Alexander Graham Bell vs. Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best -

Alexander Graham Bell vs. Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best

In a battle of the innovation heavyweights, insulin goes up against the phone


Alexander Graham Bell

Why he’s famous: He invented the telephone. Duh.

Why he deserves to win: He also invented the metal detector, created an alphabet for the Mohawk language, contributed significantly to aeronautics, and was a founder of the National Geographic Society. A natural inventor, Bell created his first invention at age 12, a de-husking machine that he used to make his part-time flour-milling job easier. But really, what would the last 135 years be like without phones?

Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best

Why they’re famous: Along with Best, a medical student he’d hired, Banting isolated insulin as the hormone which regulates the body’s blood sugar levels.

Why they deserve to win: After reading a paper that suggested diabetes may be caused by a lack of a hormone secreted by islets in the back of the pancreas, he devised a way to isolate the islets by tying off most of the pancreas with ligatures. In 1921, Frederick Banting hired Charles Best and the two removed a dog’s pancreas, which caused blood sugar levels to rise (mimicking diabetics) before injecting the islets back into the dog. The animal lived for several more months, proving they had isolated the blood-sugar regulating hormone insulin. By 1922, the pair were bringing comatose diabetics in Toronto back to life. Diabetics worldwide have lived more normal lives ever since.

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Alexander Graham Bell vs. Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best

  1. My Comment re: Banting…..Te invention made by him has allowed us, who are affected by the Diabetes, to enjoy life a little better without fear. I find everyday there's something new to read about, with Diabetes. I am pleased with the results in research of Diabetes. We have come a long way and still progressing. Researchers..keep up the excellent work. To doners..keep on contributing. Excellent research!!

  2. I can't believe the inventor of the telephone, possibly the greatest invention of all time, lost. This is ridiculous.

    No doubt curing a disease is a grand accomplishment, but the telephone changed life as we know it, for the entire human race.