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Any Questions? Paul Wells live chat

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Any Questions? Paul Wells live chat

  1. A live chat on St. Paddy's Day? I hope Wells will be suitably attired, even though we'll have no idea what he's wearing.

    • Not a tough satorial decision for you eh?

      • Nope. I'm all about green fashion statements.

        • May you achieve "satori".

  2. I vote that Wells enjoy a pint as well, stay away from green beer though.

  3. Hey, wait a second. Either Coyne has been replaced with a gothic building, or I've seen that cardboard cut-out of Wells elsewhere. I know, I know. It's such an exhausting hike from the office to parliament hill for an actual real photo. Maybe the legs are painted on. Any viewers of Macleans After Dark to confirm?

  4. What does each leader need to do in order to win/do better in the next federal election?

  5. Why are the Conservatives hiding behind
    18 pages of redacted documents on
    income trusts? And a supplementary.
    What are they concealing and which
    companies are they looking after?

    • Manulife, Manulife, Manulife.

  6. Promo photo looks like an ad listing for a real estate agent! "Paul Wells knows how to sell!" The tagline on the bottom should read: Ask about my free estimates!

    How much would parliament be worth on an open market? My guess is Wells would make a killing in commission.

  7. Re column 22Mar edition
    I'm no fan of Harper, just the opposite, but you are on the wrong side of the argument re supply management for farmers. They are the only farmers making a decent living. For the rest of us, free trade has been a disaster. Gross farm income…way up. Net farm income….down and moving further down, while all profit scooped by farm input suppliers with lees and less competition.

  8. I missed this. Are there any re-airing of this chat?