Anne Kingston on what we didn’t see at the Ghomeshi trial

Our correspondent from the courtroom at Toronto’s old city hall


Anne Kingston has watched every second of the proceedings at Jian Ghomeshi’s trial. Here she is on what we didn’t see in the courtroom.


Anne Kingston on what we didn’t see at the Ghomeshi trial

  1. Unlevel playing field? The Crown lawyers in the Ghomeshi case are acting in the professional manner expected of them. They are not there to be the victim’s lawyer rather they have a duty to ensure that the criminal justice system operates fairly to all: the accused, victims of crime, and the public.
    Here is the view of the Supreme Court of Canada in R v. Boucher on the role of the Crown prosecutor:

    “It cannot be overemphasized that the purpose of a criminal prosecution is not to obtain a
    conviction; it is to lay before a jury what the Crown considers to be credible evidence relevant
    to what is alleged to be a crime. Counsel have a duty to see that all available legal proof of the
    facts is presented; it should be done firmly and pressed to its legitimate strength, but it must also
    be done fairly. The role of prosecutor excludes any notion of winning or losing; his function is
    a matter of public duty than which in civil life there can be none charged with greater
    responsibility. It is to be efficiently performed with an ingrained sense of the dignity, the
    seriousness, and the justness of judicial proceedings.”

    • as is typical of legal pro’s, your response is based on what is true and not what should be true which is the context of Kingston’s remarks

    • I’m just happy Mr. “I’m too sexy for my voice” has had to take his hairdo’s and big time Toronto arrogance to his mom’s house and quit stinking up the air waves. Who are the CBC donkey’s that put that talentless boob in the position of power he used in the first place ? The CBC should be moved out of Toronto and headquartered in Yellowknife. No one that attended university in Ontario should be allowed to make decisions at the CBC without first having lived amongst actual human beings. Oh yes Gord Downey should replace the electric chair he’d be a much more humane way to fulfill the death sentence….four acapella notes should do it…

  2. Great good can come from this case if we learn from the lessons it’s making clear on how our current system of reporting on and prosecuting sexual assault cases is broken.

    Our courts, if the administration of justice is not to brought into disrepute, must address such issues differently and it’s time now that this discussion of how to fix things takes the national stage.

    • Women who lie and collude in criminal cases are not deserving of our sympathy.

      What has been brought into disrepute, as it was in the Rolling Stone rape story, is the fabricated feminist belief that women never lie about sexual assault.

  3. So, now Anne thinks that the “victims” need legal representation during the crowns case???
    Besides the fact that the first 2 have had legal representation, what do they need explained? That if they do 27 media interviews, make a display of how traumatized they were and omit many relevant facts that refute that claim they may be asked questions about those claims?
    Anne, your poster girl was not who you thought she was. Her only nightmares came from the stress of all the interviews. The only thing missing in the courtroom is her being honest.
    Don’t despair. Real victims of sexual assault will be well looked after. Our system works well. In fact, it works so well, that an anonymous woman can go on the radio and make allegations, name names, and still have her identity protected when it is shown that she sent flirty emails and bikini pictures well after the fact. THAT is a system that protects the “victims” and gives them the benefit of the doubt. THAT is a system that works.

    • I believe you are forgetting what lead to this trial. A journalist was approaching the defendant and asking him about rumors that he was hurting women and harassing women, etc. The journalist was going to write an article. The defendant went to his employer, the CBC wanting their support because he is into S&M, he apparently told them. Apparently they had been suppressing internally many complaints and this was the thread that broke the camel’s back so to speak and they fired their star. The defendant then went on Facebook and told his story from his perspective. Women came forth. Not the women who had complained at his former workplace but other women. People were fired at his former workplace for not acting on the complaints against him. He launched a lawsuit. Now you can say what you like about these women who are no doubt damaged but the defendant himself said he enjoyed hitting women. The fact that some of the women he chose were so insecure that they would still pursue a relationship with him doesn’t make any more sense then the fact that women who get beaten stay in marriages but unless you are going to start claiming that battered wives are into S&M, you really should stop claiming that you know that women who get slapped and choked, liked it.

      • You need to re-read my comment. No where did I say I know who does/does not like being slapped. Nor did I suggest that any of the accusers enjoyed such activity. And no where did I defend the things JG has admitted publicly.
        My comment was in response to the video attached to this article.

      • Well, my admittedly limited understanding of the scenario where women stay in physically abusive marriages is that there are other factors going on – financial dependence on the husband, a desire to not break up the family for the sake of the kids, a husband that threatens to harm/kill the wife if she leaves, not knowing how to start over in life. These don’t apply here, so I don’t think that likening these 3 women to a battered wife is reasonable.

  4. What is on trial now is whether women are adults or children….I prefer to believe they are adults with adult responsibilities. If any of these women had come forward in a timely fashion without throwing themselves at the “accused” then they would appear credible and inspire sympathy….this did not happen. I am afraid I have to write them off as devious shrews (5000 shared emails!) who were playing the system to secure some sort of endgame to secure financial advantages. Hopefully after this fiasco women who are assaulted will know conclusively that they must come forth quickly with reasonable allegations. My heart goes out to the women who now may not be believed because of the dissembling of these misguided fools.

  5. These women could soon be facing charges themselves; public mischief for one, and whatever charges there are for collusion.

  6. As a stranger, I would like to say that there is one identification of a consistent behaviour being exhibited by Ghomeshi that should be focused on. The human breath is sacred and vital to life. The head and brain function are critical to quality of life. This sudden Star Jeckell and Mr. Ghomeshi Hyde behaviour is toying with other peoples lives suddenly and aggressively with punches to the head and choking. I can’t see him suddenly getting better as a human being. I wonder how many others he has done this to and plans to do.
    Whether the victim is s family member, spouse or industry colleague or stranger a line has been crossed. Where is the respect and dignity accorded another?

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