At the CPC convention: 'That just happened' -

At the CPC convention: ‘That just happened’

Why it’s not the PM’s speech that had delegates buzzing


(Jonathan Hayward, Canadian Press)

CALGARY – He was Prime Minister Stephen Harper while on stage Friday night at the Conservative Party Convention in Calgary, but on stage at the “Cowboys” nightclub he was the man in black.

Harper loosened up after his convention performance with a delegates only performance at “Cowboys.”

Backed by the band Herringbone, Harper handled keyboards and lead vocals for the half-hour set. And given the set list he and his fellow musicians were all appropriately garbed in black.

They opened with “The Hockey Song” by Stompin Tom Connors and also knocked off a version of Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash — the original man in black.

After five tunes the crowd clamoured for more and the Harper band obliged with a rocking encore performance of BTO’s Taking Care of Business.

Also on the playlist was Fast as You by Dwight Yoakam, Rock You Like a Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show and “Quand Le Soleil Dit Bonjour Aux Montagnes” (“The French Song”) by Lucille Star.

Though delegates packed the dance floor in front of the stage, they didn’t really do all that much dancing. The exception being Burlington MP Mike Wallance and Senator Nancy Greene Raine who roused the crowd dancing to Oh What a Night.

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At the CPC convention: ‘That just happened’

  1. Sigh…..

  2. He looks like he enjoyed himself…good for him.

    • Agreed. If the two fishing buddies could have averaged out their propensities to party they would both be happier people.

      • Best Leave the video gear behind though eh.

    • I was wondering when harper and his garage band was coming out. Wasn’t it in 2008 when he and his garage band last appeared ? Hmmm, if I can recall that was the last time he was on life support( the eCONomic crisis) ?

    • Captive audience – what’s not to enjoy?

  3. Well he is more entertaining than Chretien choking reporters.

    • Never happened.

    • Which reporter did Chretien choke?

      • The one that was blocking SH’s senate reform bills.

    • Not a reporter; just some guy.

      Nevertheless, I dunno. Hard to judge which is better; both are out of the ordinary and entertaining.

        • JC was just trying to force him to take change. ( can I say that)

          • LOL Should have thrown it at him like Klein did.

          • Ralph was a real tory. Didn’t believe in stuffing things down your throat at all. Thought you had to work for it, or it least try to catch it.
            JC was/is a true Liberal, he believed it was the job of the govt see you got exactly what you got coming, even if he had to choke you to prove it.

          • LOL riiiight.

            Ralph was drunk, and that protester was in JCs face everywhere he went.

    • the good ol shawinigan handshake

    • Not really. Give me Chretien any time over this dullard.

  4. Cool, says Stephen Taylor( cool is a subjective term. But IMO not that subjective)

    With any luck this wont make it onto you tube.

    • Bad enough the faithful have to sit through this, they have to tweet about how cool Harper is.

  5. He should quit his day job.

    • Best comment ever.

  6. Didn’t Stevie suggest that Trudeau was only good to be on Canadian Idol, I guess he took his own advice

    Hope they paid the royalties to the writers of those songs.

    • Paging Arthur Hamilton!!!

  7. Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind.