Alberta flooding the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history, insurance bureau reports

Bureau says the latest estimate of the insured property damage now exceeds $1.7 billion


CALGARY – The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the June flood in southern Alberta is the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.

The bureau says the latest estimate of the insured property damage now exceeds $1.7 billion.

Bill Adams, vice-president of IBC’s western and Pacific regions, says in a release that the number is staggering and is expected to rise.

Four people died and 100,000 others were forced from their homes by days of torrential rain, prompting states of emergency in Calgary and several other communities.

Property Claim Services Canada, which tracks losses arising from catastrophic events in the country, says well over 25,000 claims have currently been filed in the flood’s aftermath.

Federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said last Tuesday that Alberta may soon get an initial interim payment of $500 million from Ottawa to help cover flood costs.


Alberta flooding the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history, insurance bureau reports

  1. Alberta’s estimate is highest in history ,nothing more

  2. Poetic justice.

    • Why would you wish ill fortune on others Emily?

      • They’ve helped cause it for other people.

        Karma’s a bitch.

        • Really? How’s that?

        • You are pathetic. How do you justify the 4 deaths and 100,000 families ( Which means men, women, and children) be evacuated? You say it’s Karma? But then let me ask you this; Should you be raped because you live in a low income family in the ghetto? cause that is Karma for living in the ghetto right? Or should you be drowned if you live in New Orleans and it’s Karma for living there? Or should you be shot because you live in Detroit, and because they are hurting the N. American economy, so that is justified.. Karma’s a bitch right?

          No, you are a terrible person if you can say that these people deserved it.

          Get some respect for other Humans, or go play with the toaster in the bath.

          • You live in Alberta, you vote in Alberta, you are quite happy with the oil sands and the pollution they contribute to the planet.

            Don’t blame me for what YOU do.

          • Actually, I do not live in Alberta. But I do not wish death and suffering on any decent human being, period. Unlike you, I do not justify a child’s death as Karma for oil sands.

            You stick to your points, and watch other people say the same things.. I am not saying the Oil sands are right, or good for anyone, I am saying your disgusting for saying that you think a woman or child’s death is “Karma for being in Alberta”

            You definitely sound like an American, but its sad, because you sound more like an Islam extremeist, because they justify people’s death for not believing in their religion.. which is treading in the same water you are…

            Before you say, well “Karma is a bitch” Think about your own family and if a natural disaster struck close to home… If you are Canadian, then fricken live by the ONE RULE WE HAVE: TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED! If you are not from Canada, then just take my advice.

          • What goes around, comes around….don’t complain to me about it.

          • Well then Emily, where does the fuel to run your car/bus/plane/train come from? Not Alberta/Sask/Man? Then Venezuela, Saudi, Iran. Nigeria? How about heating your living space? How does your food get to wherever you buy it? Donkey cart? Waggon train.

          • Bob, if we used your logic we’ll all still be riding horses.

            Now stop being silly.

          • Using my logic is showing you as a hypocrite. Unless of course you have discovered a new form of clean fuel. You can use oil from Canada or use oil from countries that support terrorism or just generally hate us.

          • No, just your ignorance about alternatives.

            Plus the fact you don’t use green tech.

  3. Did The Insurance Bureau of Canada forget about the Ice Storm of 1998? 8 billion worth of damage. Or does Canadas history start in the year 2000?

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