away. The province guaranteed $70 million worth of loans for Miramichi-based Atcon Group, the general contractor for the $182-million Deh Cho Bridge project in the Northwest Territories. Then Atcon was removed from the project and went into receivership. An audit said the province must repair work done by Atcon.

13 Gearing down: P.E.I. spent $330,000 building a parking lot for trucks for times when the Confederation Bridge is closed due to stormy weather, but it never gets used because it’s in the middle of nowhere. During a windstorm in October when the bridge was closed for 36 hours, only three trucks used the lot. The rest parked on the road.

14 The watchers: Infrastructure in Quebec is so shabby that the government paid $170,000 per month for guards to keep heavy trucks off Montreal’s Mercier Bridge 24 hours a day.

15 A bridge too far: Ottawa is spending $1.16 million to design a pedestrian bridge over a busy highway, even though no decision has been made on whether the bridge is actually needed. (It depends on future plans for a nearby stadium.) The province is widening the highway and wants to know the proposed bridge’s dimensions, in case it ever gets built.

16 Quebec paid $1.2 million to send transport officials overseas to study the latest in engineering technology, including trips to Burkina Faso and Algeria.

17 In its rush to qualify for federal stimulus dollars, the City of Ottawa spent $1.8 million to buy land it would have eventually gotten for free under a “right-of-way” arrangement with the landowner.

18 The feds forked out $268,000 for a footbridge in Forestville, Que.

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99 stupid things the government spent your money on

  1. It’s Auditors’ General reports or perhaps more easily, reports from Auditors General.

  2. #12   Rest easy tps, the bridge still isn’t finished[ it’s supposed to replace a ferry and icebridge crossing the Mackenzie…we’re still using the ferry/ice bridge]. I wont depress you [and me] by digging up figures on just what the NWT govt gave Acton to fail…apparently they used crappy concrete.


    What truly enrages me is stories like this. The govt can grease whatever sqeaky wheel it has to for whatever vacuous reason it so chooses, but why do this?

  3. Add to this almost $400,000 in grants to build an emergency wharf and dock for Denman Island in case the BC Ferry is out of service.   Reality- ferry hasn’t missed a single sailing in more than 7 years!

    • Isn’t that the same ferry the BC libs have been trying to shut down or privatise forever? Maybe they can turn the wharf and dock into an exclusive private marina?  

      • Yah,  plan is to build a cable ferry and replace both terminals –  est. $25 million –  will end up $50 million and then they’ll turn it over to a private operator.   Will in the end likely end up a $100 million fiasco!  

  4. This type of stuff pisses me off. I bust my ass to make a dollar and the government spends it on usesless shit faster than I can make it and if they need more, they simply raise our tax’s. Time to stop paying tax’s and start a revolt.

    • i agree we need a tax revolt its gotten out of control

      • We could start by small business refusing to collect HST for the government for free. Either pay us to do that or do it yourself!

    • We need to put more money toward educating Canadians about the use of the apostrophe.. :P

      • how so

      • I think I could probably put together a grant proposal to do just that and it would only cost taxpayers a few million dollars!!! :)

  5. Liberal, Tory same old story…its doesn’t matter who is in government, all parties are increasing debt, spending and hiring is out of control…what a mess!!!

     ““We don’t want the party to end, the “free” trips, expense accounts…perks, gold plated pensions, free this, free that…Yes indeed, see we in government, are all entitled to our entitlements folks and we can’t stop that, at least not until we retire. Our unions say so, it’s ours and we want it now…$$$”

    Scum bag parasitic unions, police, all government…all the same, bankrupting future generations…and they don’t give a damn.

    We now have over 3.6 million people working for government across the country. Average salary in government is 70 thousand (including benefits, pension, bonuses…) yearly and rising. Average salary in the private sector is 45 thousand yearly and dropping. Over 10% of government employees now make over 100 thousand yearly. In the private sector the number is under 2%. Look to Greece, Ireland and Quebec (all bankrupt), this is where Canada is headed if we don’t stop equalization and get spending and government growth under control. This tax and spend, union scum, socialist, big government, social engineering that has been destroying this country has got to stop. Yes, it has left Quebec and has been spreading throughout the rest of the country since the 1960”s, that’s right over 5 decades of massive government growth, massive government hiring, higher taxes, skyrocketing government salaries, social engineering ( the expensive forced phony charter, bilingualism, multiculturalism…) and more and more debt. Thanks Trudeau, Tanks kebec (original native spelling). Don’t believe me; go check the stats for yourself.

    Try to digest this scum bags. Who do you think is going to pay off all this debt you are leaving your children, your grandchildren? That’s what I thought, you don’t care! You greedy, greedy scum bags.

    • How true, sadly, before anything happens, it will be too late.

    • How about the CEO salaries at the 1 million and up a year–not all civil servants make 70K a year — the provincial  home care workers are at the low end  salary scale . /don’t lump everyone .The mayors of cities make less money than business leaders in private frims.

      • CEO salaries are private money, not taxpayers.

        • Not so in the health system.  These guys earn salaries equivalent to private on the grounds of the scale of operation they manage. Which is bullturd. They do not have to worry about market share (they are a monopoly) or revenue (it is decided by government.  The most they have to do is rule on budgets and advise (not negotiate) and smile at a camera) on labour relations which are also constrained by the provincial fiscal framework.  The number of  “executives” or administrators is way more than needed and paid way more than necessary.  We need people at the bedside, not in the office.  Lets have a major purge there in the health system and in crown corporations like BC Ferries, BC Hydro, Ontario Hydro  etc etc

    • lol I here yous all and so does Jehovah. We shouldnt be a bit surprised if youra christian the bible talks about these government people yes there are very few in government because Jehovah has them there or wed suffer bigger but soon this world that belongs to the devil will end if you dont see it yet well I hope God finds you before then but as for the government the bible says its of satans world so its eaiser to except and see it all the money and material will not save your spirit in the end it will be how you lived and if you believe in Jesus its hard cause we human and our desires are strong but start thinking as it like i said and you’ll soon see that Jehovah isn’t that far away.God bless

  6. You forgot to include the 1.2 billion dollars to CBC.

    • Dislike

  7. What does snoop dogg have to do with this article?

    • Wait for later articles in this series to see. So far, we have seen only 1 through 18.

  8. Why do people even vote for harper??????? Are all Canadians drunk or something??????

    • Harper is the lesser of all the evils. Problem is, they way its setup, you have to vote an assclown in, wether he’s good or bad, so really, you vote the the idiot that will do the least damage.

      So if not Harper, who else? If we’d picked Jack, we’d be in a whole bunch of shit right now as he’s dead.

      • Funny how the person who is prime minister gets the blame, who ever he is in the past or the future. People do not realize the fault likes with every government employee, provincial or federal. They are the 20 to 25 years lifers, make all the decisions. Does not matter which party is in power, they suck the system dry and hey do so little work and get paid far too much.What the decide happens. No if ands or buts. Been there and heard them say that to me personnally,” We make the decisions,no matter who is in power”.

      • Wow. That’s pretty disrespectful to the departed Mr. Layton and his family. You speak as though all politicians are bulls in a china shop, but Mr. Layton built his political career on equality, justice, and honesty. What kind of damage would he have done? As a side note, the ideology of the NDP did not die with him.

        My issue with Mr. Harper lies with integrity and honesty. Proroguing parliament; lying about taxing income trusts; underselling AECL; and the constant attack ads claiming that every other party is led by Satan himself. No integrity, no honesty, and no heart.

        If you really wanted the leader who would do the least amount of damage, wouldn’t that be the one watching us from the great House Of Commons in the sky? I wish he was still with us, proving to all, how wrong you are.

        • integrity and honesty are two things that Harper has never had or never will.

      • Lesser of evils?  Give me a break.  His record on spending indicates just the opposite.  Since he has taken the reigns of government he has become the largest spending government in Canadian history, putting us in to the largest deficit in canadian history.  Just because he calls the Liberals and the NDP “Spend and tax”, it doesn’t excuse his “Spend bigger and borrow” attitude.  Say what you want about Dion, but his proposal to realign parliament ridings to maintain the same amount of MP’s makes musch more sense than the expansion of seats offered by Harper and his big spending government.

    • it would help if there was someone different to vote for.maybe a co opperative party shoul be formed.

      • There is different parties to vote for.  If the older people would look at the history of the Conservatives and Liberals and realize that the best predictor of the future is past behaviour. (we are guaranteed to be ripped off and not listened too with Conservatives and Liberals) Then maybe some would start voting for NDP or Green parites who want to help this country rather than fill their own pocket books.

      • Any new party that came in to power that truly wanted to do something for people – to give us a good quality of life and make us proud of our representatives in parliament would need an army of protection to do just that. The “25+ yearers” that havanoo talks about cling to their positions like barnacles on a ship. Getting rid of them would require a very brave and coordinated country of people. They count on creating chaos and controversy and keeping people distracted by fighting over “crumbs and bones” and outrageous spending. Their motto: Another day of chaos and discord, another day I get to keep my cushy job.

    • No unfortunately the baby boomers are the majority of the voting  population and they only believe there are two parties.  Sadly things might improve when there are less baby boomers voting.

      • maybe things might improve if more people of voting age actually get informed and vote, if there are more baby boomers voting, it is because there are very few people from 18 to 30 who actually bother. Can’t complain if you don’t participate! Democracy is not a spectator sport

      • You’re complaining about the baby Boomers voting?  Maybe the non-baby boomers should actually gety informed and vote.  That would be a better solution.  But the sad thing these days is the that the voters are passively informed and they vote with the way the media wants them to vote.  So whoever controls the media, controls the minds of the voters.  Facts and truth mean nothing.

    • hey I’m no Harper fan, but  I’m not sure if you remember that little thing called the sponsorship scandal. 

      • Whitey, let’s put things in to perspective.  !00 million spent on sponsorship of Canada in a referendum to take Quebec out of the confederation.  Much of that amount was legitimate costs.  Criminals defrauded the government in a poorly run program.  Now lets compare that to a billion$ spent on a weekend meeting in Toronto.  You focus too much on a 20-year old issue from the last century when there are huge abuses of the taxpayer dollar in the last 5 years that you refuse to acknowledge.

        • refuse to acknowledge?!? jets, jails, jerks.  did you not see that i’m no harper fan…i don’t trust this government as far as i can throw it.  you think i liked the G-20?!?  just because i didn’t say don’t mean that i refuse to acknowledge it.  my point is to all the political posters on here is that all governments waste money.  boy are your panties in a bunch.  i’m guessing you must be a liberal fan.  i vote for a person not a party.

    • Why on earth do you think people actually voted for Harper. That’s redic:

      Harper cheated in 2006 with in-and-out fraudulent
      transactions to get around spending limits.

      Harper cheated in 2008 by calling an illegal election.

      Harper cheated in 2011 with misleading and deceptive phone

      Stephen Harper is not our Prime Minister. Harper stole all 3 last elections. It’s much worse than we’ll ever know.


    • It doesn’t matter what government is in power. Don’t you remember Shawinigate with the Chretien Fiberals, Adscam and the cancelled helicopters?.

  9. This comes as no surprise..  And yet, people keep voting in said pilferers and idiots.  The government has no money to help the poor or even give a hand to the working man or woman.  But they have more than enough money to throw around on this stupid crap?  Really?  Can someone tell me exactly WHAT they were smoking?

  10. the problem is: if a government branch doesn’t spend the money then they lose it forever. that system needs to change. i worked for a blinds company in B.C. and every year we put brand new blinds in an old folks home. if they didn’t order them one year then they would lose their budget for them forever. of course my boss didn’t care because it was good for his business.

  11. 4) If it now sees use, this hardly seems unreasonable…
    9) Something tells me $30k hardly touches what qualifies as ‘increased business costs’ – and it’s perfectly normal for a corporation to have a set of season tickets…
    11) Sounds perfectly legitimate to me again…
    18) Needs more details if one is to be outraged about it.

    • 9) Hydro Ottawa Limited is wholly owned by the City of Ottawa. Thus, it is really the municipal government that purchased these tickets. In my view, that is an egregious waste of taxpayer’s money, considering rising utility costs.

      • $0.10 per customer per year is the rate hike you’re worried about?  I think you’d have trouble finding a corporation public or private with 300,000 customers that doesn’t spend some amount of money on entertainment.

        • In the past two years Hydro Ottawa’s rates have risen by over 16%. For a company that is directly funded by the taxpayer, any waste of money should not be tolerated. Regardless of whether or not other companies are allocating funds toward entertainment, it is still wrong. 

          The official reason for the tickets was supposedly networking and to discuss business, but I still feel as though it is inherently a waste of taxpayers’ money considering that there are more cost-effective ways of doing this. 

  12. Since your list includes municipal, provincial and federal spending, do you mean the City of Ottawa or the Government of Canada when you say “Ottawa?” What do you mean when you say “Quebec?” Do you mean the city or the federal government in #15? 

    Unless you believe sloppy writing is best for reporting on sloppy spending, surely it’s not too much to expect that you provide the actual name of the government that is doing the spending.   

    • Why is it that you find problems with this article, but have nothing negative to say about the waste itself?

      This is why Canada is in the state it’s in today…people never pay any attention to what’s important, as they’re so easily distracted from what they NEED to be paying attention to, or they simply don’t CARE AT ALL about the problems that are screaming for THE PEOPLE of Canada to put and end to.

  13. Funny how the Federal government hasn’t spent any money in Con country Alberta… Looks like their intent is to buy votes!

  14. quadra island harbour authority spent over ten thousand dollars in legal fees to expel 2 commercial fishing vessels from the public dock . they alleged the vessels owed a minimal amount of fees and sued based on a unenforceable contract. 

  15. Now do you think we get the cream of the crop when we pay the ceo’s the going rate so we don’t lose them to private enterprise

  16. A lot of this money, I think, is “polite” graft and corruption.
    Companies that get a slice of these contracts charge exorbitant rates, many times what they
    normally would be.
    Politics is a business, and the directors (politicians) make sure they get more than their
    share, and lucrative contacts when they retire.

  17. You have not even touched the real issues of spending by
    our governments.

    And if people in Canada wish to listen to the words that
    economically we are doing ok then they are the biggest fools of

    Carbon tax for what are they actually using it for the
    environment I do not think so.

    I was involved with a government program in BC in which
    the government was spending hand over fist rather than deal with the real issue
    at hand and just repairing the fence along the Yellowhead Highway

  18. I don’t know about you guys, but I only count 18 ways.  Should we have Maclean’s up for false advertising?

  19. I’m not denying that a lot of money does get wasted or is irresponsibly spent – it’s inevitable – but as good a story as this is, no one really sees the big picture here. Some of the items above could have been justified to some extent. Often times the government is overcharged for things that it procures because of dishonest contractors/taxpayers. No one person or government party is responsible for everything listed here. Ordinary taxpayers have to do their part. Some people will say we shouldn’t pay taxes because of x,y,z, so they evade taxes and then the government has to raise taxes on the rest of the honest taxpayers. 

  20. so what else is new lol

  21. You forget to mention the F-35, the useless and expensive flying lemon.

  22. What about the 100 million of untendered contracts to dig a ditch to help alleviate (naturally occurring) flooding in Manitoba on first nations land, plus another 50 million plus to accomadate a few hundred first nations in the interlake of Manitoba in temporary accomodations. 10’s of millions or more dolled out because of election promises during the flood. Get real people this was naturally occurring.

  23. and the CBC? 250,000 on a party for Georgie, truly our tax pdollars in action. Can we set it up so we can “opt out” into paying for CBC and leave it up to whoever wants to donate?

  24. $1.2 billion for the left wing, subversive corporation cbc.. thats $1.2 Billion..  everything else is immaterial

  25. and why again are my taxes going up?

  26. and you guys are Conservatives. They ought to call you Les Spenders !!!

  27. And how much did you get paid/did the corporation make for coming up with this article?  
    Hard to believe that governments pay money to support physical activity or honour contractual agreements!!!

  28. It seems to me the people who make these irresponsible decisions should pay part of the expenses out of their own pocket.

  29. And the Federal government paid  $1.4 billion of taxpayer dollars to foreign oil companies in Alberta who already are making obscene profits.

  30. Contract KickBacks:

    Lessons on How Harper’s Reform
    Party is Run:


    A “Fat Cat Businessman” gains
    the trust of a government official.  Soon
    “Fat-Cat Businessman” gives government / politician guy wads of cash in exchange
    for unfettered access to all the good juicy untendered contracts.  


    The following is optional:  Soon Fat-Cat is blackmailing the government
    guy for lack of ethics.  End result is
    government guy becomes Fat-Cat’s beyotch. 
    Fat-Cat now completely owns and controls government politician guy.


    Everyone else in society is left
    scratching their heads trying to figure out why politician guy makes such weird
    and crazy policy decisions that make NO SeNSE.



  31. Kick Backs in Harperland


    From the deep suspicion federal,
    provincial and metropolitan forces are padding their bills to the pork barrel
    rolling out in Tony Clement’s Muskoka riding, there’s a nagging sense police,
    public servants and politicians are wallowing in a bottomless trough they
    figure Canadians will constantly replenish.



  32. The way you guys use “Ottawa” to indicate spending by both the federal government and the municipal government is a little confusing, might want to correct that

  33. wow, even Viscount Sk made the list:  Me thinks that it being so close to Saskatoon it is probably used for Archery in the summer and people still curl there, but what do I know.

  34. with the late day appointment to Senate today – maybe we can add that to the wreckless spending too!!

  35.  http://youtu.be/zXKV78VERio

  36. Why no mention of the severance package for all crown employees??  2 billion is hard to miss!

  37. All the items lists still add up to peanuts in the over-all scheme of things. Spending $600 million in 1981 dollars to build Sky-Dome in Toronto , then selling it many years later for under $100 million is a far greater waste.

  38. The Winnipeg golf course item is completely misleading because you haven’t bothered to check the facts, a habit that the City of Winnipeg happily encourages. 

    First, the so-called “debt” is money the city owes to itself, because the funds were provided to the Winnipeg Golf Services from within the City’s own financial resources. WGS was set up (to fail) in 2002 because unlike pools and parks and arenas, it was told to provide
    revenue to the city, was charged for administrative services, but was
    unable to generate enough income to do either.

    Second, none of the information was “found” by the City’s auditors.  The auditing department was instructed by the CAO to hire a golf industry consultant at taxpayer expense, to write up a report to find reasons to align with the Mayor’s wishes to sell golf course land, including other public golf courses that are managed at a profit by third parties.  The financial information was always available to city council if they had bothered to ask for it.  In fact, council had to approve the WGS expenditures each budget year.

    Third, the leases on city land to semi-private courses were previously established decades ago with other municipalities, before they were forced to merge with the City of Winnipeg in 1971. These courses aren’t costing the city anything, as the members of these courses take care of all operating and capital expenses.

    I can’t help but speculate what other facts are missing from your mighty list.

  39. The vast majority of these dumb ideas are from the administration and not the politicians (though the politicians do cause some of the idiocy), so Tory versus Lib comparisons have no relevance.  These are examples of someone who sees an idea in isolation from what is going on around them.  It is impossible to mandate that someone look at the bigger picture, when the same people are also told to just do “their” jobs.

  40. That’s a shame

  41. I work a lot of over time to my enjoyment to spend. If I did not work so much and travel for frequent holidays, after reading all the above 99 reasons I would be first in line at the Occupy Vancouver site. Did you know that  after showing these 99 to everyone I could they all back the Occupy Movement.

  42. The biggest, most obvious boondoggle is the unelected, undemocratic senate that the Canadian sheep put up with and following closely behind are the million or so elected representatives for a country with the population Canada has but we love paying taxes it seems.

  43. I think that many. There’s good information here. Click!


  45. Don’t forget that any school over 50 years old needs to be abandoned so that a new monstrosity can be built in the name of environmental friendliness – even though the old school could be and has been well maintained.

  46. ALL Politicians bank accounts “SHOULD” be Audited. Period. Or, hire non English/French-speaking immigrants from Third-World countries with no knowledge of mechanical inclination  to build bridges, buildings, and do landscaping work. Never mind about all the unemployed North Americans getting desperate for work and losing their homes.
    (In case U don’t understand what I’m saying, “I’m being Sarcastic”).

  47. And so it goes – it doesn’t matter what government, federal, provincial, Liberal, Conservative, NDP – the lateral provincial – failed shoe factories in Saskatchewan under Tommy Douglas; BC fast ferries under Clark. on and on it goes stupid projects, unnecessary expense, wasted taxpayer dollars. Neither cents or sense involved.

  48. Sick of Harper, liberals  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ vote for me Ill straighten out this f’n country

  49. After seeing cancerous turtles in Hawaii (pesticide runoff from 5 courses in 10 km on the shoreline) I swore never to set foot on a course again.  

    Now this list.

    Why not just do “99 REASONS WHY GOLF IS EVIL”

  50. If you don’t understand how building snowmobile trails pays back for impoversished rural areas of Quebec and Ontario in the form of tourism dollars then perhaps you need to get out of Toronto once in a while. Then again why would anyone need to ride on such a machine when there are roads and highways to get you where you need to go…… Give me a break. A typical urban dweller’s take on spending anywhere but for their benefit.

  51. Abbotsford is on the way to another big subsidy
    based on this year’s attendance #’s. 

    Between the hockey team and arena = $6 million+,
    but, hey, who’s counting!

    The cities financial plan has delegated
    another $800,000 per year for the next
    five years in there reserve fund to cover

    What does that tell you!

    Big money players or Champagne tastes
    on a beer budget?

  52. Nature so nice to see you on here.  You should come on abby today.  MacLean’s thank you for highlighting Abbotsford politicians and bureaucrats brainless decision.  While we are glad to be rid of the title Canada’s murder capital we are sure glad you spotlighted us–perhaps this will provide the new mayor with the impetus needed to whoop some … Hey if any big spenders want to rip off Abby taxpayers just come to our little city in the country, which is run by sheisters.

  53. Just a boring article. Nothing new or funny. Plus a lack of understanding of how cost accounting works. In large organizations. The costs include a percentage from every department that had anything to do with a cupcake. Interestingly much of it results from Auditors demanding that everyone justifies their budgets by showing how they contibute. An analysis of cuts resulting from maintenance not being up to produce an adequate accounting of how vacuming the carpets contributes to the the bottom line would be more fun.

  54. #2 was a little low on research: Snowmobiling is a $28 Billion industry in NA… yes Billion. 
    The Quebec Federation of Snowmobile Clubs recently completed an economic impact study that showed over $1.5 billion is generated by the snowmobile industry in Quebec.


  55. I see no mention of the millions of dollars in federal funding Maclean’s has received over the years under the Publications Assistance Program and Canada Magazine Fund — now the Canada Periodical Fund. In 2010-2011 Maclean’s received 1.5 million, the highest amount possible. The good news is that this funding to Maclean’s represented a reduction over previous years.

  56. Ummmm there are only 18 here, and you said 90.  How does one access the rest?

  57. Hello, # 7 states – 7 Ottawa put $5 million toward marketing and celebrating the 2012 Grey Cup in Toronto.

    Can you clarify if this is the City of Ottawa, the Federal Government, who exactly is “Ottawa”…furthermore, can you provide sources for your information, or send me the quantitative data.



  58. One of the biggest problems today with the voting public is something that leaves me shaking my head in utter disbelief. There is a growing trend, especially among those aged 30 and under, toward voting for the party most likely to win, SO THEY CAN SAY THAT THEY VOTED FOR THE WINNING PARTY. The ONLY reason they voted for the party they voted for is because they wanted to vote for the winning party. It absolutely boggles the mind, doesn’t it? They don’t care at all about the country and what the party they are voting for will do to the country, all they care about is voting for the winning party. There are a LOT of incredibly STUPID people out there, plain and simple. This is why Canada is in the mess it’s in, and why dictators like Harper get elected. That’s the trouble with political jokes – they get elected.

  59. ermahgerd terx
    love me

  60. If you live in a Liberal or NDP riding, expect all funding to be pulled.

    If you live in a Reform CON Party riding, expect jobs and pork barrelling galore.


  61. makes more sense too hook parliament up to the internet and let all the commoners vote on what gets done and hell let the people vote on what bills pass, and better yet we should decide their pay.

  62. For better or worse, in democracies such as ours, we, as complacent
    and disconnected voters, have the right to choose the levels of
    incompetence, corruption, lying, hypocrisy and waste that we prefer

  63. Maybe they could hire a few people to answer their god damn phones

    • You GOT that right, chum! (I found a work around, phone your MP or MPP, if they are good, they have people who can answer phones, and can sometimes help you! Take care.

  64. 100th comment

  65. The City of Windsor : 2012/13 The City blew $80 Million on a large “Swimming Pool”, + Taxpayers will get stuck with all the future maintenance fee’s,…
    The old parts of Windsor still have 100-year-old, crumbling sewer infrastructures, but the entire city council thought it better to waste taxpayers money on a pool ?!
    Oh and yes, hardly any Windsorites even use the darn thing.

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