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A refugee flood? Pull yourself together, Canada

We can’t stop refugees from crossing the border. We can show courage by helping them and heading off a U.S.-style nativist backlash.


God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Wise words, and not just for an errant Catholic like me. Right now, the entire country, from sea to shining sea, should be repeating the Serenity Prayer as a mantra. We’re suddenly living in a strange new world, with Donald Trump as President, and refugees flowing across the U.S. border into Canada. And understanding what we can and cannot control is an important first step towards maintaining our collective sanity.

It’s already too late for some, sadly. I’m thinking of poor old Thomas Mulcair, for instance. He’s begun to stomp around the House of Commons, going red in the face, yelling for someone to poke Trump in the chest. This is obviously a man who has lost touch with reality. At this point, the only thing that will stop the dubiously-elected President from eventually imposing his travel ban would be a meteor. No amount of “tough talk” from Canada’s Prime Ministerial spokes-model is going to change that.

There are a few Tories, too, with a shaky white-knuckled grip on reality, hysterically calling for the government to stop the sudden flow of refugees across the border into Canada. Of course, their co-dependent Liberal dance partners are abetting that notion by nodding gravely and pretending they will be doing “something” about it (before they add the ritual passive-aggressive jab about cutting refugee benefits).

Everyone needs to take a deep breath and accept there is nothing we can do to stop any asylum seekers from walking into Canada, Samsonite in hand. We aren’t building a wall, or even a fence. Our armed forces don’t even have enough drones to take a group selfie on the parade ground, let alone patrol over 8,000 kilometres of frontier. Hell, even if every single Canadian stood on the border and locked arms, from White Rock to Saint Andrews, and yelled “Red Rover! Red Rover! We call Kamal over!”, they’d still run right through us.

We have to accept that this is simply something we cannot change. We can’t stop Trump from scaring the bejeezus out of people, and we can’t stop many of those people from coming north.

A man who said his name was Abdullah and that he was a student from Yemen walks towards the U.S.-Canada border to cross into Hemmingford, Canada, from Champlain in New York, U.S., February 17, 2017. (Christinne Muschi/Reuters)

A man who said his name was Abdullah and that he was a student from Yemen walks towards the U.S.-Canada border to cross into Hemmingford, Canada, from Champlain in New York, U.S., February 17, 2017. (Christinne Muschi/Reuters)

But, there are things that can be changed. For one, the government can get ready for what’s coming. Our chronically calcified Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration can put more people on the case, and accelerate refugee screening and processing. Provincial and local governments can also step up, like they did during the last influx of Syrians, to establish community networks to support and integrate those asylum seekers who do arrive.

But, it’s us, the Canadian public, that really need the courage to change. According to a new Angus Reid poll, 25 per cent of us want to impose a Trump-style travel ban, and over 40 per cent say we are accepting too many refugees. Let’s be clear–this is bollocks. As of last month, Canada has accepted 40,081 Syrian refugees. That’s one refugee for every 857 Canadians. Imagine you’re at a huge wedding and on your third trip to the open bar. A Syrian kid comes in a side door and sits down. Are you suddenly feeling too crowded? Worried there may not be enough booze? Frightened? If you answered yes to any of these things, you’re simply a fool.


The good news is that the rest of us can help change those attitudes. We can sponsor or “adopt” asylum seekers, helping them to settle into our communities and reducing tensions with those who are less welcoming. We can find ways to help the small towns along the border who are suddenly rattled by the site of refugee families walking over the stubble. We can publicize that crime rates among refugees are lower than among native-born Canadians. And we can ignore the bigoted leeches on the fringes of our political system, people cynically turning reasonable concerns into wide-eyed panic to whip up a few website subscriptions or sell some party memberships.

We can’t stop Trump and we can’t stop the refugees he may be sending our way. But we can ensure that surge in asylum seekers isn’t disruptive and doesn’t spark an ugly nativist backlash like we’ve seen in the United States and parts of Europe. It just requires a little courage, and a little wisdom. Surely we’re up to the task?


A refugee flood? Pull yourself together, Canada

  1. Like I’ve said for years…let ’em all in.

    We can’t stop them anyway…..and goodness knows we have the room.

    • I fail to understand why they can’t be stopped. Please explain.

      • The border is too long & it would take thousands of border guards to patrol. And even with many thousands of add’l border guards – the border is too long!
        Even if gov’t made the decision to change our laws & return ALL border crossers to the U.S., given the current political climate there, U.S. is unlikely to accept them. So what’s the solution – put them in internment camps? I don’t think there are many Canadians who would be OK with that.

    • Maybe, we can’t stop them all, but they can be managed (controlled).
      Please define “… the room”? Do you mean the Northern Territories … or, perhaps, your spare bedroom?
      Maybe we have some ‘room’, but do we have the economy?

      • 5000 mile border?

      • Canada is 90% empty.

        We’ve long had a plan for a ‘mid-Canada sorridor.

        • Oops….make that ‘corridor’

        • And from an ecological standpoint that 90% should remain empty of people. It’s certainly not empty of animals,. We have many wildlife species which are declining either directly or indirectly from human influence, ie, loss of habitat.

          • Realistically Kay, we can’t afford to leave it empty unless no one ever plans to retire because we aren’t reproducing at a rate that provides us with a tax paying base to maintain a Canada pension plan, a healthcare system, roads, sewer, water and all of the other programs that a government supplies. We need young people…children and if Canadians aren’t going to procreate, we need to import. It would be best if we imported educated, knowledgeable people with money to invest in businesses who could provide jobs but hard workers is a good thing as well. We have lots of rural towns that are dying. Unfortunately, that is where are farm land is. If young Canadians don’t want to run businesses in those towns, then immigrants might be happy to do that. Did it ever occur to you why we have to import so many doctors from South Africa to work in small Canadian towns? We also have a shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals. I don’t believe wild life will be at risk in rural Canada because we aren’t going to sending the immigrants into the National Parks. Although there are quite a number of different wild life right in Calgary…coyotes, deer, moose. A cougar (a real one) was outside one hospital and a bear walked right into another one.

  2. Many of them are NOT refugees. Many are economic migrants jumping the immigration queue, making a mockery of us and our laws.

    That said, we owe them due process, identify which ones are not legitimate refugees, and send the economic migrants jumping the queue back home.

  3. Ummm….you know why there’s an “ugly nativist backlash” in parts of Europe, right? The increase in sexual assaults oops excuse me, “sexual emergencies”, the machete attacks, the trucks of peace. Funny how Gilmore’s idea of “courage” is just opening the border and let anyone just walk in and get their entire existence paid for by Canadian taxpayers. You’re terrible Gilmore, that’s why Ashoka doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.

    • And the German police said last week that the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults were all a fabrication — one of the supposed victims wasnt even in Berlin when it “happened”. If you’re going to quote this stuff, stay up to date.

  4. The arguments don’t hang together. If we don’t have the border forces to stop all these people, how do we have the immigration resources to accept, process and care for all these people? And if we are going to put more money and resources into accepting, processing and caring for these people, we could just put more money and resources into the border. It is demonstrably cheaper to turn someone back at the border than to process them, house them and give them welfare for their first year.

    Note I am not making a moral judgement between either, I am challenging their argument. If you want to make an impassioned plea for helping people, that’s fine. But if start your position with a logical thesis, you should make sure your arguments logically hold together.

    • The costs to man the largest open border in the world are prohibitive compared to adding more resources for processing those crossing. If you’re looking for logical reasoning re-read your comment. And don’t forget the people aren’t coming at border crossings (where they would be turned away) they’re coming at random places.

    • Basic math: Huge border; small numbers crossing illegally. It would cost HUGE amounts of money to close the world’s longest border; much less to process those who come across.

      • Therefore, reduce the processing time, i.e., No continual access to appeal courts.

        • Anyone who enters Canada is protected by our Charter of Rights under the Canadian Constitution, so the refugee claimant has a right to due process because we are a country of Laws and is protected by our Charter. So appeals are automatically part of the process.

    • Funny thing is we processed 25,000 Syrians in a few months. I also recall people arriving on boats from China and us detaining and processing them. This has happened before. We processed a lot of Vietnamese boat people. We actually winterized a summer cadet camp for Syrian refugees in Ontario. It was never used but I am sure it could be put to use fairly quickly.

    • Yeah, you go stand at the border and tell them they have to turn around and be deported back courtesy of D. Trump. I wouldn’t have the heart, would you?

  5. I am worried that we cant seem to find the resources to help our own Indigenous population, clean water, schools and youth heath, how can we take on the time and expense of new persons in need. However in true Canadian spirit we need to know positively that they are truly in need, then we have to help!
    Not flip flopping just saying lets find away to know these persons deserve to jump the Que and not unjustly enter Canada.
    Bill Hickman

    • There seems to be some disagreement between the Prime Minister and the Chiefs on how to help our indigenous population as evidenced by one of his town hall meetings……youth lounge with tv’s v. Places to store canoes and paddles.
      Refugees often just arrive. There is no real que if someone is in danger. However, they are arrested and investigated. Just because they came, doesn’t mean they will be staying.

      • “… doesn’t mean they will be staying.”


        • People have fantasies…..without any idea of what’s involved.


          • “People have fantasies…..without any idea of what’s involved.” LOL. I’d say that sums up the plight of neoliberalism right now. I seriously invite you to peddle this utopian concept of ‘one world, one people, no borders’ anywhere outside the Western world. Will the same hysterical accusations be offered when anyone other than a white Western “bigot” shows you the door rather promptly. Or will you revert to the bigotry of low expectations which serves very well where ‘white guilt’ can’t be weaponized. If the concern for human rights is so great, why not crusade against the sale of arms (by your own Canadian govm’t, for one)) to foreign powers, which are then used to kill and displace countless people? Or are we going on the assumption that Canada’s the best place for these victims, regardless of how they feel about their home countries? In which case Canadian ‘exclusivity’ – far from being over – is rather more lethal than ever.

          • Deportation is not that easy, often the country of citizenship of the would be deportee fights Canadian authorities to prevent the deportation. It is also very costly to deport someone, no longer done via commercial flight , most airlines refuse deportees. So we have to rent private planes etc. The public is really not aware that deportations don’t happen as regularly as one might think.

  6. Nice call to ethno-cultural suicide. Up till a few years ago, I thought whites in Canada will become a minority in about 2-3 decades. At this point, I think you managed to cut that time in half. Can anyone give me a single example in human history where such a demographic trend, regardless of the context ended up well for the incumbent or native population? In a few decades most of the people who are tacitly agreeing to this will regret it as they will see their children and grandchildren suffer the consequences. I for one am glad to be out of there. I most certainly do not want this for my children.

    • You could encourage whites in Canada to start procreating. When it comes down to it, that is the big problem. Canadian whites aren’t having children. No children means no taxpayers which means no future for the country. I am not sure why you think whites are superior to other ethnicities. My daughter who is white didn’t have a white friend in school. She had a Latina friend, an African Canadian friend and a Filipino friend. They were all great kids.

      • 1) I am not sure where you got from my comment that I was referring to any superiority/inferiority concepts. I know you wish I would have, because then you could go ahead and use the leftist accusation of choice, but I did not. At issue is not that, it is what historically tends to happen to an incumbent population when its habitat is colonized with a foreign population. Not a single precedent in human history shows the incumbent population ending well in the aftermath of such a process.

        2) Nor is the issue about bad people versus good people. Every society has good individuals and bad individuals. Nevertheless as groups of people we historically always end up doing bad things to other groups of people. Both groups may still contain many good and bad people, yet it tends to happen. The Canadian experiment is a utopian one. I was born into one such experiment, which started with the utopian concept of economic equality for all. It ended up a complete nightmare, including nasty abuses and atrocities. The experiment which spanned the space of Asia and Eastern Europe killed at least three times more people than the 20’th century’s most hated villain did.

        3) Perhaps white people could be given better incentives to reproduce. I don’t think that bringing in an extra load of people to suport on taxpayer money is that incentive. People in Canada are already taxed to the bone.

        • Quebec has given white people incentives to reproduce for a very long time. The Federal Libs are giving incentives to reproduce right now. If one is in the right tax bracket, a baby earns one around $600.00 per month in a child tax credit. I am quite sure you are right about what happens to a population when foreigners move in. Canadian First Nations are proof of that. We Europeans moved in and ruined their utopia. Yet for some reason, we feel we are the ones who are being put upon when other cultures want to move here and ruin ours.

          • Sorry but your argument is a little leaky. If the FN were wronged by European invasion of their utopia (and, obviously, they were), then shouldn’t we all be packing up and going home rather than parceling out more bits of this stolen utopia to newcomers who we, as thieves, beckon in? Shouldn’t we, at least have a FN immigration minister? M103FN considering hundreds of Murdered and Missing FN? Shouldn’t we correct FN wrongs first and above all? A little clean drinking water, anyone?

          • I have no augument, leaky or otherwise. I am simply pointing out that Canada is not really a Joe Pesci should not worry about “ethno cultural suicide” as we whites showed up here uninvited in the first place and had we assimilated to the culture of the inhabitants of the land when we arrived, it would be a far different place. Thus it would be quite hypocritical for us to demand that others start assimilated to our cultural and suggest that they have no right to show up uninvited the same way we did. Lest you think I am not a long time Canadian. My ancestors arrived in the mid 1830’s. I don’t claim white privilege though because they were Irish Catholic and were looked down upon. This bigotry is kind of how Canadians treat a new comer who is unfamiliar.

    • White people in Canada are in no danger of becoming a minority – not that it matters anyway. The country “belongs” to the people currently living in it. If the majority are non-white some day long in the future who gives a damn! “White ethno-cultural suicide” is non-existent & usually brought up by people who are looking for a reason to explain away their bigotry.

  7. I applied to legally migrate to this wonderful country: I got all the documents, had to save enough money to show that I could live by myself for roughly 6 months, I re validated my degree to get an equivalency, proved that I didn’t have any criminal record and waited patiently. It’s really uncomfortable to think that I could just come to the country ignoring all the regulations because no one was planning to stop me.

    • They still have to prove that they are genuine refugees in order to be able to stay. Could you have successfully demonstrated that you were a refugee?

      I’d think the needs of a genuine refugee are greater than those of a regular immigrant; the handful coming in aren’t going to unduly delay any other immigrants.

    • I totally agree with STANDALONEPROTEIN (whatever kind of name that is). It can take up to 2 years for a legitimate immigrant to jump all the Canadian Immigration hoops and hurdles before they are admitted into Canada. I have no problem with people from any country anywhere in the world immigrating to Canada but I want them to arrive here according to the due process that has been established. There must be a reason they are labeled “Illegal Immigrants”. And if what they are doing is in fact illegal (something about coming from a safe 3rd country which aIl believe the USA is still considered despite all DT’s rhetoric) they should be turned back and be told they are welcome, but must apply through the appropriate channels.

      • Some of these illegal immigrants arrived in the US as small children and have lived there all their lives. Is was not their choice to go there….their parents took them there but now they are Americanized. They are going to be deported to countries that are in some cases, in the midst of civil war. Of course they are frightened. They have asked for refugee status but it doesn’t mean they will get it. Canada does have laws though so we vet them and process their application. If it isn’t a valid claim, they get deported.

        • I would be fairly right to assume the ones that arrived as small children are a very very small minority of the immigrants that are attempting to enter Canada illegally. If they were small children and spent their lives in the USA they would be educated and would be able to understand the NA systems and processes. I’m talking of the majority even though it is small in #, that are taking advantage of the longest unguarded border in the world.

          • 800,000 out of 11 million arrived as children.

        • Yes, some are finally and rightly deported after many years on welfare as they argue in the appeal courts.
          They should be deported immediately and argue their case in the courts of their home country.

      • Please get yourself a dictionary & look up the difference between immigrant and refugee. Many of the people crossing the border are refugees who are afraid to stay in the U.S. out of fear due to the political climate there. Trump’s EO has suspended acceptance of refugees. Who’s to say that his next EO won’t target refugees who’ve applied for asylum in the U.S. You may consider the US to still be a “safe country” but but not everyone does.
        Maybe you coulds also think about how desperate these people must be to risk crossing the border in this manner.

        • Until the USA is re-classified as an “unsafe” country, the rules, regulations, processes and policies still apply. Yes, DT is unstable but that does not make the rest of the country unsafe.

        • Hi Kay, I highly doubt those who crossed the border are actually refugees, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are illegal immigrants who feared as you said the political climate.

          • Mohammed Ali’s son and wife were harassed at an American airport for two hours and interrogated about their religion. Mohammed Ali was born in America as was his family. He became Muslim in the 60’s. This is really what is happening. It is a witch hunt.

  8. Well said. For conservatives, it is a flood: recall that admitting 650 Syrian refugees per year was a massive, near impossible, task for the Harper government. The CPC actually held/still holds that admitting 25,000 Syrians was IMPOSSIBLE and yet we’ve surpassed that goal by 60%; let’s face it a) the CPC is decoupled from reality b) further colonisation by the superior our former colonial masters fits the CPC vision of old stock Canadians and Canadian values. The latter concept is even illogical: how can foreigners wishing to become Canadians but not yet Canadians somehow be imbued with Canadian values – whatever that is (judging by the source, xenophobia and intolerance must be someone’s concept of what Canadians value).
    Too bad the cons vision of Canadian history ignores the fact that Canada has experienced many surges of immigration including cohorts of refugees starting with day 1 when Champlain received a cargo of Huguenots fleeing religious oppression of the lethal kind. When it comes to overloading of services, nothing comes close to the masses of poor Irish and English shipped as cargo and dumped destitute and sickly on Canadian shores (this was the biggest ever surges in immigration – much bigger than recent times). And, this isn’t the first time Canada received large numbers fleeing persecution in the United States. In the first wave of UE, the majority wouldn’t even pass muster as CPC old stock Canadians being predominantly Iroquois, Dutch, German, etc and religious minorities. For a considerable period of time when Canada wanted/needed economic immigrants, we imported Ukrainians by the boat load. Historically, Canada has had on average 19% foreign born population (of course, population being non-native and in early times non-British, but that’s another story) peaking at 22% in the early part of the 20th century and only recently rising to ~20%; this is nothing new, but politicians ever needs to create a we-they dynamic.

    While the USA put up a sign “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” … as always, compared to our neighbor, Canada tends to tolerance rather than empty bombast. Sadly, we imperfectly have our redneck minority which we must also suffer. Tony Clement, he of gazebogate fame, would build a wall or perhaps a line of gazebos along the border but six gun justice was never justice at all.

    • Red neck minority….hmm….is that who put First Nations people on reservations and their children in residential schools? Is that who charged the Chinese a head tax after they built our railroad? Is that who interned the Japanese in camps during WWII? Is that who turned away a boat load of Jews from Germany who were fleeing the Nazi’s? I believe you ignore the true history of Canada. Bigotry has always existed. We merely have a new target again based on propoganda fed by fear, hatred and hyperbole. Canada doesn’t always tend toward tolerance. It is a mistake to believe that. It is a mistake to believe that Conservatives are all bigots and are the only bigots. Pauline Marcois was the first to decide no civil servant in Quebec would be allowed to wear any religious paraphernalia to work…except if they were Catholic. She was no Conservative and I am quite certain she would not fit the definition of “red neck.”

    • Over the last decade Canada has received 230,000 immigrants each year from all over the world who worked their way through the legal immigrant process. A part of that is that they demonstrate that they have sufficient resources and skills so as not to become a welfare recipient. Note that 8 of those years were under a PC government. There is no shortage of people who would love to fill that number every year. The testing for values piece would not have been in anyone’s mind a few years ago but we have become increasingly aware of values that are very much in conflict with those of Canadians. Addressing those could be very simple and determined by getting valid answers to a few questions such as: do you believe in Sharia law?; do you want Sharia law in Canada; do you believe in subordinating women?, do you believe in Jihad; do you believe in honor killings?; do you believe in religious persecution? and possibly one or two more such questions. Since lie detectors are accurate 92% of the time, that would seem to be a reasonable testing method. Detecting a lie to any of those and it’s goodbye. I’d rather be wrong 8% of the time than roll the dice all of the time. For refugees, they should be similarly tested.

        • I have never watched Breibart news-it sounds way too extreme for me and Bannan seems like an ass to me. Where do you get this vitriol from? It looks like you can’t entertain any opinions other than your own.
          There are a lot of great people on Trump’s team other than Bannan.

          • Except that Bannon has the top stop, whispering in the POTUS’ ear.

  9. The article touches on something that should be a much more prominent point of discussion. The issue is not that there are “too many refugees” coming to Canada. Although some people no doubt hold this kind of absolutist attitude, many have more reasonable concerns. Namely, that there may be too many people seeking entry and settlement in relation to the systems and procedures in place that would allow for a smooth and successful integration. Canada definitely has the potential to host an tremendous amount of people. Most of that potential, however, is either not yet developed or otherwise inaccessible.

    It’s not a “nasty nativist backlash” to be concerned with whether or not newcomers to the country can successfully integrate into one’s society. Managing immigration of people from disparate cultures and societies, especially those who have been traumatized by conflict, takes more than open arms and goodwill, even if these are absolutely necessary.

    I am wholeheartedly on board with the call that the author makes to ordinary Canadians to play their own part in facilitating integration and settlement. If that turns out to be enough to meet the relevant needs, all the better. But that has to shown, not hoped for.

  10. We can’t stop refugees from crossing the border -why not?- we are a sovereign nation who should want to protect citizens who live in Canada first and foremost.
    Vetting would be perfectly normal thing for a sovereign nation to do?
    To passively sit by and say we can do nothing but accept it is very demoralizing. Mocking Canadians and calling them fools for asking questions or being genuinely concerned is appalling.
    Trump is protecting the USA borders why can we not do the same? Might not like him but he is the President of the USA. Respect the office if not the person.
    I found this article to be one of accusation and belittling people as a strategy for us to shut up and put up.
    Kind of like the law they want to pass M-103
    Trying to stifle truth or free speech is not the way to go.
    It would help us to see what is happening in Europe and wake up and smell the coffee (so to speak)
    I believe the article was more about moralizing and assuming what is going to happen in 20-30 years than actually living in the present day reality of expecting people to respect and obey Canadian law by entering Canada in a legal manner.

    • You started out fairly reasonable, but the further in you got, the more your true colours showed.

      M103 isn’t a law. It does nothing to stifle free speech. I would explain it to you, but given the extensive coverage lately, if you don’t know, it’s because you don’t want to close the gap between your fantasy/nightmare and reality.

      • M-103 is a Bill. If accepted, it may become a law. Then, with an increase of Muslim members of parliament, it will become an Islamic Blasphemy law.
        Not tomorrow, but sooner than you think, which will be appreciated by your grandchildren.

        • M-103 is not a bill – it’s a motion! A motion can only become a bill if an actual bill (based on the motion) is drafted and passed in the HOC.
          Please take your hyperbolic anti-muslim bigotry and go away.

          • I was aware of that – just typing too quickly.
            1st a Motion, then 2nd a Bill, then 3rd the Law … eventually.

    • M103 is a bill, not a law. We already have a hate speech law. What M103 does is recognize the need to study the increase in hatred aimed at religious minorities, especially Muslims. People have a problem with the word Islamaphobia but it is like anti-semiticism….hatred of Jewish people or homophobia…hatred of homosexuals. What we need in this country is more education. People do not know what Sharia Law means….it is the relationship between a Muslim and his/her God. Sharia Law states that all Muslims must follow the laws of the country they are in and must be good citizens. Somehow it has been bastardized to mean that it is akin to what the Taliban do when they are in power….how they enforce strict rules by beating people. The Koran itself does not promote violence or inequality of women. It only says women are different. It says that a jihad should only happen if someone is trying to stop you from practicing your faith. Of course its words have been interpreted to mean something else, just as people interpreted the Old Testament’s words to mean what they wanted them to mean. Many believe “an eye for an eye” is God sanctioning the death penalty.

      • The Old Testament said you should stone homosexuals and share your daughter with travelers-not much left open to interpretation there!!
        But there are at least 10% of Muslims who interpret the Koran as the Taliban does-that’s 160 million people. It those types of Muslims that need to be vetted and not allowed to come to Canada or any other civilized country.
        There is a mosque in Toronto and one in Montreal (and who knows how many more) as reported in The Post today where the Imams preach “the filth of Jews” and how “they must be killed one by one”. So there are already some not so nice Muslim leaders in our communities right now who shouldn’t be here.

          • Mine came from a law professor and specialist on subject. Yours came from……

        • Stop cherry-picking isolated incidents and using them to make blanket statements, which have no basis in reality. Every group of people have a small percentage of a..holes, but you don’t judge the whole group based on the a..holes.
          Do you actually know any Muslims? If not, why not make some effort to meat a few. You can only benefit from expanding your horizons.

          • Oh hey Kay, it’s just odd he didn’t quote Breibart but then they’re having bad day over there with their rising star resigning.

          • 160 million is hardly a few a..holes and it’s those I am critical of not the other 1.4 billion. I have several good friends who are not radical Muslims and see at least some of them almost every weekend. They are as upset as any Canadian I know about those Muslim’s who are radical and hope that they will be kept out of Canada. It was people like the Imam’s I noted who should be thrown out of our country. My Muslim friends would also see them to be vial. So where do you get this “blanket statement” crap from?
            By your definition the 6 Muslims killed in Quebec would be an isolated incident and not worthy of discussion.

          • Just for the record; last year, I returned from a year teaching post-grads in Bangladesh. Some of my students were imams (You could never imagine the content of our debates).
            What are your credentials Kay?

          • Muslims don’t eat “meat”, unless it is Halal (Blessed) beforehand. And, ‘yes’, I have met many Islamic people, all of who are very fine citizens of Canada.

            I hope that you may ‘MEET’ some, someday soon.

            Inshallah, my friend.

          • http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/10/reza-aslan-on-what-the-new-atheists-get-wrong.html

            We are not talking about Bangladesh. We are talking about Canada. This Imams in Bangladesh have always existed just as they have always existed in every country in the Middle East. Just as moderate Muslims have always existed in Canada. It isn’t the religion, it is the morals of the person who belongs to the religion. When priests were molesting children, there wasn’t a lot of other Catholics molesting children. Why? Because most Catholics are moral, good people. It does not matter what is in the Koran because most Muslims are moral, decent people. Psychopaths that murder do so regardless of their religion not because of their religion. Religion is just an excuse to do so.

          • http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/10/reza-aslan-on-what-the-new-atheists-get-wrong.html

            We are not talking about Bangladesh. We are talking about Canada. This Imams in Bangladesh have always existed just as they have always existed in every country in the Middle East. Just as moderate Muslims have always existed in Canada. It isn’t the religion, it is the morals of the person who belongs to the religion. When priests were molesting children, there wasn’t a lot of other Catholics molesting children. Why? Because most Catholics are moral, good people. It does not matter what is in the Koran because most Muslims are moral, decent people. Psychopaths that murder do so regardless of their religion not because of their religion. Religion is just an excuse to do so.

    • Sure Dmitri you are very confused on many issues. 1) Motion 103 is NOT a LAW it is only a Motion a discussion. You should inform yourself about Parliament before spouting Trumpian nonsense. Stopping people at the border? when did you fail geography? We have the longest border in the World, it is very easy to cross in a field. Yes we do vet refugee claimants so where is your problem, maybe you do not know how the immigration system works. Canada has international obligations like it or not and we are the founder of the UNHCR look it up. We are not the USA THANK GOD!!! But I invite you to move there if you think Trump is so fantastic.

  11. “dubiously-elected”? Are you kidding? We don’t need another news to promote discord.

    When Donald Trump blocked the immigrants from going to the US, didn’t our prime minister made a speech to welcome all the immigrants with open arms? Now that they are coming, what is the complaint? Put your money where your mouth is and let them in…..

    • Those were immigrants who had been vetted and accepted into the US and then had the rug pulled out on them by Donald Trump’s ban. Some of those immigrants were granted refugee status by the US after 2 years of vetting. They were people who worked with the US military as informants and interpreters. Now Trump has decided he will rid the US of 11 million illegal immigrants….even those who arrived there as young children. Those people are freaking out and heading toward Canada.

      • POTUS is justifiably doing what he said he would do and, then, became elected to do those things.
        He is simply applying the laws that have been on the books for years, but ignored for the most part by previous governments … and things became worse.
        Therefore, what he is doing is essential and beyond argument.

        Let those, who have actually opened their own doors to these refugees speak here (Not those who put a $20 note in a collection box and have now forgotten and ignore them). Of course, we are all contributing via our income tax.

        • Yes, he did make those promises and got elected for them, which simply proves that Americans, by and large, are not the brightest candles on the world cake sometimes…

          But then, we’re also seeing a lot of buyer’s remorse south of the border, now that these low-info voters have *finally* figured out that his policies can hit them as well as the people they dont like.

          • I think you should consider our own dilemma.Our PM made a lot of promises, which people believed and that showed that we are not populated with the brightest candles either.
            We are also seeing a lot of buyer’s remorse from many who voted Liberal based on the promises before the Election.You are a “pot calling the kettle black” and as you do not live in the USofA maybe (in spite of free speech) you should check your response.

          • I think you should consider our own dilemma.Our PM made a lot of promises, which people believed and that showed that we are not populated with the brightest candles either.
            We are also seeing a lot of buyer’s remorse from many who voted Liberal based on the promises before the Election.You are a “pot calling the kettle black” and as you do not live in the USofA maybe (in spite of free speech) you should check your response.

      • Deity knows I think little of Trump, but FWIW, he’s not going after those who arrived as young children, aka “dreamers”.
        See, among many other articles on the subject:

        • Oh give me a break. In January Paul Ryan said they wouldn’t go after anyone. Trump said yesterday they would go after everyone like a military operation and today the head of Homeland Security said it wouldn’t be a military operation. These people can’t tell the truth to save their lives.

          • Further, Trump said there was over 30 million illegal immigrants. The truth is there are 11 million. 5 million are Mexican. Illegal immigrants are taking up 5 percent of the jobs in the US.

          • I have no idea what Trump will or won’t do in the future (and I suspect nobody, even Trump, does). All I can say is that so far he has not gone after ‘dreamers’, and he claims to have no intention of going after them.

            All that can change tomorrow, but as of this time, it is factually incorrect to say that ‘dreamers’ are targets.

  12. I am concerned with Mr. Gilmore’s comments. He blames Donald Trump’s policies for the influx of refugees into Canada.

    Contrary to Scott Gilmore’s comment, Donald Trump was not “dubiously elected.” The American people no longer wish to invest in resources in illegal immigration and refugees without rigorous vetting to protect its citizens.

    So why should we?

    If we were to listen to Mr. Gilmore and like-minded people, why have borders? Better yet, why have flags and national pride? Heck, why entertain team sports? We’re all winners, right?

    • Actually, yes, Donald was dubiously elected. Increasingly we’re finding more and more Russian influence, quite possibly to the point of voting machine hacking. Couple that with the sheer opaqueness of his administration, as well as that of Congress, and I’d say “dubious” is being kind.

  13. By the way, little or nothing, has been said about the 12-month social assistance being given to the refugee families, i.e., what happens after 12 months?
    Think about that for a moment.
    Those (most) below the poverty line will be entitled to a Government Income Supplement that, by definition, would not be taxed as income, and they will live happily laughing ever after … writing overseas about coming to Canada.
    Many years ago colonial populations were convinced that the streets of the U.K. were paved with gold. That’s no longer the case … it’s Canada.

      • You accept stats from Fake News Globalnews? Please!!

        • It doesn’t matter if its real facts from Global news. 50% employment after a year isn’t impressive. I expect anyone I know to get a job within weeks or be out landscaping or something similar. Granting 6 months to settle, id expect an employment equivalent to native Canadians. Im not for or against current situation, it could be handled better in either direction, but seriously telling me that 50% of people after a year is supposed to impress me? I spent 10 years of my life with all I own fitting into a backpack, and went wherever and got jobs. Ive slept beside railways in bushes while looking for a job and a place to live, not because im destitute, but because I didnt care too much about money other then what I needed to get by, and I wanted to travel and live in interesting places. I dont have an education that sets me apart and I dont drive (spoiler: not driving eliminates like 80% of potential jobs) so… whats up… how hard is the job market really? the only people I know without jobs are depressed drug users, and people that like collecting benefits.

        • Is “fake news” going to be the one-size-fits-all response now?

          Trust me, it doesnt work in the US. It damn sure doesnt work here.

  14. “…the dubiously-elected President”. Why would the author say this other than to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the US President. The Electoral College system is the currently used method and Trump won that over Clinton by a wide margin. If he means “but Clinton won the popular vote”, Trump was ahead there as well until California numbers got added. So, Clinton should be anointed as the Queen of California and she, the Democrats and the author of this article move on.

  15. Ahh the bigots on here are getting hysterical now.

    We have a 5000 mile border, a country that’s 90% empty……and refugees that can scatter anywhere if they choose. They certainly aren’t going to ‘line-up’ to listen to your moralizing.

    The ‘exclusivity’ or Canada is over.

    Onne world, one species, no borders

    • Yeah…5000 miles with lakes, wilderness mostly between
      cities and towns. I guess your “university” degree hasn’t
      made it clear to you that our cities are already at the limit
      in housing, social services (paid by Canadians) and that’s where
      refugees are heading, not in the vast forests or lake streams.

  16. Wow….44 comments…….maybe as a result of the tone of your article. Face it, people have a genuine right to be concerned. Why not address the issues. Explain our obligations under agreement with (??????) to accept refugees. Explain our agreement with (??????) not to accept refugees who have landed first in another of our group (????) and have been rejected. Acknowledge that “yes” there is an “upfront cost” to settling a refugee as well as a possible “upfront dislocation” to settling a refugee. List the alternatives available to the RCMP. People have genuine concerns. Even people who have good hearts.

    • Do your own homework.

    • http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/laws-policy/menu-safethird.asp

      It is called a Third Country Agreement. Canada and the US have it. If the people show up at a real border crossing, they get turned back. If they cross illegally at an unprotected area, they get arrested when they hit Canadian soil. The RCMP can do nothing but detain them unless the Federal govt. changes the law. At this point, the Federal government won’t change the law. Perhaps once the snow is off the ground, they will but people have lost toes, etc to frost bite in Manitoba and I believe they are worried about what would happen if they turned away people with little children. Some walked as far as two miles with a two year old who also walked through snow covered fields. The RCMP don’t have the right to drive them back into the US. And the college of physicians and surgeons wants them cared for.

      • That isn’t the UN refugee agreement I meant.

        Oh and we have no snow in SW Ont. Sunny and 17 today.

  17. Half of y’all don’t even know the difference between a refugee and an immigrant, yet you think your opinion as valid as that of policy-makers and those of us more intimately familiar with these processes. It’s not. Someone in this thread called it “appalling” to hear that their xenophobic whinging wasn’t being considered. Fine. I’m appalling. I believe in helping others, even when they come from other countries and ESPECIALLY when those countries are trying to stomp on human rights. Canada is for everyone. That’s the ideal – and we’ve failed a time or two to uphold that. I am not willing to sit by and let ignorance make this yet another failure.

    • nutmeg_j I salute you!

      • You would-he sounds like he’s even more of a socialist than you are.

        • Grow up Jerome.

          Be a man.

          • Another thoughtless response.

        • LOL…..

        • *she
          (And yeah. I voted for the NDP, too. Whatcha gonna do about it? ❤)

          • LOL well I’ve never voted for the NDP but Jerome is a ….you know….

        • Jerome, I am not a socialist. I was a Harper supporter. I voted Wild Rose. Conservatives in Canada voted to support Gay Marriage and abortion. It is in the constitution of the party. Harper himself said Trump’s views on NATO were dangerous. You and the other bigots on here do not represent the Conservative Party. If you continue in the manner you are going, the party will never win another election because although we are fiscally conservative we are not socially retarded. If you want to be alt–right, break off and start your own party. I suggest you contact David Duke for some advice. It seems Trump and he are acquaintances. It is beyond me how you people conveniently forget that Paul Ryan and most of the Republican Party couldn’t stand Trump and refused to endorse as a candidate. Now they have sold their souls to the devil to achieve their own adgendas. The only one who has remained steadfast and honest is John McCain.

          • Wow Gage! I’m impressed!

            I was PC for 30 years….and then Reform.

            And then the SoCons got into it……and I gagged and left.

          • What caused this tirade.? Bigot? All I said relative to this article was that immigrants and refugees should be properly vetted so we don’t have terrorists coming to Canada. And I sure never said you are a socialist-you told me long ago you were a Conservative. I said Emily is a Socialist and if she isn’t I’d be surprised!!
            Never once here or anywhere else did I say anything about Trump’s position on NATO. In some article, I said that since Canada was the poorest in meeting its commitment to NATO it would likely have to increase military spending. I believe that will be true. So how did NATO enter this discussion?
            And if you ask anyone who knows me well, they’ll tell you I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative. For example, I fully support gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose and needed, efficient social programs. And I believe our laws are to be followed. But I do not support the fiscal waste that’s going on with our current Ontario and Federal governments where the view they have is that you can spend your way to happiness and not a clue as to how to prioritize. And, Obama as a Democrat had that same view and lack of capability. But in addition, he had failed foreign policy around the globe and considerably weakened the US position and respect around the globe. So I was sure no fan of his. So you give me some examples where I’ve shown anything other than being socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
            Your comment re Ryan etal. Trump is really not Republican-he’s a strange mix. As an example, he supports infrastructure spending which the Republicans are generally against (as am I) since it does not create any permanent new jobs. And he declared war on all elitists in Washington be they Republican or Democrat. How many of them do you think will lose a big chunk of hidden income since he has put a five year ban on lobbying and all of the associated graft that goes with that? I’d say most of the old timers who have been playing that game for a long time. That was the major component of his “drain the swamp’ promise.”
            You also may recall that the Republicans ran an “anybody but Romney” campaign. That was largely because he had introduced an Obama like health care system in his home state. But in the end they’re not stupid and they support the man the public elects as President.

        • Oh noes! A SOCIALIST!!!! :: lifting skirt and screaming while jumping on the nearest chair ::

          Please. Get over it. Canada is mildly socialist — as is the US, even though it claims otherwise. Sorry you havent quite figured that out yet, grasshopper.

          • Canada is a little more than mildly socialist but then there are the Bernie Sanders type socialists that scare the hell out of me and that’s the camp Emily is in.

  18. I would like to ask Scott Gilmore a couple questions:
    Assuming you have a home and a car,do you keep the door to your home and your car locked? If so, why?

    • In spite of Michael Moore’s propaganda…..Canadians lock their doors.

      • So it’s illegal to break into a private home or automobile but it’s perfectly O.K. to break into a country!?! Somehow, I don’t get it.

        • No, you don’t get it….and you never will.

          You can’t tell the difference between a burglar and a refugee……..like you can’t tell the difference between a fetus the size of a kidney bean, and a toddler lying dead on the shore.

          You haven’t the capacity to be human.

          Go pray to your sterile god.

          • We’re not comparing a burglar to a refugee It’s a burglar and an IILLEGAL refugee. Both are lawbreakers.
            You treat Canadian Law like a buffet, pick what you like; leave what you don’t.
            Unfortunately that’s not how the Law works in a democracy like Canada.
            Canada is a Nation of Laws. We’re also compassionate. But we must make the final decision who we admit, not the illegal refugee.

        • There is no such thing as an ILLEGAL refugee.

          Under Canadian law we are required to accept refugees. Surprise!

          The one thing you are not, Eleanor……is a Christian.

          I don’t know WHAT you are…..but Christian it ain’t.

          • Dearest Emilyone:
            Emilyone questions my religion.

            How do you read the above:
            GOD IS NO WHERE ,or
            GOD IS NOW HERE.
            Life, Emilyone, is all about how you look at it.

        • http://time.com/3940428/civil-war-immigrant-soldiers/

          You don’t get it, Eleanor. Immigrants and refugees are what “Made America Great” and now The Donald wants to change the rules. He wants to ban the ones who helped his military in the Middle East and whose lives are in danger because they did that. You call that “breaking into a country” when a person seeks to escape tyranny? It is what our country was built on…people searching for a better life and some of them don’t have the option to wait for 2 years to wait for immigration papers to come through because their lives are at risk.

          • Hogwash. The TEMPORARY ban against only 7 countries out of 49 predominantly Muslim countries was to allow for the development of a stronger vetting process for THESE countries. 6 of these are failed states where government info on its citizens doesn’t exist and the other is Iran which is widely accepted as the world’s largest supplier of terrorists.
            For all others wishing to come to the US he insists they go through the legal immigration system. Every year, there are around 500,000 people who immigrate to the US through that legal process. So immigrant were and will continue to be a huge piece of the US.

  19. The good weather will bring in possibly a half million refugees,
    once they know that Canada has no number limit, and we are ready to pay
    tax dollars to help them for many years. A nice gesture, but
    completely foolish.

    • Yup, better we spend that money on weapons eh?

      • Idiotic comparison ..but nice try!

        • We are required to help refugees.

          We aren’t required to bomb anybody

          Nice try.

          • Are you going to help ??

          • People have been helping all along…..more are joining in.

            Is this news to you?

    • The law might be changed once the weather improves and people aren’t at risk.

  20. The poetic comment from Scott Gilmore resembles the one
    made by Angela Merkel. And then…a million refugees raced to
    the German border. The First Nations are still waiting for clean
    water, health care, suicide problem…and the Liberals are still
    spouting the platitudes of more refugees and “be nice to Islam”
    Time for real change, Canada!

    • To what? Ignorant backwoods Cons?

      Thank you, no.

      • What do Cons, Lib-left have to do with a national
        issue? Trudeau has already overspent and is still
        planning a 500 million dollar extravaganza to
        celebrate our 150th Canada. Obscene…
        Cons were in 10 years and the man-child is
        already out of gas….

        • Martin left Harp a surplus…..Harp gave us the deficit.

          Trudeau told us during the election it would have to go up a bit to straighten things out before it came down.

          Don’t try to change history.

  21. Not really Emily, but perhaps we could start by looking after our own – the homeless, mentally ill, poor, yes and hungry. Lets do that before we get all emotional about economic migrants.

    • Canadians mostly live COMFORTABLE MIDDLE-CLASS LIVES….and many of them….like you…claim to be Christian.


      We are not discussing ‘what you call ‘economic migrants’ HERE…..we are talking about REFUGEES.

      • …Really? And how do you tell the difference between an economic migrant and a refugee? And this refugee did not feel safe in any of the other countries he passed through but only felt safe when he reached Canada? Wow.

        We need to be compassionate. But we don’t need to be naive.

        • YOU need some brains.

          • As usual Em, you end discussion with a really unintelligent comment.

    • Well, as a civil servant, I can tell you that our tax payer dollars aren’t really going to the homeless, mentally ill, poor or hungry. Every time Justin takes a trip like he did at Christmas, he spews as many emissions as the average Canadian does in a year so apparently we aren’t all that concerned about global emissions either….and we seem to have money to buy fighter jets. We also have provinces in a lot of debt and we are ashamed to buy our own resources and prop up our economy that way.

      • I hope that wasn’t meant for me. I was just starting to like you. LOL

  22. Mr. Gilmore,
    I have always enjoyed your columns regardless of my agreement with your position because they are well written, well argued, and well cited. This column is shoddy work–you got the name of the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship wrong and there is a basic spelling mistake. Maybe I’m small minded, but the details done right provide the desired gestalt effect. The opposite is also true and risks turning an intriguing opinion into a frothy rant.

  23. Joe, you might want to check in with a First Nations neighbour to see how these demographic trends work out since they are the only “incumbent” or native population in this country.

  24. Living in La-La Land Scott Gilmore? No “flood” now,
    massive entries this summer. Talk to Angela Merkel
    and her migrant fiasco!

  25. I am South American, my background is Italian, Spanish and French. I speak English (and three other languages), in fact I am a Certified English Teacher for foreigners. I hold three degrees, five post graduation degrees and currently doing a Master s Degree. I was a visiting scholar at dear University of Waterloo so I lived in Canada and came close to your way of life.

    I have often heard and read that your recent inmigration flows are changing your cultural patterns, that Canada is distancing from its roots, that it is receiving citizens of nations with different views and values from yours, that the human map is changing, etc. However, days ago I completed a Government form that pre selects potential candidates for migration to your country. I did it for fun, I admit, but i was labelled as unfit.

    So, as it happens in Europe, I wonder what inmigration Canada wants – refugees aside -, one that is culturally adaptable or one that keeps clashing wih its new environment because of its deep rooted differences.

    • Hey, at one point even Bill Gates wouldn’t have been allowed in!

    • Unfortunately Fabiana, you have become caught up in the rush to control the large numbers of queue-jumping economic migrants who believe that tax-paying citizens of first-world countries owe them social assistance.

      Well, we have reached the limit (as will become evidence at our next federal election).

      Certainly, there is no need here for an English language teacher whose mother tongue is Spanish, and your academic qualifications seem questionable (a post-graduate degree usually means Masters or Doctoral).

      I suggest that you obtain a letter of guaranteed employment here, and wish you luck.

  26. The calm before the storm…the refugees, real or fake,
    . Germany 2015..

  27. Look – Let’s be smart about this ! They are ILLEGAL Aliens who will be settled in an Enclave in Toronto or Montreal with like minded (Muslim) brothers ! They will NOT be populating the rest of the country , they will not be ASSIMILATING , they will be more burden on our WELFARE system , they will be increasing our population growth with more that will be brought up in a society that they will not participate in , due to CULTURAL differences until they become a VOCAL minority !
    See Bill M-103 !
    It’s all very nice to be patting ourselves on the back because of our lax Immigration Laws but this is our Country – Not some Middle Eastern Caliphate – To – Be !
    At the very least we should bring someone that because of their Religion will not swear to KILL Christians and Jews !

  28. Well normally I cut out of a thread at around 50 posts…..because the site gets wonky around that point……but this time things weren’t too bad.

    We still have the same morons who think they will be overrun, and the rest who don’t even know what a refugee is……so it has become a boring exercise.

    I don’t intend to explain the same things over and over again to people who refuse to learn…so I’m gone.


    • Finally! At long last! Hopefully permanently, once and for all! Good riddance!

      • Elanor,
        You fully captured my sentiments!!

        • Sorry “Eleanor”

  29. I wonder how the Canadian Trump supporters are feeling now? Do you want Trump to
    succeed? Canada will suffer the conseqences of his “Make America great again” slogan.
    Although, we feel that Canada is the 51st state (influenced greatly by American culture),
    we are not Americans.

    • As witnessed by the soaring TSX and Dow since he won on November 4 the markets sure like his economic policies. Since the US is our biggest trading partner, so goes its economy, so goes ours. Trump stated clearly that he has next to no issues with our part of NAFTA because our trade with them is essentially balanced. So there is no threat there. And I would have no problem if he finds Canadians in the US illegally that he send them home.

      • Good response, but we’ll just have to see how Canada will be affected economically and socially over the next few years. There may be collateral damage on our part. Trump trying to send back the US illegals is scaring these people into walking across our border into Canada.

        • Obama deported 3 million illegals over his tenure-50% with criminal records and 50% with no record-and we never heard about it on the news n or that it had an impact here that I heard about. I guess the difference was that media stayed quiet..

          • I think that you’ll find that detailed government statistics show that Obama had millions of illegal migrants arrested, but about half of those found liberal lawyers who arranged for them to stay by making the appeal courts delay their deportation … which is bound to happen in Canada too.
            Which is not quite what you are trying to say.

          • P.S. Someone who enters the country illegally is, by definition, a criminal (unless they qualify for refugee status).

  30. Relax. Canada’s 4 highest years of immigration happened prior to WWI. The country did not implode. Reugees of various kinds coming across the border is an old tradition going back into the 18th century; more than a few of these were fleeing from the US where freedom has always meant freedom to oppress minorities. We even had ‘terrorists’ in the form of native Americans and republican Irish as well as un-American people like the Amish slip over the border. And of course being a terminus of the underground railway is in retrospect seen as noble. And let’s drop the use of ‘economic immigrant’ as a slur / whitewash for prejudice: many immigrants came here to find a better life and a surprising number were destitute people dumped here by English, Irish and French governments (and some Canadian politicians wanted to deport them – some things never change).

  31. Just wait Canada ’til all the ‘really bad dudes’ Trump wants to deport show up on our doorstep!

  32. WE have tons of room in the far north but most of us live within 100 miles of the US border for a reason. I for one love being close to the US and travelling there regularly. I don’t want this bogus refugee scam from limiting my right to travel in the US. I love CANADA first but I love The US too. I have met great nice people there and have relatives there.
    These people coming across the border is just the start, once they see the bleeding hearts saving them with my tax dollars the flood will start from every direction and it has already I dare say. Our social support we have built up cannot look after Canadians let alone feeding and aiding foreign countries and the flood of refugees from every country that is at a religious war or various criminals, terrorists and scam artists jumping the queue disguised as refugees trying to keep ahead of the law after them.
    I guess I missed the part where these new border jumpers are being shot and/or tortured in the US…… I heard some were being deported for not being in the US without proper documentation. They are there illegally and now coming here illegally instead of going back home and applying legally to enter either country. 99% of these people are not in any danger so I don’t get the asylum reference. The problems they are having in Europe that is not being reported in the media to make it look like this social experiment is working (it’s not) is atrocious. Millions of people swarming the borders from lawless lands and laws certainly different from ours are a recipe for disaster. Pretending love and peace will sooth everyone is ridiculous it is seen as a sign of stupidity and weakness and will be treated as such, as it is in Europe right now and getting worse with the numbers. All I can say is wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late do not believe the local news, go a little deeper it may take a few minutes, check it out for yourselves and then make an informed decision on the real state of affairs, God knows our mainstream media doesn’t anymore, apparently it is too much work.

    • Perhaps, if we don’t trust Justin anymore, he could be impeached? LOL

      • Just because someone is better looking or has great hair does not mean they are better qualified then someone with a great record or
        less personality to run a country.
        Maybe we can get Justin Beiber or Kim Kardashian to run our country they are so dreamy what could go wrong?

  33. Maclean’s = Lügenpressse

  34. It’s more than a little disgusting when someone like Scott Gilmore not only tells us how “my” tax money should be used but also that we should encourage illegal activities. Permitting people into our country without entering through the proper legal channels is like telling someone who is stealing from you that it’s OK because they didn’t already have the stolen item.
    We already know these people are criminals as they are fearful of being deported from the U.S. because of their illegal activity.
    Every single person entering Canada illegally should immediately (as soon as found) be deported to the country from which they are leaving.
    We have countless examples of where all this is going, in Europe, which is being systematically ruined by this invasion.
    Canada does not need illegals from any country. We can use people who contribute but not those who attach themselves immediately to our already overburdened and costly welfare system

    • I agree completely, the blanket left argument is that we need all these specially educated high tech individuals to help our fledgling Tech industry but I doubt any of these so called refugees have grade 12 at our standards let alone electrical or engineering degrees of any sort. But maybe some do 1% to 10%

      But they use this time and again and have the gall to accuse anyone with a different opinion as racist and that we think everyone is a terrorist, but maybe they all aren’t maybe only 1 to 10%

      We should find out from a higher power maybe Kim or Paris or the Justin’s or Leo they are so dreamy they must know everything

  35. Scott you are a blind fool. Have you not researched what is happening around the world?? Sweden and Germany for example. How will you feel when you are being overtaken by them and they have NO regard for you, your family, or your way of life. WAKE UP!!

  36. Scott Gilmore’s view on how to deal with illegal refugees invading Canada’s borders is typical of bleeding heart liberal thinking. Actually it’s more an emotional response rather than a well thought out rational response.
    Blindly welcoming these individuals represents a suspension of prudence. Until it can be determined who these refugees are, their background, their possible criminal status, etc. we are placing our country at possible risk and danger

    Trust and compassion are fine qualities, but without proper investigation, some of these refugees could be “Trojan Horses” leading to disaster.
    Aren’t there enough Canadians,especially Native Canadians, who deserve compassionate assistance but are not receiving sufficient Government help?
    What are the chances that Scott Gilmore will personally welcome a few refugees into his home?
    Doesn’t charity begin at home?

    • A rational response would be that we have 34 million people in our country, and this is a group of about 35K. Wow. That’s really gonna drown us in refugees.

      And we already have a strong safety net for Canadians in need. If you dont see it in your province, you really need to talk to your provincial legislature, because they demanded it be a provincial control issue, not a federal one.

      • The immediate issue is not quantity of aliens admitted to Canada, but quality. There is also the issue of legality. And, by the way, how many refugees will we accept?
        We should learn from the well intentioned error of Germany’s Angela Merkel who good-heartedly opened Germany’s borders to over a million refugees from the Middle East and Africa, many of whom are wreaking financial and criminal havoc on the country.
        Our Government’s primary obligation is to protect its citizens.
        Justin Trudeau will live to regret the haste with which he opened our borders to “guests” of unknown character and background.

        • 1/2 of the Syrian adults already are working despite coming here speaking no English and our economy being in poor condition. Despite your conspiracy theories, the media cannot wait to report every time a Muslim immigrant commits some sort of crime as evidenced by the molestation charges against a Syrian man in Edmonton. The winner of the Nobel prize for mathematics was a young woman from Iran. Harvard school of Medicine accepted a group from Iran to work on a highly technical study they are doing. These people are creative, intelligent and highly skilled, yet you would jump to the notion that they should be automatically kept out because of their homeland, just as Trump as done. Do you realize Steve Jobs, who started Apple and invented the iPhone and iPad was the son of a Syrian immigrant. How different would have been if the US had closed the borders to his parents.

          • I’m pretty sure from reading about Jobs that his father worked his way through the legal immigrant system and Jobs was born in the U.S. So, even today, the example you present makes no sense. People from Syria today can apply to come in through the legal immigrant system-Syrian refugees are currently on hold.

  37. They have made their choice to be refugees in the USA. Now will want free welfare, health care, education..etc. Last time I checked Liberals were heading for a 600 BILLION debt.
    Send them back as the ILLEGAL migrants that they are, before it turns into a flood when it gets warmer.
    PM Selfie will ruin this country !

    • If you want to get picky about it, a good chunk of that 600 billion debt can be traced back to the previous regime’s actions and mismanagement. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good screed, right?

      • Oh, so if you were in charge, you’d suggest writing off the 600 billion (or whatever) and start again … should that even be possible.
        We have a huge debt that continues to grow without any obvious control. It needs fiscal intelligence.
        2019 can’t come quick enough.

    • What if some of this immigrants are highly skilled tech workers? Are you going to kick them out then?

  38. “Red Rover, Red Rover. Can Kamal come over?”.
    Totally Brilliant Prose, Mate!


  39. One of the first truly sensible articles I’ve seen on the topic. The hysteria over this is downright childish. We are a country of 34 freaking million people, and we’ve let it about the equivalent of the population of Black Diamond, Alberta. Yeah, that’s a real wave, folks.

    • If the town of Black Diamond was declared by its population a ‘No Go Zone’ for Muslims Only, that would be a problem.
      You, obviously, have no intention to have grandchildren.

    • How many refugees are you willing to take into your home–no questions asked– Mr. Magnanimous?

  40. I am Asian Canadian and I immigrated to Canada at a young age. However, I don’t blindly support migrants coming into Canada illegally. Crossing another country’s border is illegal and those who violate it must go through proper process to find out whether they can stay or go.
    When I say this to my friends, they tell me things like ‘how can you say that when you are also an immigrant?’
    It is hard to explain my point of view when I am labelled as a racist and a heartless soul who are against refugees or so called economic migrants…

    • Jason,
      You are experiencing a Liberal characteristic-no tolerance to listen to any opinion different from theirs.

  41. It’s difficult to respond to bleeding -heart progressives who resort to personal venomous attacks and name calling rather than engage in a rational discussion based on facts.

    • http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/10/reza-aslan-on-what-the-new-atheists-get-wrong.html

      You would describe your arguments as “rationale” and based on fact? Most of these refugees are families that have arrived with young children yet you have tried to stir up as much hateful propoganda as you possibly can. Perhaps you don’t recall that the man who walked through the streets in the Maritimes shooting police was a white man. The man who systematically raped and murdered women was a leader in the Canadian Military. The young man who shot up a mosque in Quebec was a white man attending University. We have had some vicious criminals but a very large chunk of them have been white and Christian. Your attempts to frighten us fall on deaf ears. You should have been ringing this bell when we were giving asylum to Nazi war criminals. If there every was a bunch who had a love of killing, they were your people but funnily enough you alt-right cons never made them your cause. You didn’t take the guns away from the German Canadians in WWII but you put the Japanese in internment camps. Look within yourself and ask if we are “bleeding-hear progressives” or if you are really bigoted based on skin colour.

      • Truly another venomous attack!!
        But what you are saying is that every race and culture has some very bad people. And that’s abundantly true of Muslims as well. The Imams in Toronto and Montreal who teach hatred towards Jews and say that Jews should be “killed one by one” are classic examples.
        Both refugees and immigrants need to be fully vetted to ensure we aren’t letting hate mongers or terrorists in. And since there is less urgency to deal with immigrants than refugees, we should only let in immigrants who have the resources and skills to take care of themselves and not add to our welfare roles.

      • Perfect example of government failure, the list is endless, I can name at least 15 off the top of my head just in Canada.

        So you are saying now that this government is incapable of making another mistake?

        Why is that? Does that mean we are not allowed to question anything they do?

  42. Would the tone of your comments be any different if these illegal
    migrants were poor Irish or Englishmen? Probably yes.

    • I would certainly want them vetted regardless and more so if their ideology called for killing me and my family friends and neighbors because we don’t agree with everything they do.
      It is just common sense. The world is slightly different from 1917 when immigrants flooded in, there were no taxes for the government to mismanage the way they do now for one and that’s my money as much as yours so I feel I should have a say in who they give it too.

      It always amazes me when I see these thoughts from someone who only takes the propagandist CBC at their word and never really educates themselves on what is happening and closing their minds to other opinions and views.
      I guess it makes it easy to take the high road at PC parties. The mainstream media is never wrong…right?

  43. It is not in your control, and you will not be able to enforce immigration policy, once the floodgate opens. The serious issue here which the Canada Govt. is failing to recognize is that they will have no control on the deluge of refugees, which is likely in the day and years ahead. Just look at Europe how several countries are struggling to stop the endless flow of migrants. The worst affected are going to be the poor taxpayers’ of Canada … !!

  44. The US literally has thousands flying in every day with the intention of overstaying their visa limit indefinitely. They’re not refugees. But if certain types prefer to preen about it for the purpose of feeling morally superior to Americans and for bashing Trump go right ahead because a.) you’re not, and b.) Trump could care less what you think.

    Very likely the people entering Canada from the US are nothing more than ‘visa jumpers.’ Canadians would be doing themselves a favor by not assuming that every Third World person that enter Canada from the US is endowed with more virtue than the average native; I can tell you from experience that that assumption is nothing more than a PC daydream.